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  1. Rude Cosplay Fans

    Psh.. This is the same reason I can't stand Kingdom Hearts.. I use to be a big fan, huge fan, and I still would be if it weren't for the fanbase.. = 3 = Because it's impossible for any male in that series to simply have a best friend..
  2. Strangest lost item you've found at a con?

    Panties and Vibes... So gross!!! @____________@ Ick!! I've never found anything before really.. o.o Though.. I did lose a pair of boots one year! xD Took them off due to feet hurting, and kind of forgot I left them under a chair.. I didn't realize I was roaming around in socks until I got outside, and I never got them back.. Those were nice boots.. They weren't even mine! xD
  3. Misfortunate Cosplay Mishaps

    Ahhh.. TT__TT This year I probably faced my worse mishap ever.. *Couldn't wear Iris at all because of it.. there's always Soycon.. ;_;* There I was Saturday morning, completely hyped and getting ready! I had everything on but the wig that I worked hardest on.. so.. so very very hard! It was then that I noticed I left my wigcap.. In a toal rush, I run out the double tree to head to the vendor's, knowing someone would be selling one.. The race was on, but before I could even make it to the convention center.. suddenly the unthinkable happened.. For a brief 5 minutes, it rained, heavily. Before I could even manage to run back for an umbrella, it was already over... My hair already turned into an afro.. (For those of you who don't know.. Straight African American Hair + Water = UNHAPPINESS/DESTRUCTION) No matter how hard I tried, after that.. I simply couldn't fit the wigcap onto my head.. TT____TT The sadness..
  4. ACen and Prom

    xD One of the proms was from a school within the same district as my high school.. so I pretty much avoided them like the plague.. Though I did notice this one girl who seemed completely distressed by all the cosplayers as we walked by, whining about it into her cell phone.. "Leik, Omg, Daaaaad, there are all these freaks.." I feel bad.. but my friends and I couldn't help but to burst out laughing when we her passing by.. @w@;;
  5. You ate my cheese!

    Toddlers are over-rated spawns of jelly beans. >3>
  6. See.. for me it depended on what I was wearing.. and in such cases, I was totally a culprit of this! Amongst friends, since they're close to me and I know they know the real me.. I'm always 100% comfortable no matter what the wardrobe! We never /fully/ dress for any of the raves, and usually in comparison to them, I'm even a bit more conservative.. o.o; So I guess.. because we're close, and because I know them, I didn't mind going all out~ But then there's that akward moment of running into acquaintances, people you've just met and..classmates.. *shutters* and not wanting them to see you dressed or act a certain way. I mean, in school.. I'm ALOT more settled down.. so ACen is that outlet to well.. be a spaz *andlooklikeaslore* around those I'm close to! Not only that, but when it comes to people I've just met.. I never want to give off the wrong impression either! xD 0w0; So for me.. it just depends on where I am or what I'm wearing, and that's what makes it akward or not. It's those factors that change whether or not I'll approach someone with a hug, or hide behind pillar until they're out of sight.. Though this ACen, I made life easier by carring a jacket around at all times.. XD "Crap, I'm going to see you in class tomorrow!! 0x0 *Zips up*"
  7. Gripes

    This. Seriously, while I know it isn't IRT's duty to handle such a situation, what are we congoers suppose to do, get out of line and contact authority ourselves? Hell, the one time I even tried to mention it to a volunteer, I was responded with a "NOT NOW. GET BACK IN LINE. SINGLE FILE LINE."; Shouting in my face, seriously? Well excuse me for having asthma and practically choking on smoke (And no, not cigarrette smoke.) I mean, don't even get me started about the guys screaming about Molly AS they were entering the Soap Bubble. I was a good 20 people behind them and I could hear it, there is no way IRT didn't.. The drug use this year was so apperant that it was ridiculous, I can't tell you how many times people casually stood in line asking each other for ecstacy. Literally, I can't tell you. And while I do understand IRT can't catch every little thing, nor has the time to, when you have people shouting about crystal meth and molly to the TOP of their lungs, it's kind of hard to believe that it went totally unnoticed.. I just really wish this was something that could've been addressed. For me, it absolutely killed my Saturday night experience this year. And as for this.. You know, maybe I just will. xD Seriously though, I noticed there's another thread going on reguarding this matter, but as this was one of my biggest gripes, I will mention this. I honestly feel that since my first year at this con, the masquerade has forgotten the definition of "skit". If people want to dance or sing, then by all means do so.. but at least make it related to the cosplay shown, have a plot of some sort, and please please have the routine down pat. Some did this, others didn't. I just think that if this is what the skit portion of the masquerade is turning into, then maybe it should be called something else because by definition, it isn't what a skit is. @.@;; (In the other thread, someone mentioned calling it a talent show.. which made alot more sense in my opinion!) Also, again, this isn't simply my opinion but something I heard not only amongst my friends, but throughout the audience in comments. ^^;; I just feel that as the biggest day-time Main Event, performances should be something that are auditioned for then pre-judged..and maybe even pre-pre-judged. This would not only help weed out the repitition of the performances, but also reduce the amount that are, well, completely inaudiable.. @_@;;
  8. Masquerade Skits Portion

