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  1. Wig-tastrophe

    You can always order from Amphigory!! I have a friend who orders from there ALL the time, and usually recieves her wigs and wefts within a week.. Once, it came within 2 days! They're located in Indiana, so shipping should reach you rather quickly as well! ^^
  2. A Close Shave

    Err.. I would no recommend waxing as, in compairison to different areas of the body, your face would be the most sensitive and the hairs there are also the most coarse.. However, if you do choose to do so, make sure you grow out your beard past it's stubble point before you decide to wax.. If you don't, it will be rater difficult to snag the hairs even with hot wax, and that just means a longer, and likely more painful process. If I were you, I would use some type of depilatory cream! I always go with Nair myself! It basically breaks down the bonds in the hair all the way down to the follicle, making it so you can simply wipe them away! If you do choose this route, make sure you try it out before ACen, as your skin may become irritated. If the irritation is at a point where it's too uncomfortable, and noticible for more than a day, I'd drop it.. Usually though, that isn't the case! Or at least, I haven't met anyone yet whose run into the problem.. Also! Unlike waxing which may take weeks for hair to start growing back, depilatories only last anywhere between 3-days to a week before hair to grow again! Anyhow, yup yup yup!!
  3. The Best Thing I Ever Ate

    The BEST, and I mean BEST muffin I have EVER eaten came from "The Mission" in San Diego. Literally, it was so amazing that my family is willing to make the trip out there JUST to have one of their muffins once again. Made completely fresh, each bite fills your mouth with this.. just... this soft warmth, only to be followed up with a flavor that was just.. ugh! Indescribable!! The one that stood out the most had a homemade cream cheese filling, fresh fruit and berries filled throughout with the slightest hint of lemon zest... It was mind blowing. I had never eaten anything in my life that had given me such a sensation until I tried one of their muffins. It was the breakfast of each morning, the after dinner snack, and the one place we had to visit in the final stretch of our race back to the airport. If there is a heaven, I certainly had a taste of it. I know, I know, it was only a muffin... but you have no idea.. This wasn't just a muffin, it was... it was just.. epic. I must regain my composure after just thinking about it... Anyhow, here's the website!! The muffins aren't on the menu, but can be ordered by request.. In my opinion, they're better than anything the menu itself has to offer.. I'd give anything for one more bite.. TTwTT
  4. Facepalm moments....

