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  1. Whats YOUR badge name

    Mine is "Kawi"!! 0w0; Its mah nickname irl, and I've grown quite fond of it! xD
  2. Cosplaying for a fat guy

    You can always try "Giftmart" in Chinatown.. or any of the little gift shops around! I absolutely love love love Too Cool, but, the prices are alot less when searching around Chinatown.. but then again, they might not have any 5th gen plushs yet.. @_@
  3. Volunteering!

    Hello!! I was wondering, around how long does it take before we get a response after applying for the teardown crew? ^^;; I only ask as ACen is only 2 weeks away, so it'd be helpful to know more information about the crew.. hours and regulations, in order to make plans and timing around it. Gweee~!! >w<
  4. Last Meal

    A blueberry cheesecake muffin from this little place called "The Mission" in San Diego... that muffin was by far... the most amazing thing I have ever eaten.. If I could only have it again, I'm pretty sure my life would be complete.. TT w TT
  5. The Royal Wedding

    Meh, watched it, judged the dress, felt guilty for judging that dress... (It was so conservative.. though this was a royal wedding) Meh, meh, meh.... It was apart of history... though I rather watch Bridezillas.. that's the shizzlenittle... Meh. .....Gosh, I sound like a jerk! @_@ *Heads to bed*
  6. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    This.. this is something I absolutely can't stand.. I have so many friends with the same mindset.. who believe eating and being "thick" will give them desirable bodies; by having a BMI completely off chart, it makes them sexy... Just.. so irritating... And yeah.. I agree with the previous few statements... Big does not always mean unhealthy, so even though 4chan is the land of trolls.. they do manage to respect that much at least.. =x= I know I can say this for myself.. I'm on the bigger side, but compaired to my sister who is 50 lbs lighter, I have a clean slate of health. She consistantly eats fast food, junk food, and exercises maybe once a month, if that! Every check-up, she's the one with the high cholesterol and the awful blood pressure.. and it baffles my mother! Even throughout highschool, fitness tests and exams I've passed with flying colors, despite the weight I'm at. Even now, I wake up every morning at 6 or 7AM to exercise at least an hour before class.. if I can't make it then, I desperately try to find time later during the day. I literally get depressed when I go a day without it, and guarantee you'll find me at the Doubletree's gym everyday at ACen.. so.. It's just frustrating the rep bigger people get... And I know I'm rambling on about myself, but I see this SO often, especially after coming to college and being in the gym every day! So many people that would be considered big, or fat, working their damned hardest, practically harder than those around them! They're the ones showing up every day, putting in that effort. Even without any results, they're trying... You're right, big does not equal lazy... =_=
  7. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

  8. Does It Matter?

    ZOH. MAI. GAWD. Can I like, marry your hair!?! It is amazing... @____@ If you're trying to look more like America, you could always flat iron your hair and make it straight! ^w^ But in either case, like everyone said, it's your cosplay so do what you wish! I'm sure no matter what, it'll turn out totally cool! ; w ; *In love with your hair..*
  9. PSN Down

    *Hops in* You're probably right, but.. I feel like when something as serious as hackers potentially having the personal data of over 70 million people, wouldn't that be a situation where it's better to be safe than sorry? I doubt at this point that any fraud, or financial crisis will befall us users, but for those who are worried and who are taking action to protect themselves.. I'm sure they would've preferred that Sony initially jumped to that conclusion as opposed to waiting it out. Nothing happend during this week, but anything /could/ have happened, so.. I honestly feel by not scaring people, they put them at risk. They could've given us an update from the get go, even if it was only reguarding a "Just in case.." sort of deal. They didn't have to confirm it, but they should've made clear that this was possibility from the start, it's one of the biggest reasons people seem so upset.. @_@; >3> If they did, they might've been able to avoid this nonsense.. Sony Sued Over PlayStation Network Hack... (Well.. I doubt they would've been able to avoid that.. There's always that one.. >3>;;; *Also heads back to lurking corner.. o-o;*)
  10. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

