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  1. E3 2011 Thread!

    I believe naturally Nintendo's conference would've stood out the greatest.. they are starting off the next gen after all.. but I am very skeptical of the system itself... While the controller idea is innovative... It takes much more than that to make an impressive console, which the Wii proved.. Not saying that it wasn't successful.. The Wii was a cash cow! But impressive..no.. not at all.. and they're just now getting graphics equivalent to that of it's last gen competitors...so.. I dunno.. skepticism! I'll likely pass on the WiiU for the next few years.. Wait for a price job, wait to see the competition.. Now the PSVita is something I can see myself getting.. It screamed iPhone...for gamers!! Or more like a gaming system.. with a built in iphone...to talk to gaming friends...while I game! However it's worded, I like the practicality of that! I also like knowing the price tag.. I like knowing that, alot. It seems worth the buck in my opinion.. enough to finally drive me to buy a Sony handheld~ *Moderately excited xD* Xbox....muurrr...er.....ehhhhhhhhhhhh..........mehhhhhhhhhhhhh.... No opinion really.. xD On a non-console related point.. So disappointed in FF13-2! D: Same auto-battle system!? Preset magic/skill choices? Ughhh... and I swear if this game is linear too.. Pfffffffffffffft...
  2. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    First.. You shouldn't be calling out a cosplayer like this.. and second.. You know.. in a seperate thread you admitted to assaulting someone because they insulted your own cosplay choice... Yet then you do the same thing.. So it may have not looked right in your opinion, so what? Who ever she was probably had enough to deal with at the con itself, just as you did in your own Flash costume.. and to come here and read such things can't be making her feel any better. I'm hoping that, who ever she is and no matter how she looked, she rocked that outfit. Rocked it, and further more doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks. If you don't think it looks right.. so what? You're not the one wearing it. She knew what she was doing when she made the cosplay choice and it was her opinion that mattered at the end of the day. Everyone should wear whatever they want, and if they have the courage to do so, then who are you to make them insecure?.. And to be hypocritical no less.. *Sigh* Thats just one of my peeves..
  3. Toddlers and Tiaras

    o.o; Well, I will definitely agree with you there. Often, their outfits are quite more.. outlandish.. (Though.. Mini-Madonna?!...Half of me feels...that's sad..the other feels it's... awesome.. Horribly awesome.. xD) Thing is, I feel like the same way we're stereotyped, we're stereotyping them in the same manner. If people took the time to watch the show, they would notice that even underneath the masks, these kids are still.. kids! They're not being taught to be a snob, nor do they think they're better than their friends, peers, or the rest of the world.. And you must keep in mind that it is a competition, so of course you want to be the best...but at the end of the day, the children shown in the commercials are the rare few who are actually out of line... They air that as an attention getter... Aigoo.. People need to take the time to maybe watch, or even become more aware of the hobby/lifestyle other than these drama-infused media outlets before passing judgement.. ..*Shrugs* But let me not spoil this.. @w@;; Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course.. *Scurries back to lurking corner*
  4. Toddlers and Tiaras

    I actually watched a few episodes..and it's really not as bad as everyone perceives.. Often, the newsworthy articles you hear regarding these pageants are well.. outliers.. A mom giving her child surgery and botox..who does that!? Sure, we may all frown upon it.. Glorifying false beauty and instilling such a mentality in a child at a young age... but after watching this show, these parents are in no way "bad"..and for all of us without children, who are we to judge, anyway? If parents want to raise their children into such a lifestyle, then so be it, and it's not like they force the girls to continue it as they grow older.. I know for a fact when I have kids someday, I'd love for them to tag along with me at ACen wearing cosplay.. xD If they enjoy it, awesome, if not, I'll let them stop. Sure pagants are distasteful, and even immoral to some, but that doesn't give us the right to shun them.. "A crowd of grown ups, cheering on little girls in foofy outfits on stage? yeah, not weird at all..." ....didn't we, as congoers, do just this at ACen? This year at the masquerade?.. Or did we already forget the mini Princess Peach and Daisy... The Chibimoon(s) or the swooned over baby chocobo.. and please correct me if you didn't see "brats" running around the Vending Halls as well.. Is it the same, not at all.. but it does seem that our standards are rather opinionated, which is alright. What isn't right is judging parents, or anyone for that matter on it.. I feel like out of any community, we should be the last to be doing so as we're commonly judged upon and shunned for our interests, our garb, and our lifestyles as well.. and some cosplayers do consider it a lifestyle.
  5. Suggestions for ACen 2012

