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  1. Groped and Offended

    As the magic number of 30 comes into question in my line of work a lot, I can back this up.
  2. Hideko Tamura Snider

    Japanese culture, not just anime. There have been plenty of guests in past years that have nothing to do with even Asia other than liking it. This is not just kind of relevant but actually a really cool get.
  3. ACen......there should be an app for that!~

    I have no idea if you have to pay to use the Conventionist; but with the size of some of the cons on there it can't be too much. Maybe some current staffer should check that out. I mean, Naka-Kon's using it, and they had about 1/5th ACen's attendance last year. http://www.animecons.com/events/info.shtml/1841 I'm sure the budget is already mostly laid out, but I get the impression that either they don't charge or it's very minimal.
  4. ACen......there should be an app for that!~

    PAX and quite a few other cons use The Conventionist (http://www.conventionist.com/). It seems like this would be minimal work for ACen themselves to implement as well (send the schedule, etc to the developer and they implement it on their end). I'd really like to see this happen for those of you attending the convention this year... it's about time ACen gets a good mobile solution working :D
  5. Gripes

    The problem isn't Fred Gallagher - that guy definitely makes manga. It doesn't matter he was born here, what he makes unquestionably comes from the same "place" artistically. Robert and Emily DeJesus are another great example of this. So is Misako Rocks! So is last year's Fred Perry. There were guests this year whose work didn't really touch that place though, and that's my personal issue. I remember when there were a ton of different groups who brought anime and manga out here commercially some of them came to ACen. Now there are very very few of these companies and the past couple years we barely even see one or two coming out to the con. Shows are getting to the point where they aren't even getting dubbed, just released as sub-only. It's only a matter of time before some shows get picked up online-only. So voice actors are even sadly dwindling in importance. My point is this: comics - american comics - are healthy. There are plenty of comic cons and they are well-attended. Imported Japanese pop culture, however, is regressing. It's kind of this con's job to promote those things primarily. When I see a guest who is famous for their work on American super hero stuff, it frustrates me, because it makes me feel like we're giving up and saying that anime and manga fandom isn't enough to stand on its own and support its own con. I'm not attacking anybody's work, I'm not saying it's not okay to be a fan of these things at the con (hell my first cosplay ever at an anime con was definitely not a Japanese character), and I'm not saying these people can't be here. They have a place here, but that place is as an applying panelist like I would be, because if they don't work on anime, manga, eastern games... then their interest in those things is as a fan, like my own.
  6. Cheers & Jeers - 2010 (lots O' Stuff)

    In the case of Fred Gallagher - his work is clearly Japan-influenced; it's obvious in every facet of Megatokyo and the other work he did for that defunct magazine (its name escapes me at the moment). He has a place at an anime convention because of that and his other experiences in the fandom - IIRC he's written about the experience of, say, attending Comiket for example which makes him completely relevant as a guest. (The same kinds of things can be said about Mr. Perry.) I don't envy the people who have to make these kinds of decisions; basically a litmus test of "Is what you do Japanese/Asian enough?" But someone has to make those calls or next thing you know, we're going to be staring down a guest list full of people that are only known for their Youtube videos and then we've got problems. That said - the guest list this year was GREAT. I do question the relevancy of some of the guests, particularly in a city that has more than one all-encompassing comic convention and that's the point I was trying to make.
  7. Conchair Asks Advice: How Do I Limit The Damage?

    The issue with writing anything out, sending it in the letter, putting it in the program book, etc... You're assuming that the people this message needs to reach would be willing to read this message. This is a very brave assumption. The people that engage in willful vandalism are not people who are going to take that message to heart; and honestly I bet that some of them don't even buy badges.
  8. Gripes

    Having been to other cons' parties - if that's what it takes to keep ACen's Friday and Saturday parties awesome then cool, go for it :D Pretty much this. Again, if the con wants to court them and encourage them to come, cool; but that's what AA is for, that's what panel submissions is for. There are plenty of fan-run panels that aren't 100% relevant and these artists' panels can fall under that as well, if they are approved - which they likely will be if they are popular.
  9. Cheers & Jeers - 2010 (lots O' Stuff)

