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  1. Haikyuu! 2015

    I know a couple people in my group will be bringing balls. The best price I've found is ebay, if you search for molten volleyball the top result should be the red/green/white ball. They do arrive deflated so you'll have to use a bike pump or something to inflate it.
  2. Yowamushi Pedal 2015

    I'm planning on being casual Makishima, probably won't be at the shoot though since it's right after the Haikyuu shoot and I don't think I'd have time to change. My boyfriend should be at the shoot as Shinkai in his racing garb. Looking forward to seeing other pedals around the con!
  3. Haikyuu! 2015

    I should be there as Tsuki! Excited to see some other volleyball bros. :3
  4. The Cta Trip Planner!

    Yeah, I found that info earlier, I'm okay with it not being free. It's actually cheaper than the Hyatt parking. The Hyatt has a one car limit per room, which is the main problem. I was mainly wondering if anyone has personal experience on parking their car there and wondering if it usually fills up quickly or not.
  5. The Cta Trip Planner!

    Has anyone parked at the Rosemont blue line parking lot for the weekend? We have a room at the Hyatt and two vehicles, so we're trying to figure out where to park the other car for the weekend. I was mainly concerned about the lot possibly being full when we get there on Thursday as I'm not sure if daily commuters would be using it or not.
  6. Hyatt Parking

    Thanks! Is there a limit on number of cars per room?
  7. Hyatt Parking

    Is there a special convention parking rate for people staying at the Hyatt? Or is it just the normal rate (which appears to be $25 for overnight)?
  8. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Good to know, thank you!
  9. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    It would be the newer round shield, we're doing a full group from The Avengers movie-verse.
  10. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    I have a question regarding live steel. My boyfriend is cosplaying Captain America, would he be able to carry a metal shield?
  11. The 2011 Costume & Prop Checklist

    I don't think this would violate the rules but I just wanted to double-check before I buy one and bring it to the con: would I be allowed to carry a whip as part of a cosplay? I'd be willing to loop it up and zip-tie it if having it loose is a problem.
  12. I am excited for this as well. :3 At the moment, still working on our CP9 cosplays; we are still planning on having the full group there! I think the current plan is wearing CP9 at the Saturday shoot, and I'll probably be wearing Ivankov on Friday. Really excited for the photoshoots and the OP panels. <3

    Yes, I love S&PS~ In addition to doing the Michiko to Hatchin OP they have also contributed to a Lupin III tribute album. It would be awesome to see these guys at ACen!
  14. When Will Guests Start Being Announced?

    The #1 thing I would love to see ACen improve upon is the number of Japanese guests we get. Some well-known VAs or bands would be amazing. I was fairly pleased to see the Soul Eater group last year, even if it's not one of my favorite series. To be honest, I have little interest in seeing most of the American guests or the repeat Japanese guests. The American industry guests in particular, seeing as most of them can be found at almost any Midwest con. ACen is the only con around big enough to pull major Japanese guests. It's good to see that we have some new blood in the Guest department. I'm honestly looking forward to seeing what you guys have to offer the next couple years.
  15. Haha, yes, we are definitely working on getting a Kumadori. We have a friend that's interested, so we're trying to talk him into it for sure~