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  1. Lolita Sewing Panel

    I e-mailed you :)
  2. Lolita Sewing Panel

    I am pretty sure that there was a lolita sewing panel last year and I'm very interested in getting touch with whoever did it to see if they are doing it again this year. I would love to be a part of it this year, and since I know that a lot of people return to hosts panels they have hosted previously.. there's no point in me reinventing the wheel. That being said, if someone is hosting it again this year, or if someone wants to get together with me to host it please let me know! You can check out my work at rocknostar.deviantart.com. I have recently been making quite a few of my own lolita patterns and designing my own fabric so I think I have something to offer to the panel. I can even do a demo on draping or pattern drafting :)
  3. Karaoke Maddness

    I have never been to karaoke at an anime con where you had to sign up before the karaoke actually started. They are usually well prepared and have a huge list of songs as well as the capability to just plug into an iPod/pop in a CD. With the right equipment and some people who actually know what they are doing, you definitely do not need to have people sign up early.
  4. Maid Cafe

    Is this still happening? I would love to get involved and help out :) I'm not sure if the organizers have frequented maid cafes, but if not, I can definitely give you some advice as to what kind of rules the cafes usually have and what kind of activities you are allowed to do with the maids/prices.
  5. Karaoke Maddness

    Not accepting walk-ins is kind of lame. I think you should have to be in the room during the karaoke time slot in order to sign up for songs. I'm sure a lot of people would sign up and then not show and there would be a lot of time wasted calling names. There is clearly a lot of interest in karaoke at ACen (judging by how full it was last year), so why hasn't the time slot been extended? Why not make a room that is only for karaoke the entire weekend (like they have at Otakon)?
  6. Soapbubble & Harcore Synergy 2010

    I would really hate to see the same DJs again this year.. I would like to see some different DJs/producers get some exposure! My suggestion is: Yasutaka Nakata (中田 ヤスタカ) I saw him spin at Club Asia in Shibuya not too long ago and it was great. There was even a special guest appearance by Meg :D It would be awesome if they performed at ACen.
  7. Raver Panel

  8. Raver Panel

  9. Cosplay Karaoke Anyone?

  10. Concert Junkies