    I have to agree with the OP.. @__@ Not that anything was wrong with the singing or dancing perfomances, but it was more so a talent show than rather, well.. skit. I mean.. a skit by definition is an acted performance, usually of a comedic nature.. and while they didn't all have to be comedic, I did feel that there weren't many "skits" this year..
  9. Gripes

    Ahhh.. So... This was my 6th ACen.. and.. err.. to say the least, it honestly wasn't one of my favorites.. Many people have already addressed some of the issues I've felt myself, so I'll speak only of my biggest two gripes.. 1) Since my first year at ACen and in comparison to other conventions, the quality of Masquerade skits have completely dropped, in all honesty. From what I hear, entrance into the Masquerade is based on how soon you sign up, and how fast you are prepared, but I honestly feel that something as important as one of the biggest Main Events of the con should be judged even at auditioning. I understand wanting to give everyone whose ready a fair chance, but is it really fair to the audience to have us wait 2 hours just to sit through skit after skit with an inaudiable sound quality? Or watch a performance where members were clearly unprepared? I heard mutters and mentionings of this throughout the audience during the masquerade, and I had to agree whole heartedly. Will it take more time and effort for auditions to be judged? Of course, but it will clearly impact the quality of skits.. 2) Gabichox mentioned this earlier, and I'm with her 110%. Saturday night REEKED of weed, everywhere. While I understand that the convention has no policy against drinking, it seems our concerns with smoking and drug use went completely disregarded.. As someone with asthma, it frustrated me to not only see so much smoking within the SOAP bubble line, but that people had the audacity to even shoot up and smoke hookah RIGHT outside the side entrance to the Hyatt. Smoke is one of the most common triggers for an asthma attack, and while hookah is legal, for it to be disregarded by IRT that entire time while so many of us congoers had to wait in line within that same exact area was beyond me. That was completely ridiculous.
  10. I Am Sick :(

    TT___TT I usually always get sick.. but never this sick before..lying in bed with an absolute fever and constant dizziness.. Stupid con-plague!!
  11. Picking up badges.. o.o;

    I have a friend that is going to pre-register, but is dreading the line on Friday mornings. As she is unable to make it to the Thursday pick-up, I was wondering how to go about getting the badge for her, if that is at all possible. I already have a group in which we all selected the mail-in option, however, if I were to add her to the group now, would I as the leader have permission to pick it up or.. is all of that too late since we already paid? Anyhow, if it isn't possible, that's okie'mah'dokey! ^^; I have a gut feeling that it isn't, but I thought I should still ask!
  12. Speed Dating?

    Seriously.. o-o; This would be so fun.. I'm super serious too, I'd love to join if it were something like this! xD Such a neat event idea.. *Taps chin*
  13. What's up?!

    Gweee!! Welcome to the forums!! ^w^
  14. Heyo :D

    >O> EVERY SINGLE ONE!?! I wish you the greatest luck on the challenge! Hm! Steam is shipping out then too.. OH! And welcome to the forums!! =D
  15. The stares you get while walking to Mcdonalds..

