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  1. Voltron 2017

    Hi there! I'll be there as Pidge ^,^ I saw on the schedule that the voltron shoot is located in the hyatt overhang as a first choice and the lower ballroom in case of rain. I dont think that will be a large enough space (the overhang). The time is great but im worried we won't have much space as that is an very small area. x.x
  2. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    I was Coco from RWBY with the minigun Fri and Sat. I was at the shoot and then Sat night I was Seras Victoria If you have any pics please let me know!^,^
  3. ACen 2015 Review

    I think this year was wonderful. I was there thurs thru sun. Ive been going to ACen since 2003 and even though there wasnt any guests or many panels I wanted to see, I still had so much fun. I feel like staff was on the ball this year and even with the typical idiots (like those who pull the fire alarm) the con ran pretty smoothly.
  4. 2015 Photo Thread!

    I can't wait to see everyone's awesome cosplays! ^,^
  5. What Are You Currently Playing?

    How do you like DAI? My husband has Shadow of Mordor and I gave it a go. I just wish it wasnt a stealth game! I'm pretty awful at those. Im so used to run n gun or hack n slash.
  6. RWBY 2015

    I'm hoping there will be a Velvet, Fox, and Yatsuhashi! I'd love a pic with a complete team CFVY <3
  7. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    It happens all the time. Don't worry about it :D I've been mistaken for someone else before and I've done the same to others. Sometimes the words escape my mouth before I realize it. One time I called a Riddler the Joker and immediately after I said "joker" i'm like OH CRAP. No biggie. He was pretty cool about it. Speaking of Big O, when I was Dorothy a few years ago I had a lot of people that were like "I know who you are but I dont remember!" It made me smile. It doesn't bother me because I've done the same to others.
  8. Hair cuts

    I'd get a photo of your character but also do some research and look up similar hairstyles that are on people IRL. That way the stylist can have a better idea of what they can do. Ive done this a few times for some of my cosplays if the character has pretty normal hair.
  9. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Bloodborne and Dragon Age Inquisition Clocked in about 300 hours in DAI and just sitting here playing Bloodborne waiting for the DLC for DAI to be released on the PS4 >.<
  10. RWBY 2015

    I can't wait!♡♡♡
  11. Yoshitaka Amano

    Yes yes yes yes!
  12. Oregon Trail 2014 Feedback

    It was very slow to start. My suggestion would be to just dive into the game and skip the trouble of bringing people up to compete. It got boring very quickly. Id like to see you guys jump into the game and call out to the crowd for choices and names. For mini games like the hunting and whatnot then ask for volunteers to play for it. I just felt like everything could have been better and more entertaining by jumping into the game right away
  13. Hellsing Unites Us! 2014

    I had fun at the shoot but my friend and I (both as Seras) were really creeped on by one Alucard. Dude. Keep your f+cking hands to yourself.
  14. I absolutely loved having one rave that was 18+. Next year please continue with this but let everyone be aware of IDs and badges ahead of time. A lot of people were not aware but I think it is an excellent idea to do one all ages one night and 18+ the other. Also have to say bravo to the staff! Everyone seemed more on the ball and aware this year than previous ones. Just throwing this out there while im making this post but for the love of helix please make the bottom panel gaming floors ventilated somehow because that was so disgusting. I dont know how staff dealt with the stench.
  15. Please share your ACen photos here! ♡