    When attendees don't check the official websites and what not.. that I understand, but one of the problems I've noticed is that alot of the information regarding the con this year could be found only on the forums, it was my biggest reason for joining the forums in the first place. And it's been said more than once.. This year, not only was any news posted on the forums prior to the website itself (in some cases, weeks prior..), but in addition to that, both the website and the actual programming booklet lacked certain rules, regulations, and even programming information.. Even I had trouble finding the cosplay photoshoot schedule promptly, and I log on pretty often. Not only was there a lack of communication with staff (which has already been addressed), but it extended to the attendees as well due to the inaccessability of the information. Not everyone has a facebook, twitter, nor the time to search the forums and when attendees can't even refer to the official website for every rule, that's a problem, and this doesn't just go for the game room bag check, but the issue with the main programming line-up as well... Although I know the Hyatt intervened, it didn't surprise me when seeing the sheer madness during the FLOW concert line-up as practically no one knew about the new rule in the first place...
  6. Your opinion on photo bombers?

    Personally, I don't like them, even in casual settings.. xD *Shrugs shoulders* But especially at ACen. Like OtakuAngel said, when you spend months on a certain outfit, or find that certain cosplayer and want nothing more than that perfect shot, it's really irritating to have someone come and ruin that for you just for giggles. And even when its just joking around and taking pictures with my friends.. it just irks me when I go through them later, just to see someone purposely diverting attention in the picture.. Maybe I'm just persnickety, but I'm not a fan of photobombs one bit! xD I mean, when it's an accident, it's an accident, and with friends, sure, go ahead.. but with people you don't know, I feel it's pretty rude. ^^; *Shrugs*
  7. Next Big Anime to Replace The big three?

    >3>;; I've never even heard of it either.. xD *Scratches head* I guess probably due to the genre I typically watch.. And on the topic of Adult Swim, it seems they've just picked up Durarara!!
  8. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    =.= I'm with Kasin.. I'm sure we can all anonymously agree (including those that are 4channers..) that 4chan is the garbage pit of the internet.. Nothing posted there can truly be taken seriousy, and it does nothing other than show there are people out there who live simply for the purpose of being an absulote arse. And not just any arse, a cowardly one.. Probably the reason I hate 4chan the most. You're already hiding behind a wall when you post on the internet, and now even your online persona is hidden as well? People go on there bashing others, when they don't even have the manparts to show their own name, let alone their face.. Uggghhhh...
  9. Bristol Renaissance Faire

    I'll be there!! *Being dragged out by a friend..happily of course!* 0w0 It's my first time! I am excite!
  10. Anime World Chicago

    @.@;; I'm with you.. You can't even go to signings without one of those memberships... really pricey for a first year con.. T~T *Passing* But indeed! have fun, and tell us all how it goes!! I'm really curious and hope it's a total success! ^.^
  11. Masquerade Skits Portion

    =.= And.. seriously.. I could've sworn the Game ended.. *Sigh* It's seriously a joke that's overplayed.. Same thing with the whole "Pasta" chant. We get it, Italy likes pasta. Okay. I swear, that was overplayed almost as soon as it started... And half the time we couldn't even hear the MC's because of it.. Really? xD But meh... I guarantee we'll be hearing it again next ACen.. @_@
  12. Masquerade Skits Portion

    This.. I agree with this so so so much.. Not only will it limit performances to some of the best from the midwest, but it should also help with.. audio problems.. This has been an ongoing gripe of mine since my first ACen.. sitting through skit after skit without understanding a word from the audio clip played. You can have an hilarious skit that's downplayed by this factor alone, and often it happens. It just frustrating when you're focusing more on trying to hear what's being said...than the content actually being said.. Aigoo..
  13. Groped and Offended