    Aigoo!! It is unfair!! TT___TT I swear, we work the hardest! *Not literally, but at least compaired to the 90% of thin people I know.. xDD* Aigoo.. but we will continue to fight!! And no worries!! I cheat every now and then too, usually one day a week..and likely will during this IHOP meet'and'greet! *Refuses to eat anything of the "Lean" menu, but its still cheating to meh.. XDD* And I'm bet I'm shorter than you Miss Fujo! Or am I? @O@ *Only 5'2...and a halfish?* Yeah! 5'2.5 XDD I think I wanna dress up for this too! I'll probably be doing the whole ganguro look thing.. since it's so fun to pull off!! Now all I need is a wig for that.. xD Or I could dye my hair blonde.. *Debating* And Missy Roselia, you should definitely come!! You're a bit shy, right? It'll be the perfect starter to breaking you out of that shell! ^w^
  11. PSN Down

    Alright.. oxo You do have a point there.. *Used my debit, personally* And with that point, and this recent announcement, that does take care of the majority of my worries. I dunno, it's just like Excel said.. I guess it's just disappointing more than anything.. I do feel better now that they made clear the situation, but they should'n't've kept us waiting on it for days, you know? But.. it is what it is..
  12. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

    Waaaah, that would be swell, you magicmetabolism person you!! But it's okies, I'll keep working!! >x> 0x0 And gosh, thank you for saying so Missy Llama!!
  13. going to the dark side

    Omigosh, thank you!! 0x0; I had no idea!! Thank you!! *Happily ventures to Bodyline* I'm not too sure honestly, I mean, I do know that I'm going for the "Sweet" style, so.. something that reflects the decora image (minus all the doo-dads XD) and pink!
  14. going to the dark side

    I have a question!! I am a lolita NOOB... >3>;; So.. errr... I have no intention on going Lolita-esqe this year.. but I am looking into dressing sweet-lolita eventually, and I'm actually rambling on and diverting from the original question but anyway!! Would you recommend the site Cosmates? I have a friend who ordered from them before, and aside from the shipping arriving.. well, a month late, she was pretty happy with the results!! I was just wondering would it be alright to order from them.. as I wouldn't want to dress up to ultimately be shunned by the lolita community.. @_@ Do brands really matter, and quality of lace.. whaaa? (Just noticed your post Kokoro, thank you!! It is SO helpful!!)
  15. How to deal with my shyness...

    ^w^ Honestly, as hard as it may sound, I always found going it alone gives the best ACen experience! This is me speaking personally, but I noticed that in groups of friends, you may not be able to go to all the events and panels you wish.. No matter what it is, interests will always vary. Not only this, but people will be wary of approaching you if they see you're already with a crew and having fun! So I say, do everything you wanna do, first and foremost! I guarantee, if you're having tons of fun, you'll automatically forget about that introverted shell! And never be afraid to open your mouth, even if it's silly or stupid. ^w^ We all have our quircks and what not, I mean come on.. this is an anime convention.. xD But really though, if you see someone in a cosplay you love, point it out! If you over-hear something, laugh along! And believe me, lines are the best and easiest places to make friends!! Everyone is waiting, and waiting, so any sort of fun with anyone is welcomed! Genuinely, the crowd at ACen is pretty nice, and although you may run into a few rude'mc'scrooges, don't let it falter you! And hehe, like stated before, come to the meet-and-greet if you can! In any case, I'm rooting for you missy!! I know you can do it! It may be a struggle, but with a few words and bright smiles (they are contagious, afterall!) , you'll meet some new faces and no matter what, have a great time!!
  16. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

    ; w ; Gwah Miss Llama.. you and Isamu are so lucky!! It's not even fair!! I swear, I eat 5 meals a day, 4 of which are almost always vegetarian and gluten free, work out between 1-2 hours, 6 days a week, cardio train, muscle train, and I'm lucky when I lose a pound.. = x = *Quite overweight* ;_; I swear, my metabolism works like dirt! *Kicks feet in frustration* My mom teased me about it ever since I was little too.. "Your sister can eat a full-stack of ribs and lose weight while you can eat a celery stick and gain 5 pounds, isn't that funny?" NO, Mom, it wasn't funny! >O>
  17. PSN Down

    ^w^ I love how you post this directly following: I'm sorry, but this is not like your basic paranoia of something being purchased online. When a major server is breached and a company releases no information reguarding the well-being of your account info, OUTSIDE of what was just posted, I believe I'm entiteled to worry over it, am I not? Sorry if I sound like a debbie downer, but when there's even the possibility that your personal information can be on the line, it is reason enough to worry. You should be a little respective of that, missy~ owo
  18. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

