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  1. CTA Blue Line Maintenance

    I'm staying near the Montrose stop. Lucky me. I guess in the big picture, all it means is factoring it into when I set my alarms and leaning toward shared Lyft rides in a pinch.
  2. I want to see m-flo, but I also want to sleep. m-flo is the second act listed in the Guidebook entry for Synergy on the Friday night, between SNACK ATTACK and android52. Are they in fact the second act set to perform that night?
  3. Hey, what's up? Yeah, last time I was there, memory serves, they had partitions inside the exhibit hall that hosted a couple panel rooms. I'm really looking forward to coming back.
  4. Hey chums, I wasn't expecting to be back at ACen this year, but I came into a badge and cashed in some United miles, so here I am. I'm a Baltimore native who frequents Otakon, MAGFest and Power Morphicon, with other events occasionally sprinkled in like Regeneration Who. I've been going to conventions since 2004 and was last at ACen in 2008. In high school, I started a Power Rangers podcast--the first, it turns out--called Rangercast. I did that from 2005 to 2012 and it kinda faded. I keep meaning to get it going again. But in that time, I did con coverage from ACen, but also from Baltimore, Richmond, DC, a couple other events and the first couple PMC's.
  5. Last time I was at ACen, there were several Power Rangers guests, Peelander Yellow unintentionally stomped on my iPod and a cyberattack led to a bunch of people waiting forever for their badge. Those are the things that stick out, but I did have fun. I know the con's grown a bunch since then, but I was wondering, since I'm returning, how that size is reflected in what's been added in terms of events and exhibitors since then?
  6. Space at O'Hare Inn and Suites

    You got a room for Thursday to Friday, but you'll be at the con for most of the weekend?
  7. One seeking room

    I may be able to attend ACen for the first time since 2008. I need a room and all the hotels are out of con rate rooms, all the Airbnb's have suspiciously high "cleaning fees." So I need a room that's cheaper Thursday (or could make do with Friday) through Sunday than the $350-ish Airbnb would charge me. I'm a 30-year-old man from Baltimore, not a hard-partier, not a drinker or anything like that. Edit: Found a place along the blue line, I'm good