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  1. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    Still watching Space Brothers and picked up Flowers of Evil from this season.
  2. Non-Anime TV Programs You Follow

    Lets see: The Big Bang Theory How I Met Your Mother Fringe (ended this season) Bones Once Upon A Time The Americans
  3. New tomb radier

    If you loved Uncharted then you will love this game it really is just Uncharted with Lara Croft, if you loved Tomb Raider then not so much so. The Puzzle and platforming elements are basically just side quests and they are insanely easy they were designed for a 5 year old with ADD to beat.
  4. San Diego Comic-Con

    I got mine with no problem
  5. Farewell Hostess

    The current CEO is the 6th one that they have had in 8 years and they all basically brought in completely new management teams. All of them have asked employees to help reduce costs and the employees went along with it for 5 of the management teams. All of the efforts to save the company have come in the form of cutting costs, when in a ten year period your sales plummet from $3.53 billion to $2.34 billion no amount of cost trimming will save a company. When they entered bankruptcy in 2004 the company had $420mil in debt when they exited in 2009 the debt load went up to $640mil, which was 2/3 of the companies total worth. Regardless of what they did the numbers would never add up, in order for a Twinkie stay on the shelf at the current price and pay off the debt the workforce would need to work for free. The equity firms that own the company wanted out I'm sure they knew that the Union would never agree to give up all of the 2 billion dollar pension liability that the company owes them.
  6. What are you getting people for the holidays?

    The only people I get gifts anymore are my parents and this year my sister and I bought their J class plane tickets for their annual wintering in Hawaii.
  7. Farewell Hostess

    Why are people making runs on stores and buying crap at insane prices. Hostess Brands trademarks and recipes are valued at 135 million dollars, the company is worth crap but when the trademarks and recipes go up for auction someone will buy them. This is the biggest trademark to go up for auction General Mills, Kellogg, Nabisco and every other snack cake producer is salivating.
  8. Farewell Hostess

    Hostess Brands, Inc. problems go back to how the company grew for years which was by buying smaller bakeries but never really integrating them. For decades these bakeries operated as little fiefdoms largely looking out for their own interests and were told that this was an issue as far back as the 80's. Interstate Bakeries (former name of Hostess Brands) bought Continental Baking in 1991 the makers of the Hostess products, despite having completely dissimilar business cultures and took years to kinda integrate the systems. The company lost massive market share in the 90's to aggressive snack food competitors namely Frito-Lay who capitalized on the increased interest in "healthier" foods, Interstate Bakeries did nothing. When they declared bankruptcy for the first time they spent virtually all the company capital to fight off a take over by Grupo Bimbo, when they exited bankruptcy in 2009 they were massively in debt to GE Captial and had barely touched the real issues facing the company. In just over 2 years they were back in bankruptcy with a distribution system that was out of date in the 80's, bakeries that were in most cases 40 years old, a debt load they couldn't pay off and an ownership group that knew nothing about the industry. Hostess Brands, Inc. is a classic case of a company that rested on what it had done, failed to take action on known issues and basically lived in a fantasy land regarding its market. The Union strike after the company went into bankruptcy was just another straw in the pile.
  9. 007: Skyfall

    I'm plowing through my newly received Bond 22 collection before I go see Skfall.
  10. Voted!

    double post
  11. Voted!

    No you wouldn't have an ID if you are a legal resident, my cousins in NYC were born in the US to American parents and they don't have one. They don't drive and the state of NY wants $50 for an ID card. Lots of non drivers in US have no government issued ID, most of which reside in urban areas.
  12. Windows 8 anybody upgrading?

    If i didn't just get a new mobile, and wasn't happy with my fire i might upgrade. The cross platform uniformity and the connectivity of the devices looks very promising.
  13. Political Compass!

    I'm fairly far south Economic Left/Right: 0.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.51 http://www.politicalcompass.org/printablegraph?ec=0.38&soc=-6.51
  14. Hayao Miyazaki

    Not going to happen, he has come to the US once and that was a favor to John Lasiter.
  15. Master List of All Out of Print Anime

    Universe has a street date of October 16th, the rest have unannounced dates.