    Pluses this year: + Right-sizing. Things were a bit snug this year at ACen, but compared to last year when getting into almost anything was a nightmare, it was a massive improvement. Panel rooms were bigger all around, Artist's Alley's hallways were much more cosplay-friendly than in the past, and Main Programming handled everything easily with the exception of Saturday night content, which is honestly no surprise. + IRT. IRT has been improving every year and were almost invisible for me this year, except when I needed them. This is the way it should be :D + New schedule formats. I like the idea behind the Flash schedule on the site but it could be more user-friendly when searching for specific events. I should be able to pull up just, say, Friday guest panels or what have you on the left pane. But it's a cool idea and a nice start. The mobile schedule was kind of useful as well, but I'd like to see it more like Youmacon's - tells you what's going on right that second and in the next hour and then you can search everything else. + On-topic variety. The Samurai demonstration was one of the coolest ideas I've seen ACen run with yet, even if I didn't completely enjoy myself at it. The Japanese DJs that mydjsobad.com brings every year are also a completely unique and compelling addition to the con. + Artist's Alley/Dealer's Hall maps in the program book. Self-explanatory. I would include some kind of permanent reference to these next year - the arrows toward other departments help but calling out like the snack stand on the wall or something would help even more. + 91.8 The Fan. Simulcasting the masquerade online is a great idea. Projecting it in the lobby under the elevators is even better. These guys probably have a ton of other good ideas. Work with them. + It's difficult to put into words, but the vibe in general was just phenomenal this year, with the potential exception of parts of Saturday night, which is always kind of off due to the number of people who show up just to party (and that's not really the con's fault at this point). Negatives this year: - Dealers' Hall Doldrums. Now, I thought the Dealers' Hall was pretty middle of the road this year. But what did bug me was how many people working booths were so clearly frustrated and disappointed. Look, guys: if you bring the same crap that every other booth has, the same keychains and the same figures and same stuff you're just not going to get people checking your stuff out. Try changing up your design or highlighting other items. Congoers, even if they love to shop and haggle, have a limited amount of time available. They want you to show them something unique in a glance. For example, I was on the hunt for more Persona 3 or 4 figures this year. I didn't see any on display in any booths; I bet if I had asked someone might have had one, but I'm not going to question every dealer in the hall. I'm not sure if ACen currently has a system in place to help Dealers (and Artists in AA) find each other and collaborate but they should. Some people will look at it as competition and information not to be shared, but to be honest, something as simple as arranging your selection in a more browsable fashion can make a difference for how much you sell. I feel if they could share tips and information with each other they could all be more successful and I won't have to see any more dealers propping their heads up looking like they're trapped in hell. - Main Programming Saturday Night. Look, I know you guys know this is a problem, and I realize the horse has turned to glue at this point, but seriously. Something needs to be done and now. A room that you're only allowed to stuff 10% of con attendees into is not going to cut it for a marquee event that at minimum 30% would probably like to see. The Fan had a great solution this year for those who found it; next year I expect this to become much more popular. People have talked about multiple Soap Bubbles for years - if you guys can't take it outside (which I'm sure for 100 reasons you can't) this is pretty much the only option unless a new hotel with a bigger main ballroom is constructed, and that would be years from now. Anyway. What has been done in the past just doesn't work anymore. - The Video Game Room. ACen's game room in the past was a highlight; even as recently as last year it had a unique selection and little downtime. This year's game room would be downright embarrassing for any convention. For ACen it's unacceptable. I'm aware of the issues the convention had in securing arcade units and that's completely understandable; but when I drop into a room 3 or more times over a weekend and I only see consoles set up once there is a much bigger issue at hand. If there's no staffer better equipped or connected in this arena, kill it off. I'm sure you guys could use the space for something else; supporting it halfway or worse like this year is just going to create bad word-of-mouth for the convention. Chicago is supposed to be a gaming town; hell, Midwest Championships was held at the Crowne Plaza just a week before ACen and this is the midwest's largest fighting game event year in and out. You guys can do better, you've done better in the past, it's time to get back there somehow. - Schedules. This was my 5th ACen over 7 years. Every year people ask for schedule signs around the con. This still hasn't happened. Even worse, the con regressed a bit and didn't even post panel room schedules outside the rooms, making it impossible to stumble upon something without disturbing it by popping in and back out. The program book either contained no information on anything in Main Programming or it was hidden very well. I never saw it. Was it mixed in with the panels? It shouldn't be. Finally, one giant oversized sheet was difficult to deal with. Two seperate ones was even harder, especially when I grabbed mine Thursday night only to find it was just the Photoshoot sheet and didn't include Panels or Main Programming. This is kind of a difficult thing to bring up because I don't have a big suggestion here; but if anyone else does let's have a whack at it :D - Off-topic Guests. I'm sure that they were gracious, and that some people were grateful to have them there, but if artists want to attend in the future whose work is tenuously at best tied to the con's focus (which is Japanese culture) then they can buy an artist's alley table and apply for panels like everyone else who doesn't work in the industry. If ACen wants to reach out to these individuals as a place for them to attend fine, but guest status should be reserved for related individuals. There are more frontiers ACen can explore with regards to inviting guests who are relevant to the con - I, for one, am particularly interested in Japanese gaming so seeing someone who works in translation or localization, or even an expert in the field (a Jeremy Parish, Chris Kohler, etc) invited to do a couple relevant panels would be cool for me - and yet still relevant to the con's focus. I am sure that a bigger anime or manga fan than myself can throw some ideas out there in those arenas as well. I recognize the need to diversify past just voice actors and the like and appreciate that it's happening, but this isn't necessarily the best way to do it. I reserve the right to add things in the future as I see fit. :D I don't mean to sound so full of complaints, it's just harder to expand on praise without sounding too cheesy. Really, this was one of the two best ACens I've ever attended and really, all the staff around right now deserves a huge amount of credit for pulling the con back from what looked like impending doom just a couple short years ago. Thank you guys again for putting on a great show for the fans! :D
  10. 2010 Irt Complaints