    You're telling me!! It is so irritating, and you're right! It would've been one thing had the guy actually be listening in on us (which isn't okay), but to ask us what were talking about just to get involved? Who does that!! =3= 0-0;; That guy was such a creep!! Zomigibs!! Dx And ugh... I can't stand those creepers either, the ones that follow you and flirt.. The worst ones remain in their cars the entire time.. =.= Then there's practically no escape if they're persistant enough.. @.@ That happened to me once, with a guy exactly like the one you described.. "HEY LIL'MA..." Literally, he followed me in his car for maybe 3 blocks, then I abruptly halted and started going backwards, and he had the nerve to pull into a drive way and continue to follow me!! Like.. what the.. ugh!!! Also what bothers me are the creepers who are clearly pedobears.. =.=;; I had one sit next to me as I waited for a train.. He had to be 30 years older than me, then proceeded to flirt. Non. Stop. After 5 minutes of ignoring him, he then asks me, "You're graduating the 8th grade, aren't you?" A little irked by this, and him period, I told him "No," and that I was in college... then he just walks away!! Like.. What!?! That too... Like, seriously.. Why are they ALWAYS jerks!? You know!? @___@ It's flattering when someone tries to woo you, but these creepy guys and their pick up lines are just the worst... Then they show it when they don't have their way, it's so ignorant. =.= O_O;;; Where are the cops when you need them.. That has to be the worst story I've heard.. ....xDD!! We know who won't be surviving 2012!
  5. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    Ahhhh... Okie pokies.. Well, I can understand your perspective on that, and you're right. I use the phrase "too nice" when basically discribing someone who isn't nice at all.. and it's glad to know you've taken a turn from that in the past!! In all honesty, I was quite a bit of that way myself.. Not so much destructive or damagaing, but when it came to blatantly lying now and then, usually in the hopes of keeping the person from getting disappointed. No one was ever hurt in the end, but I did realize, and even was told how wrong it was of me, and I'm really glad to be changing that... @~@ And as for wanting him to worry... well, for me, I feel like that's a definite must. I'm sure there's 101 different ways to show your care for someone, but knowing someone cares on that level, enough to the point where they won't simply tell you what you want, but what you need to, or should hear... That's just of huge importance to me.. o.o; It's not something I simply say either, I feel strong about it, actually, not just only with partners, but with friends as well. "If I look fat in that dress, you better tell me I look fat in that dress, I mean it!" xD That's pretty much the kind of person I am, and it's nice to know I have friends who do just that! I'd expect from a partner no less! x3 = 3 = And I totally won't delve into the settling topic either.. I know SO many people who do, and I just... have alot... to say on that.. Let me rephrase, rant.. XDD *Had to shut up about the cheating topic as well..* And Fujo.. I'm so glad you're finally done with this guy.. o-o
  6. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    See.. I think the type of person Felf is discribing is well, like you said, the doormat, and I have to agree with him. I'm not saying all "nice" guys are doormats, because you clearly don't fit the stereotype! But, what I am saying.. alot guys who claim their the "nice" type do often fit this judgement.. They're the run-of-the-mill, trying to please, woe is me type of person. I can't tell you how many "nice" guys know that fit this definition. And honestly, I think there definitely is something as "too nice." I've encountered someone like that who recently liked me, it is the primary reason I lost all interest in them. Do I want a "bad boy?" Not in my life, but I feel as someone who is too nice is JUST as annoying. For example, when it came to this guy, he told me everything I wanted to hear! If I wore a god ugly shirt, he told me it was beautiful. If I was aware that my hair was a hot mess, he'd call me gorgeous. If I got a 60% on an exam, he'd tell me I did a great job. If I told him I was going out to get flat out drunk in the middle of the night (which I never did, but claimed I would just to see his reaction), he wouldn't give a shred of worry. Then there were times that I stood him up and he'd never even confront me on it... Aigoo. The way I felt about this reflects Felf's words to a tee. There were countless moments where I wanted him to fight with me, I wanted him to disagree, scold me, or set me straight, just to see if he cared enough, but no. He is probably the nicest person you will ever meet, and will do anything in his power to please someone. He was just too nice, and for me, it was the one thing I couldn't stand the most. And I'm not saying it was his job to yell at me and what not.. Nor do I enjoy arguments.. x.x;; But when someone claims to like you the way he did, it would've been nice if he would yell.. or even hint at disapproval... or something.. It's not like I would've even fought back.. It's just.. If you do something wrong, or risk embarassing yourself, and someone applauds you on it, just because they want to see you happy.. how is that really helping at all? It's just.. aigoo, so annoying..
  7. Facepalm moments....

    Ahhh... That finally reminds me of my own face palm moment!! >O> So my friend and I are riding back from Mitsuwa on the blueline, and we haven't seen each other in a good few months! Usually, our train rides are the times we do the most catching up, so sitting side by side, we go on about the latest things that has happened in our lives. No more than 5 minutes into our conversation, some guy on the other end of the train cart stands up, comes over, and sits directly in the seat in front of us. Giving each other a strange look, we ignore it, and continue on. No more than 2 minutes later, he gets back up, leaves the train cart through the emergency exit, the train stops, we see him run from the other cart, back into ours, then right in front of us again. Pausing for a moment, unsure of how to react, we start talking again when he suddenly interrupts us! "I was listening in on your conversation and.. what is it that you were talking about again?"... Okay, first of all, if he was actually listening in, why would he ask what we were talking about, and who does that!?! So, my friend, being nice, explains the situation to him, stating that we were talking about guys.. Then he gets into this whole spheal about his philosophy on guys, and how they act, and why they do the things they do.. Then he goes into talking about guys who are so shy, or guys who talk to much... =.= The irony in his rant... So finally, after sitting in silence for maybe 20 minutes as he goes on this tangent, he shuts up and asks us is there anything else on our mind. Before we can even say something, he goes into ANOTHER spheal about 2012, and how the ozone layer will break apart, then all the earth's volcanoes will erupt, and the smoke will protect us from the sun's rays, but we won't have any oxygens for plants, but since we humans are so smart, we'll just raise indoor plants and survive... WUT!? We didn't know whether to laugh, question him, correct him, or sit in silence... but before we even got the chance, he goes on another tangent about women, then had the nerves to ask us for our numbers!! >O> Ridiculous... This went on for an hour mind you!!
  8. Your favorite genre of anime