    Gwaaah!! Do eet!! You must!! XD It'll totally freak them out! Heh!! I wish I had a wild enough cosplay this year for that purpose alone.. XD
  16. Fake Female Gamers

    So much to read.. So many points made... hmmm... well, in regards to the last few posts.. I have to agree with Felf a bit. While everyone has the right to give theirselves a title and consider themselves whatever the hey they want, I feel that with gaming it's something different. Of course, this is only my opinion, but when it comes to gaming, it's almost like gaming itself is a community more than it is a hobby. This is something I've noticed strongly after coming to college. Just as highschool is filled with cliques, the gaming community is a clique in itself, and to consider yourself apart it's almost as if you have to fit the status quo. While there is no direct definition of what is or isn't a gamer, if you proclaim yourself as one, like with any community, there are guidelines you have to abide by for members of that community to accept you as their own. By my personal definition of a gamer, I agree with the OP stating that there are many girls out there who take on this persona without actually embracing what the title means. When I see a girl wearing the atari garb, the hipster glasses, her gameboy necklace prancing around a gaming competition, boasting about how much of a "gamer" she is.. just to find out the only game she's played is Kingdom Hearts... well, it does irk me a little. While I technically have no right in saying what she is or isn't, putting on a title doesn't make you the title you claim to be. Like the analogy before, saying your a baker does not make you a baker. Do you have the right to say you are? Of course. But does that make you one? Not at all. xD So.. I don't know.. well, I do know. Like with almost everything in life, there is always a criteria to fit. While you as an individual may not agree with it, it is a group as a whole that will judge and make that final casting call. To my entire dorm hall, I'm a gamer, heck, you couldn't convince my roommates otherwise. To the self-proclaimed gamers, I am not. Depending on who you are and who your with, groups will always judge you and give you a title, despite the title you may give yourself. If the title is false, respect that, and don't go prancing around trying to fit in, that's just annoying. Of course.. this is just the way I see it, and as someone who doesn't consider herself a gamer, I have no right to speak for an entire community. At the same time, someone who poses as something, no matter what it is, is annoying.. =x=; I only broke down to post here as my sister has a friend who is the way the OP describes.. Boasts about how she's a gamer, constantly spouts gaming references that she herself doesn't even understand, and couldn't even tell you what MMO stood for.. It's just incredibly irritating.. For example: My sister invites her over one Saturday to bake cupcakes.. the entire time we bake.. Her: Tee-hee! The cake is a lie! The cake is a lie! The cake is a.... *Half an hour later..* The cake is a lie!! Me:..You know that the cake wasn't even a lie, right? Her: What are you saying!? The cake was a lie! Me:...Have you even played Portal? Her:...Yy...yeaaaaah, DUH and the cake was a lie! Jeeze!! Me: Really? Because if you had played Portal, you'd know that it wasn't a lie. You'd also know the recipe. Her:..What?! ..Let me google....Oh..... Me: It's a chocolate cake.
  17. Zelda Ocarina of Time....Limited Release

    I'm with you on this one... o.o; Was not expecting things to get so serious(ly biased.. xD).. Anywho, in short, despite reading everything, I don't see this really aiding with the sales of the 3DS as Nintendo expects... While the fanbase for OoT here is ridiculously high, I can't imagine purchasing a system for the sake of a single game.. which isn't even a standalone game in itself. I understand that this won't just be another port, but can you really put all your faith into this one cashcow? With the example of FFVII.. I love FFVII, love love love it, grew up with it, bought it I don't know how many times, and gave in to the hype over and over again (Advent Children and complete.. and I know how awful they are!).. but is that enough to make me spend practically $300 on a system and remake of the game, with improved graphics and features, added content and all? Hell to the no. So honestly, I feel that a limited release might just be the right decision.. When it comes to OoT, while of course there are die-hard fans who will give into this marketing scheme, there are just as many who embrace the hype, but may not find this new release worth cashing out so much. I consider myself one. I already own the original and two ports for a minimal fee. I love OoT and I know this is something new, but not even fully-fledged remake is worth $290 and an instantaneous headache, my opinion.
  18. PSN Down

    o.o; Holy snaps.. PSN may stay offline until May 31st. ...although I don't really see that happening given what the spokesperson actually said, but still.. @x@; Personally, I don't find this downtime a huge ail, but with so many users already enraged at the time the network is taking to return, I wonder how this could hurt the fanbase if it actually does take until the end of the month.. o-o;
  19. The stares you get while walking to Mcdonalds..

