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  1. Cosplay Question

    I need some opinions. I have a friend who wants to attend ACen and intends to cosplay as I-No from Guilty Gear. She's worried that the cosplay won't be seen as appropriate for ACen and that she would be told to quote "Go back to her room and get some clothes on." Will this be an issue or should she choose a different cosplay? (She's also looking at Ahri from League of Legends and Sailor Venus, so it's not a big deal if she can't do I-No.) Sentinel 28A "This is why I dress as Gendo"
  2. Top Anime of 2013

    Girls und Panzer. Full stop. Best anime I've seen since HOTD. Though Sword Art Online isn't half bad either. Ben Da Mad Irishman "Probably would be even better if I could finish it"
  3. Annual Christmas Card Exchange

    Sorry I wasn't able to participate this year, guys...a lot of things to deal with. I'll try and get back in next year. Ben Da Mad Irishman "Merry Christmas all the same"
  4. Just a phase...

    I didn't go to ACen 2012 for financial reasons, and I seriously contemplated never going again. I heard a lot of bad things about the 2012 con, and anime had gotten a little stale for me. I still love anime, but I really wasn't seeing much out there. Combined with a lack of interest where I live (BFE, Montana), and I was wondering if I had gone through a "phase." But... I went to ACen 2013 anyway. Admittedly, I went because I enjoy getting out of my hometown for a little while, and because I have some old college buddies there in the Midwest. Given that ACen has given me some great memories, I figured I "owed" the con one last try. (It helped that I found some new anime series I liked, and I got big into MLP this spring...which is sort of anime.) I'm glad I did. 2013 was a blast! Everything that I enjoy about anime cons happened, and every minute at ACen was fun. On the way into Chicago, my friend and I had some close calls with the traffic (we had an even closer call on the way home), and I told him after one harrowing incident on I-90 "This better be worth it." It was. So I'm definitely coming back for 2014. If this is a phase, then it's one that's been going on since 2003, and one I hope I never outgrow--and I'm older than most of you. Ben Da Mad Irishman "So get off my lawn"
  5. This will be my 3rd ACen...

    Museum of Science and Industry. I took an extra day a few years ago to tour it, and it was worth every penny of the admission price. Ben Da Mad Irishman "And not just because of the U-boat"
  6. Miyazaki to retire.

    Shame he's retiring, but the man is over seventy. He deserves some time off! It will be interesting to see what his son does with Ghibli now. The first one of his I saw was Princess Mononoke. It still holds up well. I would say he was a huge inspiration to teaching anime in a college environment. Ben Da Mad Irishman "Ganbatte!"
  7. Highschool of the Dead manga to resume

    I thought there was already a Season 2 being made, and two eps were already out. I could be wrong. Ben Da Mad Irishman "It's happened before"
  8. Most gun owners are quite aware of what a gun will do to people. The reason why they buy one is because they don't want to see what one will do to them. Ben Da Mad Irishman
  9. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    I'm looking at finishing Sword Art Online as well. I didn't think I'd like it, but the first three episodes convinced me. But before that--Girls und Panzer! Good, slapstick comedy, cute girls, and best of all, hyperaccurate WWII tanks! Ben Da Mad Irishman "If it had catgirls, life would be complete"
  10. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Sunset Shimmer could be the Element of Magic, or Human!Twilight could show up (remember that Rarity hinted at "some other human from another school with a dog"). Good thing I'm not in charge of Hasbro. I'd make that spinoff dark as hell. Ben Da Mad Irishman "But it's been done"
  11. Pacific Rim

    If you like mecha anime or old-time kaiju movies, this quite possibly will give you a nerdgasm. The Eva influences are all over the place, up to and including the launch sequence (reversed somewhat, but still there), and I'm fairly certain I caught either a Nadesico ref or a Mazinger one. They will happily take my money when it comes out on DVD, but it's worth seeing in the theaters. Ben Da Mad Irishman "Unlike Lone Ranger"
  12. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    The movie was a bit too formulaic to me--too easy to predict. By the ending I was thinking that Equestria no longer has to worry about Sunset Shimmer. She's going to be doing 20 hard ones in a Federal prison for an act of terrorism, to wit blowing the front off a high school. Or be in an asylum once she claims that she was trying to gain control of a magic artifact from a land of talking horses. But that's overthinking a movie that wasn't aimed at brony professors as its target audience. Ben Da Mad Irishman "No, I didn't go to the theater"
  13. SCOTUS Strikes down DOMA, Prop 8

    I agree completely. Ben Da Mad Irishman "For the people, by the people"
  14. SCOTUS Strikes down DOMA, Prop 8

    I'll give them credit for sticking to their principles, at least, rather than switching their opinions strictly to get reelected. I don't agree with DOMA, mainly because it was the Federal government trying to regulate morality--which never works, BTW. I think people should have the freedom to choose their sexual orientation. What torques me off from a political standpoint is all these people who 20 years ago talked about "family values" are now the ones saying, "Oh no, we've always liked gays and wanted them to get married! Really! Reelect me now, okay?" Maybe they honestly changed their minds on the subject, but methinks they looked at the polls, realized a majority of Americans support gay marriage, and "suddenly" had an epiphany on LGBT rights. If the polls tomorrow said that the majority of Americans were against gay marriage, Washington DC would get its own gravitational field for how fast it would spin. It's not limited to any one party, of course (listen to how fast Republicans are "pivoting" on illegal immigration, since they're under the mistaken impression Romney lost to Obama because of the Hispanic vote). I'd just rather have a known enemy than a pretend ally. I'd rather have someone say, "I'm sorry, but marriage is between a man and a woman" and stick to it than say those very words in 2008 (to draw off social conservatives), then change it in 2012 (to bring in the gay vote). If someone is going to mess me over, I'd rather they look me in the eye. Ben Da Mad Irishman "A pox on both their houses"
  15. SCOTUS Strikes down DOMA, Prop 8

    Except that DOMA was passed during a Democrat administration (Clinton's), and the majority of Democrats who today are crowing about it getting struck down voted for it in the first place. In fact, had it not been for the Democrats in the Senate at the time, DOMA would not have passed. It also wasn't too long ago--2008--that then-Senator Obama thought DOMA was a wonderful idea. He wasn't really onboard with LGBT rights until his position "evolved"--in 2012. Can't imagine why it would evolve then. Cheney on the other hand voiced his support for gay marriage in 2004. Yes, that Cheney. DOMA was a bipartisan bit of idiocy. Ben Da Mad Irishman