    I love the typical Shoujo/Slice of Life anime!! You know, the romantic ones with bits and pieces of comedy, followed by some huge cliff-hanger where the series then takes a turn, becoming dramatic or angsty? Yeah... Those are my favorites! xD
  9. The Yes Or No Game!

    Nope.. I'm not allowed to drink it yet.. XD Craving some tostinos pizza rolls?.. Or pizza in general? 0w0
  10. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    Not sure exactly, and no.. They didn't do anything. It was more of a senseless threat, at least that's what the group told us. The person basically told them they shouldn't be roaming the neighborhood at night, and how he could take their life away just because he felt like it and blah blah... o-o; It was a mess... But then he just leave them be... and our professor found it a great addition to our research papers.. = . = He's a cool guy though...yeah...
  11. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    Mine was Racial Segregation in Chicago... @~@;; Went to 79th.. and just took pictures and stuff... it wasn't the greatest field trip since he had us in groups of threes... Is it really a surprise that one group was threatened at gun point? @_@;;
  12. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    ; O ; Stooooop!!! Nuuuuuuuu!!! Gwawrhargghhhhhhhh......!! *Covers ears* Dx
  13. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    Mmhm.. XDD DePaul forces us to take a class on Chicago, and we devoted an entire period to going over the different dialects of the midwest, specifically Chicago, then African American Vernacular... err.. ebonics.. and that's where I learned it, and figure I have a bit of one myself.. It's almost like New York's, but no where near as sharp.. owo;; And.. darn you guys singing that.... xDD *Upset*