    I believe this could work with the video rooms, definitely, but like Josh said.. as they already check, there's little to no point of it..And as for other events that are age required..and the attendance is very high to get in.. The only solution I see is staffers buckling down when looking at these ID's, and maybe even having more man power to do so in a timely manner. I think you mentioned yourself, Kokoro, how some barely looked at ID's while people entered a panel.. Imagine the leverage that would give someone knowing they can look at a color coded badge and have even more of a reason to shrug it off. And I'm not downplaying any staffer or anything like that, when you have a great amount of people that you're trying to get in as quickly as possible, and after working what could've been the entire day, it's natural to grow tired, and to let people slip by... and I would imagine having badges color-coded would raise the chances of that happening. Not only this, but like Fluffykins said, at a convention with so many people, there are bound to be predators. You hear such a case at a convention every year, let's not make ACen one of them.. Just as we all came to the general consensus that a good chunk of our congoing population is STUPID, it is safe to say with the rise of our population, so has the rise in creepers as well.. so let's not make our younger ACenners an easier target.. I have to agree with Unka Josh and daegan, with many people 30 and under the lines of age are visually blurred.. I deal with this almost daily, with people mistaking my little sister to be 21..and me as her little tag along.. =.= Likewise, I have been in the position of dealing with people who specifically target me, thinking I'm underage. "Look at you.. so cute.. You're a what..freshman in highschool? What's you're name, sweet thing?" "In college.." "Oh.. You have a nice day..." <---- <_< True story... I'm starting to ramble on now, and I know this factor was nitpicked back and forth, but it shouldn't be something just shrugged off. Aiyah.. Call it beating a dead horse, but having been in the position of someone targeted for that reason several times..(One being my first ACen.. =.=) I just would hate to see ACen make things easier for those who seek out minors. There are so many out there who look beyond their age, and the line between 16, 17 and 18 has always been a thin one.. So for the sake of those, lets please not make them an easy hunt?
  14. 4kids in trouble!

    I'm kind of sad to see them go.. *Not afraid to say it* Sure, they tore apart a few series, but how many of us wouldn't even be into the anime fandom if it weren't for the company initially exposing us to it in the first place? I honestly hope all goes well in their trial tomorrow. And for those who are happy to see them go.. Well, I'm sorry their english renditions and edits butchered your beloved series, but is that reason enough to want 200+ employees to now go jobless? If you felt this way due to their witholding of royalties from TV Tokyo and NAS, fine, but saying they should go under for Americanizing a few series, changing a few names and censoring anything rated above TV-Y? Come on.. Was what they did right from the otaku standpoint? No.. ._. But I still feel irked when I hear people deem this worthy of unemployment for hundreds..
  15. ACen Prom

    Well, ACen did host a Charity Ball a few years back, ending in 2009 or so, and it seems such an event won't be returning for one reason or another.. Here's a thread I found digging up this topic from a few months back.. Meep! In any case, while we can't have a "Charity" event per se, I think an additional formal dance would be perfect, and what better idea would there be than making it a Prom, especially for all those poor kids that have to make the decision between their own prom and ACen each year. Looking back on it, I would've rather had mine at ACen anyday~ So all in all, I think this would be a wonderful event! I think like a prom, it should be formal! The definition of semi-formal gets kind of skewed in my opinion (for all those who consider a dress shirt and jeans as such.. >3>;;), so keeping it formal would ensure the prom-like atmosphere. Also, while I never enjoyed the king and queen tradition of your typical high school prom, like iHane, I feel this would work at ACen as we wouldn't have that popularity bias. The award could possibly go to simply the best dressed couple, or the neatest cosplay.. or.. heck, people can vote for others for whatever reason they choose! Why make it a character or cosplay contest? I dunno, those are just my thoughts on the matter! ^^;; But anyhow, I absolutely love love love this idea!