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  1. Average Wait For Badge Line

    Oh my goodness, that is great to know. So he can preregister the week of the con and have it be just a Saturday pass? That is wonderful news. Could I also ask what time the convention opens and since you said that time and 10AM are the busiest for lines, is there a time you would recommend he be there to get in line?
  2. Hello, I wanted to ask about the average time one typically spends waiting in line to get an attendee badge at the con itself. A friend recently expressed interest in going to ACen with me and said he'd prefer to just get the badge on the day instead of paying extra for the pre-con registration (as the lower early-reg costs have already come and gone). So my question is: Will he have to wait an unreasonable amount of time if he goes that Saturday to get his badge? If so, what is the best alternative I can offer him? If not, when is the earliest someone can get in the badge line at ACen this year? This will be his first anime convention so I want to be able to help as much as possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  3. Glomping. Make it a no-no.

    I would absolutely be cool with that rumor mill a-churnin'. Wow, JawdyBawdy. I'm so sorry you've had these experiences. I've never been a staffer sadly, just a regular congoer, but if there's anything I can do, I want to help others enjoy their time at ACen as I've been lucky enough to these past 6 years. I can certainly understand your concerns. While I know I'm not as small as many who've posted here (being 5 ft. 4) I'm skinny enough that I won't go anywhere on my own anymore since I've gotten shoved and crowd-pushed into areas I didn't want to go. My group usually includes at least one guy friend, so I tend to stick with him, plus our group even holds hands in really choked places of the con to keep from getting knocked over or seperated. If you have any friends who are on the taller end of the spectrum, or friends who just look intimidating, I'd recommend keeping them closeby. And while I wouldn't condone violence on a regular basis, if someone assaults you again, as a fellow girl, I can say I'd deck them regardless of gender or age. Destruction of property and physical harm are never things that should be apart of a convenion experience. Sad to say, but in this situation where you've already tried peaceful negotiations, my belief is, "when push comes to shove, shove back."
  4. I would absolutely be in favour of this plan, Crimson. My group and I have long ago resigned ourselves to having to beat feet on the stairs for the entire weekend, thanks to the horrendous evelator issues. Too many times have I had to pull a make-yourself-as-small-as-possible in order to fit, and the times I've been in costume? Forget about it. Sadly, I have to agree that it seems any solution may be hard to achieve given the staffer/congoer ratio; even dedicated staffers doing their very best are outnumbered more than guards in a prison, so being able to post pass checkers at the elevators at all times seems nigh-impossible to me at this point. I sincerely hope to be proven wrong, and that the Hyatt's people will step up and adopt these new policies. As others have pointed out, in the end it'll save them on both man hours and repair bills.
  5. Why can't we have nice things?

    I'm so blown away by this level of idiocy, I'm not sure what to say. I'm truly sorry I can't offer some solution to this problem, as I want ACen to be the most enjoyable it can be for everyone. I don't think banning alcohol will solve the problem, since many of the dibsh*ts who act like this turn out to be underage. I think it's a good first step, but that would also likely piss off the con-goers who basically only came to get shwasted at their room parties. I couldn't make it to the con this year but I'm hoping to return in 2012. I hope someone saw whoever did this and that they come forward, and at the very least the degenerate can be banned from attending future cons.
  6. Trying to Find Artist From AA '10

    Sadly, I can't remember their placement in the alley, or if I got a business card from the girl or not (I do remember the person was a girl, but that doesn't mean she was the artist). I can take a picture of the keychain with my camera and post it online. Would that help?
  7. Trying to Find Artist From AA '10

    No, the cats were colored digitally. But thanks so much for responding! Maybe if I take a photo of the keychain and post it here?
  8. Hi, For the last couples weeks I've been pondering what would be the best way to spend my birthday money. I came to the decision that I wanted to commission an artist whose work I love. There are of course a plethora of talented people out there, but in the end I realized I wanted something that could be more than, say, a pretty picture of an OC or fanart, much as I like those. It was then that I remembered these keychains I'd bought for my mom at ACen this past May, and I thought, "Hey! What if I commissioned the artist of these things to draw my own pet cats? Then, even when they pass away, I'll have something to remember them by besides photos!" The problem I'm having now is I can't recall who the artist is, nor could I find her(?) through the listed artists on the main page since only a handful of them had websites. Can anyone help me out? I'd be so very grateful.
  9. 2011 Merch DH and Ideas

    I'm a huge fan of cell phone charms and metal keychains, so I'd love to have something like that with an ACen logo or character on it. By the way, I hope this isn't too off-topic to ask here, but I don't really know where else I could ask: A client of my mother's is trying to unload shipments of lanyards he has no need for, but can't find the right avenue to sell them. There are approx. 14 thousand of them, if I recall correctly, coming in red, black and blue colors, and including a wallet-like pocket for which a badge, pen, and other small pieces of paper can be stored comfortably. My question to any of ACen's wonderful staffers is this: Would these lanyards be something that the convention could use/want? I would dearly love to help out both my mother's client and the convention I've come to treasure so much.
  10. Katsura Hoshino!

    Agreed. While I've not read any further than what's been released by Viz *cough* i.e. pirating *cough* I've kept up with the news regarding DGM's loveable lady. I think it'd be stellar to have such a high-profile mangaka attend ACen, and I know I personally would very much like her autograph and to thank her for all her hard work.
  11. Snafu Comics

    I wasn't aware that they were in the AA for '09, but I absolutely support this nomination. As cliche as I'm sure it sounds, I'm particularly a fan of Shaun Healey's Ever After series as well as Happy de Guzman's doujinshi of Invader Zim and Vinson Ngo's many series. I'm simulatenously overjoyed and saddened by the recent update to the IZMD comic. On the one hand, it's been revived after such a lengthy period of time and by a very talented artist. On the other, the revival was not done by Happy but Bleedman, so I'm still missing what she's given the comic thus far even as I enjoy his work, too.
  12. Aimee Major Steinberger

    Couldn't agree with you more, Knit. Aimee has made such delightful and charming artwork. I love her Japan Ai book and am dying to own her up-coming Cosplay book as well. To anyone "in the know" for lack of a better term: Is this request at all feasible? I would love to get Ms. Steinberger's autograph and be able to attend any sort of panel at which she could be present.
  13. Svetlana Chemkova

    Absolutely, positively yes. I'd love to get her autograph and be able to tell her how deeply I love her work. Her work on Dramacon really opened my mind up to the talent pool that is OEL creators, and I gave many more non-Japanese comics a second look because of that. Is there anyone from the Staff or Guest Relations who can respond to the probability of this request being fulfilled?
  14. Liam O'brien

    Hell to the yes, comrade. I absolutely fell in love with O'Brien's performance as Gaara. I wish more VAs could pull off that same sort of gravelly undertone (where such an undertone is appropriate, of course).
  15. Scott Mcneil

    Would certainly be fun to get his autograph. Big fan of his work as Hohenheim, Duo, and Wolverine. :D