    ^ DISAGREEMENT!!! ' O ' I hate brownies without walnuts... Or brownies in walnuts... or brownies.... xDD Anyhow... Aigoo... FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU to my roommate who just moved out and left a ginomblorg mess for us to clean up as a parting gift... Honestly, she was the most disgusting, uncooth, trashy person I have EVER met.. She would leave trash rotting under her bed and on her desk, have her dirt clothes skattered everywhere in the room, spilled things everywhere and never cleaned it up, spilled things on OUR posessions and never cleaned it up.. I can't even discribe it in words!!! So, I'll just leave it at her final gift to us: Liquor spilled all over my cosplay, molded pepperoni hidden under her desk, several pieces of used gum on the window sill, vomit set into the rug under her bed, chips splayed everywhere, cans of soda every everywhere, cans of beer everywhere, beer caps all over my desk, the plethra of trash overflowing and radiating from her corner of the room, a sticky substance all over my DVD player and roommate's rug, and may we never forget the used tampon in a gatorade bottle.. All left as a surprise for us.. Whoop. De. Doo.
  15. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    Miss Fujifuj' date=' a ghetto accent is a ghetto accent no matter where you're from! >w< A Chicago dialect basically puts emphasis on vowels, specifically "A".. I know I've been told I have a bit of one, but I only notice when I pronounce the word "Chicago" itself.. "Ch-KAH-go" like.. wiff a short A! Anyhow.. I think I'll put a profile up myself, finally!! I'm single, but looking for friends.. I've already made a few friends, but the more the merrier times 5!! Plus, I can't wait to meet all of you at ACen!! [b']Name/Nickname[/b]: Kiarri!! (kē-AR-rē) >3> That's my real name! But, I also go by Pashy, Kari, Kawi, Kawbii, and NEVER Kairi!! *Eyetwitch* Age: 19 Location: Well, obviously we have a Pashy in Lincoln Park..., Chicago.. >3> Favorite Anime(s): Personally, I'm more of a manga fan.. but.. so many, how can I choose favorites!? @~@ AIGOO.. Umm.. Let's see!! Favorites.. Wolf's Rain, Kare Kano, Neon Genisis Evangelion, Hamtaro, Rurouni Kenshin, Lovely Complex, High School Debut, Dengeki Daisy, Gravitation, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Gintama, FLCL, Naruto, FMA, Excel Saga, Air Gear, Nerima Daikon Brothers, Get Backers, Samurai Champloo, Nodame Cantabile, Marmalade Boy, Ranma 1/2, Hantsuki, Sukitte Ii na Yo, Kimi Wa Petto, Hana Kimi, Hot Gimmick, Aishiteruze Baby, ... and Pokemon, until that episode Pikachu was beaten by a magikarp... it's dead to me now.. Least Favorite: TO HEART and DNA^2... O_O and honestly.. I don't like most harem anime in general.... o-o;; Anything by Ken Akamatsu.. Maburaho, Da Capo, Shuffle, Strawberry 100%.. things like that.. o-o;; My personality type: Initially, I'm extremely quiet.. I'm not in the least bit shy, but its more of a.. 'I don't know what to say, so I'll stand around and giggle and smile until something comes to mind' sort of thing.. xDD Then, once you get to know me, I'm pretty much the same way, only, when I do talk I usually can't stop! I'm extremely bubbly! Always happy, even when I'm not.. xD I've been told I'm funny, but its more of a quircky.. clumsy sort of funny...? Quircky!! That's the word! I'm severely quircky, to the point where it's embarassing actually.. But if it makes people smile, whatebers!! I'm not one to ever get angry, and when I do get angry.. You'd never know it. I smile more than usual when I am.. ^^;; Ummm... Also, I am very strong minded.. though, for peace I'll usually keep my mouth shut unless something really bothers me. I'm the type that will let a bossy-busy-body have her way, but will shout to the top of my lungs if something they do is unfair! >3> Things that IRK me:...Bossy-busy-bodies.. Irk me the most!! I can't tell you how many people I know that automatically assume the leader position of a group and treats our possy like some sort of dictatorship.. I usually make my annoyance known, but will let him have their way, just so I don't become "that girl"... I also can't stand know-it-alls, those who think they are always right, those with prejudice mindsets, those who deny their prejudice mindsets, excuses, lies, and whiners.. Talent?..: I can play the piano, and am quite artsy.. but, I'm often shy when it comes to my work, and I hate when people are show-offy.. so... I end up keeping such things to myself.. *Will play the piano with headphones on, keep paintings hidden under bed* I dunno.. ^^;; I came from a household where pride = bad. No pictures on the refridgerator for me, else they'd be thrown away.. xDD Ah, well!! Oh!! I also understand spanish, but, don't ask me to speak a lick of it.. I can't!! I'm strange in that way.. XD How you may contact me: Here!! Leave me a comment or message thingy! 0w0 My Tastes/Bio: Let's see... I'm your basic Disney sing-along freak.. minus Mulan.. (Am I the only one who can't stand "Be A Man?" xDD) In general, I simply LOVE children's films.. They're probably my favorite! xD Along with those, I love comedies, martial arts movies and..well, chick flicks.. ^w^;; Don't judge!! XD Oh! And I love going outside, and running out and about in the city! If we do become friends, and you live in the area, be prepared to be dragged out at random times.. XDD I can't imagine living outside of a big city.. ever!! @~@;; Meep meep! Ah, I also love gaming, my favorites being weird/practical games (Katamari Damacy, Mr. Mosquito, Seaman..), rhythm games (Audition, DDR, Space Channel 5..), and MMO's!! XD Though, as of recent years, my MMO addiction has been limited to free games.. as subscriptions are a pain!! Though, Ragnarok still has it's place as my all time favorite in my heart~<3 Ah!! I also use to be REALLY big into Yu-Gi-Oh.. the card game.. @.@; Just completed a new psychic syncro-deck last year...but... haven't played it since! ^^;; I'm probably rusty.. What else... OH! I love the animals!! If I'm not playing a game, hanging with friends, aimlessly roaming the city, then I usually can be found volunteering in a shelter somewhere! I've volunteered off-and-on (depending on my schedule) with the Animal Care Leage and Anti-Cruelty Society for years, and don't think I'll ever stop in all honesty.. ^^;; I just love the little, or big, fuzzies so much, and hope to be a temporarily foster mom to them some day!! 0w0 Nursing them back to health and getting them ready for their new homes.. What fun that will be!! And.. that's it..because... GOLLY, I sure ramble on alot!! @____@ Pictures: Umm.. There's one on my profile thingy here!! 0w0 And.. I'll probably add you to the FB if we become friend stuffs.. Yay!!! Peacies!!
  16. Do you use or own a Web enabled Smart Phone?

