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    mostly FFVII, Sailor Moon, Tekkablade, Transformers, Rurouni Kenshin, Supernatural, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., and other cool stuff!

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  1. Shopping Nightmare

    Please say a prayer/cross your fingers for my fiend and I. Nothing's really wrong... just China doesn't have fabric stores like back in the US. They have fabric MALLS! As in multiple malls with multiple floors. It's going to make buying fabric and accessories for cosplay today painful ~_~
  2. Need Room in Hyatt

    Hello everyone! Looking for a room in the Hyatt this weekend. I do have a reservation at the Marriott if you'd like to switch. Please PM me if you're giving up your room or would like to switch
  3. How was your experience rooming with a stranger?

    At Youmacon this year everyone bailed on me so I could afford to pay the whole weekend on my own, but let's be honest who would want to do that anyways. So I put out an ad for a roomie. Have you ever stayed the night with someone you have never met? How did it go? Despite my nerves everything went really well. Were you the one needing a room or the one offering a room? Both. The first night I texted a friend and his friends had space for me. Rest of the weekend I had someone room with me. Did anything bad happen? The only bad thing (besides my paranoia) was my new roomie got sick and left after one night. She still paid the full amount and was very apologetic about leaving. What information did you want to know before the stay? Since I'm female and iffy around people I had put out that I was looking for just one female to room with me. That's all I as really worried about. Your mom is right to be concerned but I have found that generally speaking 99% of congoers are awesome people who are very respectful of you and your belongings. Is there any advice you would give to a first timer? Maybe not have any valuables in plain sight. Like TheMasaomiKida said, people can be complete jerks but they are few and far (by my experience). I would say maybe meet up with them before hand, have lunch or something, chat, so you can get a feel for the person(s). If your gut says no, back out graciously, and find someone else. The girl I had in my room didn't set anything off and things went well aside from her not feeling well.
  4. Cosplay ideas?

    How about Ken from Street Fighter or a Super Saiyan from DBZ/GT or Vash the Stampede?
  5. Sailor Moon 2013

    I keep saying I'll cosplay Princess Pluto each year but have been making excuses each time. I'm working on fixing that this time. I have the wig, I have the dress and shoes. Now I just need to get back in shape (lalala I <3 the holidays!) I'm dragging my friend along and she cosplays Princess Venus, so you can add us to the list!
  6. Avoiding The Smoke Outside Hyatt

    I'm wondering if it would be possible to put up canopies of some sort off the path along the ballroom windows or to the right of the east entrance where the tree is located? That way the smokers are protected from weather and the sidewalks are clear. I know that come rain or shine smokers will smoke (I should know, my roommate smokes) but maybe those that have canopies not in use could maybe bring them and it will help encourage people to smoke there instead of near the doors. Benches and portable ashtrays could be set up in the new designated areas as well. To help with informing everyone it could be printed in the program guide/rules book/posted in the emails that ACen sends out?
  7. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden 2012

    Well, it IS a village full of ninjas. It would do Naruto good to realize he needs to be paying attention better! Now we need a Naruto running around in boxers trying to find you.
  8. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden 2012

    I'll probably be going as Iruka-sensei again this year. I'm having surgery done the weekend before ACen, so if I cosplay at all it'll an easy one like him (haha). Right now things are up in the air as to what's going on since I'd like to touch up my Iruka cosplay. auto-correct, why do you think I meant Liuka when I type Iruka? o.O
  9. Sailor Moon 2012

    I finally found some place that has a wig in the correct length/colour for Pluto so I'll be working hard to get Princess Pluto to ACen '12 ^_^
  10. What was your first cosplay?

    My very frist con and cosplay happened at ACen '04. My friend, Mana-hime, made her cosplays, 2 of our friends' cosplays, and mine. Mine was last and she couldn't get it finished in time so I worked on it late at night in the one of the video rooms while the others were sleeping in the hotel room. I was Au Revoir Kami from Malice Mizer, she was Gardenia Mana, and I forget what my friends were. But after that I vowed to make my own cosplays so that Mana-hime wouldn't be stuck making mine along with everyone else's because they're too lazy to learn how to sew.
  11. Mom Cosplay

    Since the merging of Squeenex (or however you wanna spell it) and Disney you could have your mom dress as one of the moms from Disney. Like Mulan's mom, or the Little Mermaid's mom, Aladin's. Or even Belle or Mary Poppins since they would be 'mom-like' (Belle teaching the Beast manners, etc.) Good luck with which ever you and your mom pick! I'm trying to get my parents to come along and cosplay so they can understand why I enjoy doing this and want to get them to dress as older versions of Link and Zelda. I know my roommate's having her little sis dress as princess chibiusa, she's going to be black lady, and trying to get her mom to dress as either queen serentiy or neo-queen serenity for Ramencon
  12. Honestly, my only concern with that costume is where will you be wearing it? Since you said it's in November will it be cold there? If so then the white one would be a good idea (plus I loved that outfit on her next to when she was in her mohawk phase). Other than that you should seriously do the Ultimates version. I would love to see how it looks on an actual person. If you do the side holes that would be amazingly pretty and to get it to stick to your legs maybes this will help? It'll keep the fabric flush to your skin when you pose/walk. To make it not cost as much, cuz we all know how that goes ~_~, see if the fabric stores near you have a mailing list like JoAnn's where they e/mail out coupons for things like 40%-50% off a cut by the yard fabric, or 10% off total purchase deals. Sometimes you can even straight up ask the employees if they know of any upcoming sales for the fabric you want. Or do what my friend did after I got her into cosplay and get a job at the fabric store ^_~ If you do makeup just right it can age your face enough that you don't look like some teenager that makes people go 'where ARE her parents?' lol Usually when someone thinks a person is younger than what they are it's because of their face or their height. So the heels would help in that department and then maybe the makeup will age you enough to looking like you're your actual age.
  13. Sailor Moon

    Tis sad but it just gives me more time to get in shape and get the wig figured out. Black with green, green with black wth is it? And most definitely need to stop by to support my "first" anime (transformers totally counts as anime)
  14. When will it end for you?

    I will stop cosplaying when I can no longer make my own/commission others to make them for me. As for attending cons that'll happen when I can no longer maneuver myself around the con. I started attending cons/cosplaying while in my early 20's and feel safe in saying that I will continue to do so until it is physically and/or mentally impossible to do so. As others have said, it's my 'me time' being with others who enjoy the same things. I'm sure that I'll be able to find a way to finance at least one con a year even if I have a husband and child(ren), I'll try getting them into it and if that fails ask only they let me continue on with what I enjoy.
  15. Sailor Moon

    *sigh* I'm going to have to postpone Princess Pluto (again). My car decided it was more important than cosplay and took all my monies. I will most definitely stop by though to take pictures of everyone!