    Omigosh, same here!! About the time thing.. I swear.. the countdown for those working on cosplay still is totally in reverse.. it's making it seem like time is running out rapidly!! @___@ MUST FINISH!!!
  19. PSN Down

    @____@ I'm confused.. you stated before that it's been determined that personal information hasn't been compromised, but.. Where exactly do we find this?.. I'm not on PSN all that often, but there was the point where upon signing up, that I did give out personal and credit card information.. so I'm just searching, yesh? *Paranoid*
  20. Nintendo's next console

    xD Errr... I'm pretty darn sure I didn't imply that. What I am saying is that the Wii is targeted to children and family audiences more so than any other players. I own a Wii myself, but from a person who loves games that stand outside of the two categories Nintendo seemed to target this generation.. there's not much purpose in owning a Wii.. Given, there are games on the Wii that aren't of this genre, but WAY too few in comparison to other consoles. In short, the library they offered was lacking severely, so as a gamer, PERSONALLY, there simply wasn't enough being offered to make the system even hardly worth while. @ Crusade... =x= Yes, once more, I agree completely, even with the GCN bit. It didn't completely rely on nifty features, rather, it focused on the games itselves.. And although it was short-lived and had flaws in its library of games as well, I still believed it offered more, you know?.. (And I mean.. nifty features are fun.. but how many party games CAN you play!? Seriously.. x_x; ) And on that note of nifty features.. Yo Nintendo, I'm real happy for you, and I'mma let you finish and all, but the kinetic has the greatest motion features of all time!
  21. Nintendo's next console

    TT.TT Aigoo, why is this news disappointing to me?.. Honestly, I think I'm on the same page as Crusade.. I lost hope for Nintendo with the release of the Wii, and honestly, I truly feel the 3DS was overhyped.. ( I haven't encountered anyone yet who doesn't get an instant headache, and you mean to tell me I have to pay for a handheld system at a console price just to either play it in 2D or endure the migrane? I'll pass. ) I just have a gut feeling that this system will follow the route of it's 2 predecessors.. A brief hype from the company just to ultimately be overshadowed and outdone by Microsoft and Sony.. and believe me, I'm not bashing on Nintendo or anything.. It's just.. not a choice console for a gamer (what I consider a gamer at least..). I feel like with the Wii, I have to practically weave through dirt and search for a gem to purchase and play, you know? And the fact is, in terms of games, that's what I've come to expect from Nintendo as of recent years. Murrr... =w= Here's to hoping (but not really expecting,) they prove me wrong~
  22. Shutup!

    =x= I agree with everyone here.. she's more of an attention seeker than anything else, I hardly consider her an artist. There's a difference between creating art and what she's doing. Art is something meaningful, maybe even for a cause... NOT a promotion of one's over-the-top nonsensical self image.. Meh..
  23. Good Cosplay Locations in Chicago

    Meep meep!! A neat place that I've wanted to have a photoshoot at for the longest is the beach in Lake Forest. It's about a 20-30 minute drive from downtown Chicago, but unlike the shores of Lake Michigan here, it is enclosed off for the town itself and has been practically/is empty every time I've gone (Given, those were spring and fall months). I think it's prime for a shoot that takes place along an ocean-side, it's just so beautiful~ @.@
  24. Anyone else have a tumblr?

    I just created mine too!! *Also hopes to be adding art to it!* And content.. and funny things.. and whatever really soon!! Stay Happies! I'll follow you all!!
  25. FLOW!

    I had to play the Devil's advocate, but lets be real, not all people want to just get in but get amazing seats and be amazingly close! I'm that girl who waits 4+ in line for everything just to see it close up, and this is FLOW were talking about, a prime guest for any mainstream anime fan.. @~@ Am I saying I will be lingering this year? Well, no, as it is against the rules.. but I just wonder how IRT will handle this, especially for those who want to get a good seat. Personally, I have mixed feelings on the whole thing..but thats for another thread. Anyway, FLOW... @x@ How exciting!!! So exciting, so exciting, so exciting!