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  1. Hi~

    *High fives* We'll be the two people at the con who haven't beaten the game yet!! xDD I bought white the morning it was released and I've only just beaten the 7th gym.. *Not bad at it, just doesn't play often.. xDD* And in anycase, welcome back to ACen!!
  2. Hello All...

    xDD Welcome to the forums!! I'm sure you'll have no trouble in finding a roommate.. I would think that around this time, the people seeking rooms and roommates should be going up as most of the hotels near the convention center are booked. Although that may sound like bad news... that just means there's more chances for finding people who need roomies! OwO Or you could be like me my first year, try dozing under a table in the Hyatt Lobby~ Ahahah... Seriously, don't do that.. >3>;;
  3. What should we call ourselves?

    I always used ACen'ers, or just Congoers.. xDD I've never even thought to use anything else..
  4. Kawaii!

    The one thing that always manages to make my day.. XDD
  5. Facebook!

    Here's my facebook!!~ facebook.com/kiarri Meep meep meep!
  6. Hello Acen!

    Welcome welcome to the forums!! ^w^ Heheh!! I just know you're gonna love ACen! Glad you can finally come!
  7. Restaurants around the con?

    Well, they use to have a curry place before.. Whatever burger.. >3> *Not a fan* Now, the only place I've found curry was the udon/soba place! The one right in the middle.. between the ramen and.. Whatever burger.. >O> However, that said! Although it is the only curry I could find, it is by far some of the best that I've tried!! @_@ I make a monthly trip to Mitsuwa with a friend JUST for that curry.. If you do try it, request the chicken! It's not actually on the menu, but is SO good... *Foams at the mouth*
  8. Restaurants around the con?

    Hmmm... o.o There is a PACE bus 606 that takes you directly from the Rosemont stop to Mitsuwa.. it's about a 30 minute trip, so sometimes when I have an hour to spare, I'll head out there for my favorite curry!! xD I'm sure the time it takes for the bus to get to Mitsuwa is the same amount it would take when walking to some of these near by places.. so.. I dunno, that's always one of my favorite spur of the moment dining choices during ACen! What better feeling is there than having a fresh legitimate bowl of ramen during a convention.. but... if time is of importance, and you don't have that time.. The closest is really McDonalds.. and the places listed before me.. ^^;;
  9. Friend in madison in need of a ride :D

    There is also the mega bus that would only be a $30 minute round trip!! Though, it drops you off near Union Station downtown, so they would need to take the blueline to rosemont, which would only be a $5 round trip as well.. So, yep yep!! Megabus.com!!
  10. Wig help

    Yo yo~!! So, I checked my favorite store on ebay (Their wigs are AMAZING if I must say so myself.. @.@ *Only buys from them, constantly recommending them.. friends love them, love* and I came across THIS~!! It's pretty close to Norway's, and isn't too pricey! Anyway, hope this helps a little! You can always search the store for a better match, or like Junk said, ebay in general for that matter! Good luck!
  11. CTA Ads 2011

    Erm.. @.@ The links keep leading to a content not found page... And anywho! Gwaaah!! I've seen them yesterday and today, both on the redline! It got me so excited, like it's finally approaching!! I would've taken a picture myself if the cart wasn't so crowded... @~@
  12. Miku's headphones

    This~ is a tutorial on painting headphones! *Was interested in painting a pair just for fun myself* ^w^ It provides quick direct instructions on how to do so, as well as pictures and a link to an instructional video! Beep beep! *Runs off*
  13. What are you listening to?

    Jo Kwon - "The Day I Confessed"~ *Squeels*
  14. wig photos

    Ugh.. I absolutely hate how that happens!! Isn't it frustrating!! Aigoo.. Personally, I put my faith in the feed back reviews.. @.@; I mean, its still taking a risk.. but based on that seller's rating, I would say they're pretty reliable. If that's not enough, though, you could always ask around, or even check the Construction & Tips section to find recommendations on the best places to purchase wiggies!! ^w^
  15. When Did You Start Watching Anime