    I meant they shouldn't have called you names, dude. But as Bunni said - and I'm nowhere near staff and I know this - that level is off-limits ever since the restaurant's been gone. You are not entitled to an explanation why, it just is.
  11. 2010 Irt Complaints

    The name-calling is totally uncalled for, but you probably just stumbled on something you weren't supposed to.
  12. What Is Being Done About Soapbubble?

    theme them on genre maybe?
  13. Every one of them was wearing a vertical staff badge. My friend was reg staff, I remember what the staff badges looked like, and even noticed some coloring (red means reg, yellow and black IRT, etc) EDIT: And obviously one of the first things I noticed was no IRT/EMRT vests which was why I spoke to the first vests I saw when I got outside.
  14. Okay, I've got a lot (a LOT) of good things to say and I'll say them when I have the chance to get them formatted all kinds of nicely. But Friday afternoon I had an absolutely awful - and honestly kind of scary - experience. Two of my friends and I were going to the Martial Arts Demonstration and I had to use the bathroom. I turned around and made for the men's room near the Hyatt lobby - the one near the self-service kiosks - walked in, and started using the urinal. A moment later someone yells in that everyone needs to get out. I couldn't see the individual clearly, this wasn't exactly a possibility at that exact moment in time. I figured it was just some annoying kid pranking people and blew it off. Almost immediately after I started to walk toward the sinks, the shouting started again, and a few staffers (I can recognize a vertical badge) streamed in. Two stood in the hall door, one stood just inside, and a few more streamed in and continued screaming at everyone to get out. They escorted a young, dazed-looking girl inside and shouted at me more to leave. I made to do so - and to find the nearest IRT so they could figure out just what on earth was going on, because none of these guys were IRT or medics, and they were ALL guys, and there's no reason to bring a girl in a men's room for any wholesome reason I can think of that isn't medical - and then one of them steps into my path. As he's screaming at me to leave. I tell him calmly that I'm trying to, and he shoves me back by my shoulder and pushes me back toward the urinal wall and proceeds to hold me there. I informed him that he could take his hand off me and he complied. I waited for a moment or two until someone decided I could actually leave and I did so - and I found the closest IRT ops I could and let them know what happened and asked if they could check it out for that girl's safety's sake. I don't like being shouted at and I do not appreciate being handled. I wanted to get even one of their names but I also wasn't about to do anything these staffers would take as a challenge, because they had already opened the door to getting physical with me and I'm not putting myself in that situation in a isolated room with six other people. I was severely frustrated and disappointed with the way the staff in question behaved, and puzzled and confused as to IRT not being involved with this if it was a situation that was a security/medical issue, and if it wasn't one of those emergencies why on earth was it necessary to do that to me? (That's a rhetorical question. It wasn't.) Ironically IRT was wonderful and helpful all con. but more on that in another thread.
  15. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    Here's my flickr set. http://www.flickr.com/photos/46447094@N04/...57623957912047/ You might be in here if: - You were at the Persona nighttime shoot - You were that Polygonal Cloud - You were a Final Fantasy 6 or Chrono Trigger or World Ends With You cosplayer. I didn't take as much as I wanted unfortunately :(