    Honestly, I use the applications and what not on my smart phone almost everyday.. In my opinion, it really is a life saver! ^^; I can't tell you how many times I find myself lost downtown, to happily have a gps handy, or having the ability to search for new destinations around the city in the palm of my hand! Forgot some important information in an e-mail? I've got it right there! When I suddenly want to hop on the Metra but don't know when the next train leaves, bam! I have the times instantly! I'm Heck, I was even able to help my roommate book an earlier plane ticket on the train ride to the airport! I just don't know what I'd do without it sometimes.. and for a $150 price tag, I'm pretty happy with having one. Is it a necessity? No, but incredibly convenient.. Ugh, I sound like a spokesperson.. >3> *Shutting up now..*
  17. ^_^ My first year at ACEN!

    Gweeee!! Welcome to the ACen forums!! ^w^

    FUUUUU to the moment you type a really long reply (On any site for that matter), hit enter.. just for a sever fail, hit backspace... go to the previous page, there's nothing.... and you never want to type it again.. >3>
  19. Cosplay Progress

    Beep beep!! I will!! Right now.. it's a mess.. but I plan on spending the next 5 hours on it!! XD If it turns out right, which it likely won't, I'll send you a message!! I might just bring one of the extentions to jmac tomorrow for help stuffs.. XD
  20. Picking up badges.. o.o;

    Ahhhh, okie dokies!! Thank you!! ^w^
  21. Hi~

    xDD Don't worries!! I wont get past the 8th for another month! *Pat pats*
  22. Dealing with going alone....

    Heheh!! Honestly, I do the same thing.. reguarding the meanness.. XD Never when I first meet someone, but the more I enjoy someone and like, the meaner I am to them? Not in a literal way, but joking around and what not.. I dunno why!! xD And...Honestly, every ACen, although I go with a group or 10 or 12, I always roam off by myself! Is it strange that I prefer ACen that way? xD I'm not anti-social in the least bit (despite that I'm rather quiet.. XD), but.. Its easier to do all the things that you want to do when there's no one trailing behind! Like Pikachii said, do your own thing! I can't tell you how many panels I would've missed out on if I just stuck with my friends, and I feel that choosing everything you want to do on your own really makes ACen your's! It gives you the chance to meet those new people, even if you are shy~ ^^; And why you may not tag along with those people, that just gives a greater opprotunity to meet even more!
  23. Cosplay Progress

    Gwaaaaah!! Thanky thanks!! I'm going to tackle it again as soon as the glue dries!! @ w @ Hwaiting!!!
  24. Cosplay Progress

    Ugh... so the Iris cosplay was the breeziest breeze until it came to making wefts, and creating an extention piece for the bloody wig!!! I hate this wig so much right now!! @____@ It is taking ALOT longer than what I would've expected, and I'm using the caulk method to create the wefts, so waiting for them to dry is taking forever and a day... There is purple hair all over my dorm room, and every time the wig tangles I just want to shout.. TT____TT I hope I finish soon.. Golly gee willikers..
  25. First Time to ACEN

    Welcome to ACen, bring snacks if possible!! xD And do NOT buy any food on site unless your made of money... $8 for a hamburger, no thank you.. $3 for ice cream? Gurl plz, I can get that at McDonalds... @3@ And my personal advice to you when in the dealer's room.. haggle!! And I don't mean pester, but go from dealer to dealer! Look for the same product and see whose selling it the cheapest.. xD Inform another dealer, and they'll likely knock down their price as well! Likely.. Sometimes, maybe! Everything you can dream of is in the dealer's room, and I say, dream it for less!! xD *Rambling on, is a cheapskate, having a moment, talks too much* ANYHOW~!! Let me shut up and simply note that I'm glad you can make it!! Have fun!!