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  1. Zelda Ocarina of Time....Limited Release

    I was referring to Japan, but the the game still sold wonderfully over here. It didn't outsell X or XII, but XIII didn't undersell by to much. The game made Square a ton of money one way or another. It probably wasn't as successful as they hoped, but after the critics tore into the game, the sales must have put large smiles of Square's executives faces. Most reports that came out about XIII's poor sales were inspired by the speed of which the game made it into the bargain bins. In the past, this was a good way to judge a game's sales before the sales figures were released, Final Fantasy XIII came out around the start of retailers overstocking games so the usual test for sales figures was no longer accurate. Typically speaking companies don't use games to sell systems, they use systems to sell games. While I haven't seen production costs for the 3DS, Nintendo probably isn't making much profit off of a system's sale. This was true for the original DS and is true for most video game systems (especially true for the original PS3 which was sold for a loss to Sony). Nintendo makes their profit on the game sales. That's where the bulk of their money comes from. Using this game to sell the 3DS is definitely what Nintendo wants, but the main reason for the game's release is the profit they get off of the game's sales. This is why we get a lot of remakes and ports instead of brand new games. The production cost in creating a port or a remake is going to be much lower than a brand new game. Nintendo can't expect OoT to sell terrifically. It's a way for them to make quick money and give them a boost in the 3DS sales figures as well.
  2. PSN Down

    Anyone who went short in stock with Sony back in February must be licking their lips at this point. If they got out and bought Sony stock now, they'd be making a very nice profit for themselves.
  3. Thor

    I really enjoyed the movie, but it felt rushed to me. The plot just didn't seem as tight as the other Marvel films. I did really love Tom Hiddleston as Loki though. I can't believe I missed the Eye of Agamotto easter egg.
  4. PSN Down

    This is a quote coming from the SCEA senior director of corporate communications explaining why PSN didn't come back within the week. This announcement coincides with Sony's release of information about the latest attack.
  5. PSN Down

    Just saying that Sony is blaming the delay in PSN coming back on a new attack that resulted in personal information being leaked on an undisclosed Sony website.
  6. PSN Down

    Looks like the reason PSN didn't come back up this week was because of another large hack. Even though Anonymous has said that they have nothing to do with the latest hack (they take credit for the first time Sony's website got hacked), it seems that at least a member or two are responsible for the latest hacks to PSN.
  7. Zelda Ocarina of Time....Limited Release

    Final Fantasy XIII sold well in Japan actually. It was only slightly under the sales of XII and X. It did fall victim to the overstocking problems though. The reports that XIII failed in Japan were because it hit the bargain bin quickly. For Square, XIII was a success sales wise. Given how it failed critically, the sales were still great. Problem for Square is that the initial shipments of the game still hasn't sold out apparently. Final Fantasy XIV has been a disaster in every way though. Square expected to make their money back on subscriptions, but to my knowledge, subscriptions are still free.
  8. Zelda Ocarina of Time....Limited Release

    The major issue is that companies like Nintendo don't want their inventory sold in one large burst. When they release their reports for the fiscal year, if Nintendo can't show long term sales of an important franchise, they have to show losses. This is a huge blow financially and is far more detrimental to the company on the long term than a short term sale of a single product. Nintendo needs sustained sales of one of their largest franchises for investment reasons. That's a huge factor in releasing any product commercially. Having sales to wholesalers come to a halt in a month or two because retailers have overstocked themselves is a major a concern and not something a company like Nintendo will just accept. The wholesale issue is slightly different than it would be in the states. In Japan, many wholesalers make it policy to buy back stock. This means product will move back up the ladder and prevent Nintendo from selling down. There's also an issue when production is concerned. Large sales to retailers will mean that Nintendo will need to manufacture more copies to sell to wholesalers. If sales of the game plateau because of overstocking and copies start to make their way back to wholesalers, then Nintendo may be left with a larger stock of the game than they will want and in an attempt to recoup losses, they have to lower prices and cut into their profit margin. Conversely, if they anticipated a plateau in sales in the retail market and this doesn't come, Nintendo could lose in potential sales. Either way, Nintendo would have to report losses on their books and suffer a loss in investor confidence because of poor speculations. Another issue is image. In Japan, company image is a much bigger thing than it is here. Companies go to great length to improve their image constantly and subsequently go to great lengths to insure that their image isn't harmed. To use Dragon Quest IX as an example again, when images of the game in bargain bins started to float around, Square Enix felt a loss in investment even though Dragon Quest IX sold fantastically. Nintendo, a company that has seen their image harmed in recent times, will more than likely do everything they can to keep their image from spiraling down more and more.
  9. Zelda Ocarina of Time....Limited Release

    Seems like a logical move on Nintendo's part, but maybe not the best. Japanese retailers have gotten into the habit of grossly overstocking games and as a result, these games get strong discounts within a few weeks. It happened to Dragon Quest IX, the latest game from the biggest franchise in Japan, so this is a valid concern for Nintendo. I just hope they get the numbers right and not have it grossly understocked.
  10. Most Annoying Square-enix Character?

    Up until recently I would have said Kain from Final Fantasy IV, but I think Leon from II took that spot in the brief time he's around.
  11. PSN Down

    This is a win win for me. I was inconvenienced in absolutely no way and now I get free things. Now for someone to hack Xbox Live and take it down for a couple of weeks.
  12. Osama Bin Ladin

    Looks more like a bar fight that went horribly wrong (or right in this case), then a headshot.
  13. Doctor Who Season 6

  14. Osama Bin Ladin

    Reports for years have been showing that he's had no real leadership over al-Qaeda for a good while. He's been nothing more than a figurehead leader. It's part of the reason why he's been so hard to find. Al-Qaeda, as an organization, won't be affected. The only thing that this means is there will be an increase in retaliatory strikes. Still, it's a good thing. It's nice for the families and friends of those who died both during September, 11th and the war that followed to know that the man mostly responsible is dead.
  15. Tokyopop is shutting down.

    I can only see another company trying to get the FMP novels' rights with pocket change and possibly a fancy dinner. The novels already released sold very poorly.