    Heh! More than the trips to Mickey D's, I like seeing all the highschool kids on prom near the convention center.. xD No kidding, my prom was held the week before ACen, EXACTLY where Hardcore Synergy is.. it was so neat seeing it the week after all raved up.. I'm going on a tangent now, but yeah!! Heh, it just amuses me so much as you see them on the buses and in their suits and gowns, looking either confused, awestruck, judgingly...and those few who get excited and shout out all the characters.. XD It just amuses me so!
  20. Weather for Acen

    I swear.. I'll take any weather, any weather, BUT RAIN!! Ridiculous amounts of wind, blistering heats, skin-numbing cold.. anything.. but rain... ;_; Seriously, if my hair even gets a drop of it.. It turns 10 sizes bigger.. into this.. giant.. afro thing.. it would ruin everything...;-; I can't wear my cosplay hat, wigs.. hair accessories.. nothing... And unless I have 5 hours to restraighten it.. that will be the end of 2011 cosplays.. Fingers are crossed, toes are crossed, legs are crossed, arms are crossed, eyes are crossed, lips are ccrraefa...pleash no raif..no rain.. ; x ;
  21. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    You know.. my bestie and I just had a conversation about this earlier.. How guys always go on and on about how girls only date the "bad boy," or the "jerkwads"... and not only is that a stereotype, but for girls who do find this their case, there's usually a valid reason why.. And I'll stop myself here before everyone jumps on me for my opinion.. but.. *Sighs* It's just something that grinds my gears.. It reminds me of a little comic strip Felf posted once before... @_@ Perfect for such situations.. Not only this, but I think this is a complete double standard. I know so many girls, nice, wonderful and wholesome women who, in my eyes, are nothing short of perfect, yet upon every confession they give, they're put into the friendzone. Why? Because of looks, because of attitude, because they're "prudes..." Just so many girls who face the same heartbreaks for shallow reasons... especially apperance.. Oh, and these aren't the "jerkwads", these are "nice guys" who do this too. Afterall, if they were mean, they would've turned them down harshly. They wouldn't treasure that friendship. But at the end of the day, the reasoning is still the same, and you could say this is me being judgemental, but I've literally gone up to some of them, most which are my friends, asking why they let the poor girl down, and it's looks, almost always looks. Hell, the nicest guy I know got rid of me because I wasn't blonde, fairskinned, or willing to "take things further".. This he admitted after years, claiming the guilt was eating at him... Nice way to put it, but still the same shallow reasons.. = x = It's totally a double standard.. They say they don't want to hurt you, then no more than a week later they're dating the prettiest girl they can find, or the first one who drops their pants. Most girls just don't complain about it... Or at least, I've never known any to.. Until me.. right now.. *Shuts up* I just went on a rant... ;_; I'm usually never this ranty.. well I always am.. but I..ugh... gears were just grinded.. *Crawls back into corner*
  22. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

    Aheeem! I don't repeat someone else but.. could we really talk about the ride situation? @___@ I have friends who simply may not go if they can't know ahead of time, and like Xeno said.. it would make the trip to IHOP go alot more smoothly if some of this was sorted out here a head of time. Not that I want to halt fun or anything, but discussing this would be rather helpful.. Meep.
  23. Volunteering!

    Ahhh, thank you so much!!
  24. Black and White

    I have a friend whose bent on believing it will be the R/S/E remake.. o.o; He says he bases this not only the fact that Hoenn was referenced in both HG/SS and B/W, but also due to the color of the cartridges.. *Which he made me test out* Basically, although they appear black/grayish, unlike other DS game cards, when you hold either HG/SS/B/W up to a bright light, or under a bright light.. It will become a bit transparent, having either a rubyish or blue hue.. though.. that could've referenced R/B... or just be a random coincidence.. it was still neat!! XD He also noted that in the TGC, the new holigraphic cards of the legendaries are tinted with those colors are well... Pretty skeptical, I know.. but I do believe there's a good chance that it could be the R/S remakes, not because of his "hints", but because of the amount of time that has passed.. R/B were remade after 8 years, G/S after 10, and this marks the 9th year since R/S was first released.. so.. it's not unlikely. o.o That's just my opinion, however!
  25. What are you doing

    Trying to complete homework like a mad woman, ahead of time, Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday night will be spent in the salon for a good 6 hours getting hair cut, styled, and dyed... *2 of which are free, so excited ; w ; The joys of being a semi-regular..* Thursday, I'll hop on the train with half of my things, find a place to hide them as I volunteer, attend the Meet And Greets, stay the night with a friend as I'm not so keen on heading back to my dorm on the el at night.. Leave my things.. @_@ Wake up at 6ish... head back to my campus to attend a mandatory class.. *Quite upset* Get the rest of my things.. hop back on the train.. Then return to ACen around 1!! ;D