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  1. First time panelist advice?

    Great advice ! I agree. Enjoy your Panel and we look forward to seeing you at ACen. if you have any other questions/concerns you can find us at the panel office right on the same floor. We are more then happy to help.
  2. 5 reasons why I'm not attending this year

    Just to tack on to ADA. As far as Panel Programming if anyone ever has issues getting into a panel or staff does not honor the pass please come to our office ASAP and we will make sure to get this addressed right away.
  3. ETA on 2016 Panel Schedule?

    Its just called Guidebook. https://guidebook.com/getit/ Keep in mind we do not publish final Guidebook and digital copies until right near the convention.
  4. Just to answer this so everyone knows even though its an old thread before I close it... We got the new system this year so dates had to be changed, as for Panels, we still had the same end approval times. With a new system there are quite a few moving parts not just related to Panels with the badge systems. We only announce things via social media once we are SURE we have things locked in place and ready to go. Sadly, Forums are not the best spots for announcements anymore just because of number of people who visit/check them and staff being volunteers many do not get into "ACen" mode until much closer to con.
  5. Ouran High School Host Panel

    Its only the Panel schedule. All Panelist were emailed that link in an email blast along with dates/times for their panel. It went to Head Panelists. So just a reminder: No other events are on here yet, its purely panels only which times/dates will not change.
  6. ETA on 2016 Panel Schedule?

    Keep in mind this is Panels and does not include every event. Such as guests, autographs, etc.
  7. ETA on 2016 Panel Schedule?

    Schedules have gone out to Panelist and everything is being finalized for publishing. Keep an eye on the ACen Facebook Page / Main Website for the official announcement and links.
  8. Wifi in Panel Rooms?

    Wifi is not provided by ACen in any official capacity but is offered by Rosemont Convention Center. It is not fast or reliable by any means. Some people will utilize Hotspots/Mifi's but the signal quality of those goes way down due to the walls of the convention center and everyone on the network in that area. I know in the past anyone on T-Mobile has had quite a lot of issues with signal due to density. As for wired internet, it is quite expensive to "rent" ethernet in each of the rooms, we advise all panelist to download videos/offline content ahead of time.
  9. ARCHIVE: Thanks to ACen

    Thanks for the feedback, we look forward to seeing you apply again Next Year!
  10. 2015 Feedback for ADA/Special Needs

    Speaking from Panel Programming, our Staff should be trained to look for the passes from people in line or wait for them to come up and let them know. Usually we aren't able to allow them in too early we more or less do it first and let them get settled and seated then we let the rest in. This is mostly due to Panel Scheduling and Space concerns. Ideally we want a 15 minute air out between all panels for these types of situations just sometimes isn't possible. Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention though for sure we will redo the staff training with more emphasis on it for the coming years!
  11. Game tournament was really disorganized

    http://www.ACen.org/content/feedback Is the best ways to send feedback.
  12. The 2015 Panel Feedback thread

    We will be looking into collecting all of the feedback for Panels submitted and sending it to the Panelist. Currently we only have about 10 items so far total. So Hopefully we can really drive the feedback engine in coming years and getting more and more people to use guidebook etc. I am considering making a pre-built ACen PPT slide that everyone can add to the end of their presentations and just display it as people leave. It would be optional of course for all Panelists.
  13. The 2015 Panel Feedback thread

    You can use the web version from your PC: https://guidebook.com/guide/25835/forms/22259/menuItem/656626/?header=1 =)
  14. The 2015 Panel Feedback thread

    Hello! We never mind people posting feedback directly here in the thread but we also want to encourage everyone to utilize the Guidebook App and go to Feedback => Panel Feedback and submit information there or utilize the Feedback forms for 2015: http://www.ACen.org/content/feedback We read all forms of feedback, email, guidebook and forums.
  15. Someone Thing To Do

    Thank you for the feedback, we always strive to accept a variety of Panels. If their is something you have a passion for please make sure to keep an eye on the site and feel free to submit your own Panel idea. We have had scavenger hunts in the past as well. Also a few years ago we posted lots of categories and panels we really wanted to see, unfortunately the submissions weren't very high quality for the topics. Things always change every year. Look forward to hearing more Panel ideas and thoughts!