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  1. Laguna Loire's jacket

    Just wondering if anyone had any tips on material, or construction for Laguna Loire's jacket from FFVII. Any other for a Laguna cosplay would be great too.
  2. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    Sorry, kids, the third definitely won't work for me, so if that's the day, I won't be there. Sorry.
  3. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    I can't do it that saturday, but I'm available most other ones.
  4. Krystal's 18th Birthday Meetup!

    Dangit, why do you guys have to have awesome meet-ups when I'm not available. Grrrr.
  5. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    I thought it was april, but I could be wrong. I need a definite day, though. Preferably sometime soon. I don't know about paint thinner, but nail polish remover definitely gets rid of crazy glue.
  6. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    Why would you bite your finger off...unless, of course, you got it stuck in a water bottle that somehow got crazy-glued to a table. Then it would make sense
  7. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    Excellent, I can find that. Are those creepy/annoying/loser guys gonna be there this time?
  8. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    I didn't mean to shun anyone, honest T_T. Same mall as last time, though? I vote no hide and seek this time. I got stuck with the annoying/creepy group. I just hope there's no epic rain this time...that sucked...I walked in that for like half an hour to find my car*shudder*
  9. Krystal's 18th Birthday Meetup!

    I wish I had been there, but I didn't really have a choice. Happy birthday anyway.
  10. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    I think I might use it for something more important than getting a response sooner -_-;
  11. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    Judging by the last time, that could be anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 weeks.
  12. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    It says on one of the early pages that since I (unknowingly) shunned everyone at ACen last year, I'm not invited. I'm sure it was a joke, though, and this is my way of saying I'll be there, whether you like it or not...unless my classes decide they don't like me >.<
  13. Krystal's 18th Birthday Meetup!

    It's my gfs dads birthday, which, unfortunately, I RSVP'd to over two months ago. I'll be there in spirit, though. You guys'll just have to have extra fun on my behalf. AND POST PICTURES!!!
  14. The Yes Or No Game!

    yes Just came back to the forums after a seven month hiatus and disbelievingly found this thread still alive?
  15. Pedobear Wants to Meet With YOU!

    You know me already, though we haven't talked in a while. Why do I ever leave the forums alone? T_T I'll still try to come hang with ya though