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  1. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was first form Frieza...anyone snag my picture?
  2. Why did ACen

    Not necessarily. When someone has a grievance and simply asks in public without being rude, it may guarantee transparency.
  3. So...um, what's the word about the Guest list?

    Do you have any idea how many other cons, or even other ACen mods/staff, would simply blame the attendees for asking for "omg yu asked or guests too much and now I was too stressed to get any?" The three things that matter to me in whether a con is good is they way they treat their guests, staff and attendees, their ability to take personal responsibility, and their ability to be organized. While guest acquisitions this year were hectic, ACen is by no means less this year. THANK YOU for telling us.
  4. So...um, what's the word about the Guest list?

    It means a lot to be honest at least. :) Now with a complete guest list, people can plan accordingly.
  5. Guidebook?

    I remember on the Facebook saying to expect it by the end of the week, so I have few questions... - Is it coming out today or tomorrow? - What devices is it for? - Will it account for panels for guests not yet announced? - If ot, does it update automatically?
  6. Thoughts on the idea of Professional Cosplayers

    In the career sense that we now associate the word "professional" with, when someone says they are a professional cosplayer, I think they are glorifying their hobby, that they may or may not make a few bucks on the side for. I don't know of a single cosplayer who can make a living solely by producing their costumes. If they get money for appearances or selling prints, that's more modeling. If they are making costumes for someone else, that's commission. The act of making yourself a costume and taking on the persona/air of that character is just not lucrative. In that sense though, many of the anime voice actors we know and love need a second job to support themselves. So even one of the more top-notch jobs we associate with the anime industry isn't enough to live on, but I think most people call them professionals. The word "profession" was originally used to describe an act, not a noun. It stems from "to profess." People used to profess or vow that they openly admit to take on a craft and do it for the rest of their lives.So from the essence of the word, if people are saying they are a professional cosplayer they are openly declaring that cosplay is the craft that they choose to pursue for their life, and the one they wish to be associated with. By that definition, anyone can be a professional cosplayer. Money doesn't factor in. Heck, I could one day say I'm a professional cosplayer who practices law on the side. This is the sense I usually look at professions in. It's about what you dedicate your life to, so I don't mind who calls themselves a professional cosplayer. That being said, represent your profession well. If you call yourself a professional cosplayer just for benefits, fame, or without putting any effort into it, you are lying to yourelf and others. Would you call a doctor with an 80% a fatality rate a good doctor? Nope, and you would say they misrepresent ALL doctors! So if you dedicate your life to being a cosplayer, call it your profession. But don't take that profession lightly!
  7. Final Panel Programming Schedule

    I know this will be disappointing to hear, but Chris is here not Greg. XD I'm pretty sure that should be his sippy cup panel on Saturday at 11. XD Just don't want any lynch mobs of angry fans at ACen if that goes to print.
  8. This is definitely going to be the hardest time parting with something I've ever done, but rent needs to be paid. I am selling my fiberglass saiyan armor, only worn once for my Frieza cosplay. It took about 3 months to construct, is extremely durable, and will fit up to what is about a 29-30 inch waist (mine is 26 in these pictures). I would like to get as close to 250$ as possible. If you want to buy this armor to cosplay a character other than Frieza, I will happily paint it to whatever specifications you want for free, and will even make a tail for Saiyans or a Ginyu Force logo. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to bring this to ACen.
  9. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    The only one I'm positive about is my Marika Kato from Bodacious Space Pirates. I may do Coorie or Frieza, but I won't be able to redo my Jessie from Pokemon by then. :(/>
  10. So...um, what's the word about the Guest list?

    Is there a date that you're planning on working out arrangements with guests you've already invited? Or is the wait on their end now?
  11. Your thoughts on Pirating Anime/Manga

    Greg and Chris Ayres do a wonderful panel on this, actually. If they were invited or responded to as guests, ACen could probably convince them to do it.
  12. Scott McNeil and vic Mignogna

    Aw don't apologize, it wasn't mean or anything. I just didn't know if OP would think that ACen won't invite a guest because it doesn't like them or not. I mean, I guess this brings up a question of my own, which is probably more of a concept based one than a request, but I wonder how often staff not liking a guest leads to their mistreatment, or being ignored.
  13. The ACen CoStudio!

    THIS IS THE BEST THING. This will really make cosplay malfunctions a lot easier to handle.
  14. Scott McNeil and vic Mignogna

    I don't know if it's right to say that a convention as a whole doesn't like a guest...while individual members and staffers may dislike or be biased towards guests, to say [Con name] doesn't like so-and-so looks pretty bad to other guests. Some of them do read the forums. I'm not staff, but I can venture to say that ACen doesn't dislike anyone, so despite how some staff treats/views some guests, the heads do their best to be objective and receptive.