    Ahhh~ Well, it all started out with pokemon and generally watching anything 4kids dubbed and threw my way.. I even remember the first promotional commercials for pokemon! *Recorded one on VHS, for some reason I'll never remember XD* ...but I didn't get into anime really until I started watching adult swim.. and when Cartoon Network started airing anime in the morning and on friday nights! xD (Hamtaro and .hack//Dusk!) Before I knew it, I was racing home from school to catch that last hour of Toonami. If I was lucky, I'd catch a glimpse of YuYu Hakusho prior to that hour as well!! Ahhh... those days.. Then there was that akward InuYasha stage that seemingly all pre-teens went through at the time.. and from that point, in a nutshell, my fandom skyrocketed, and hundreds of dollars were lost to what is now a dusty collection of various manga and DVD's... Ahhh.. anime..
  16. Dubble Tree Hot Tub Pool Party Meet and Greet

    ....Where have I been, this is a pre-party now? 0w0 I can go!! I'm definitely in!!! Already searching for a new bathing suit!! Excitement!!!
  17. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    *Mentally drowns out the sex talk* @O@.............. Gosh, Trini!! 0 3 0 That is so awesome!! Happiness for you miss lady, lady!! Good luck!! Fighting!!!! >w<

    ^ THAT. Seriously. I dread reading the comments on basically any news article, yet the curiosity always hits me... and it only serves to enrage and irritate, I swear.. =.=;; And with the recent events in Japan, it has gotten all the more worse... Some opinions really should be shunned.. Then again, that's my opinion in itself... Hmm.. Blindly trolling should be shunned!! - - That's better. ^^;;
  19. Perfecting the Anime Eye

    Well, although I've noticed their use both at the convention and in Phan's videos.. o-o; I wouldn't recommend the circle lens bit. They're not legal state-side, and propose many risks, including blindness according to some reports.. @w@
  20. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

    Cookies cookies cookies!! I recommend anything without peanut butter... or peanuts for that matter.. @.@;; I know a few people who plan on coming that have allergies... just the scent can make them flare up! >.<
  21. What are you listening to?

    The Black & Blue Album.. from the Backstreet Boys...... ^3^ *Still loves~*
  22. Main Programming Event Lines

    So... Say congoers aren't forming a line ahead of time per-say... but are lingering around waiting fo rthe alotted time to enter main programming.. How exactly would this be prevented, or would it be prevented? I ask this as I understand that there will be rules set in place to prevent lines from forming, but I wonder how this will help with crowd control.. Like Alkaren stated, I know people who line up 2-hours prior to almost every Main Event (I am one of them.. xD) @.@;; I understand that there will be rules inforced for those who are camping out around the doors.. but that doesn't stop people standing and waiting and crowding around in the general area.. I will likely be one of them.. (;.; I'm just being realistic.. Sorry..) I'm rambling on with my thoughts here, but my main point is this. With the people who are use to waiting in line for hours itching and ready to get in, accompanied with all the people who arrive between that time and the moment doors open, wouldn't there be a sudden influx of people, and how would IRT handle this plethra of people rushing to get to the same place? Would the small groups be deployed quick enough in order to prevent a long line from starting or?... (And if you've already adressed this, and perhaps I didn't understand, I do appologize...) And as for the smoking thing.. I must agree with Miss Cookie.. I feel that even the designated smoking area is still too close to the revolving doors... I know for me, as someone with asthma, I can't stay even close to that area for more than a few minutes before choking up.. It's another reason I hop in line ahead of time each year.. So I may avoid standing near the area. I think if they were to go across the lot, or if even the area was simply off limits for the 30 minutes the line in which the line is moving... it would really help those who can't handle the cigarette smoke.
  23. Hi hi!

    Welcome to the forums!!~ Gweeee!!
  24. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

    There's going to be cupcakes!?! *LVL'S UP* Excitement + 2!!
  25. Cosplay Progress

    Gwaaaaaaaaaahhh!! Such happiness!! Almost done styling my first wig ever... Well... not almost... but 50% done!! It's the Iris one!! Now I must figure out how to make the giant poofs... and da da da da!!! 0w0 I'm so so so so excited!! Though I'm worried I might have to buy an extra wig for wefts.. @.@;; Aigoo...