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    Rockford, Illinois
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    I'm interested in finding a friend to hang out with at ACEN, no offense, but I want to meet some new people. I actually prefer girls, there easier to get along with.

    I like to Cosplay, RP, RPG. Listen to music, j-rock, j-pop. Reading mangas, and anime. Collecting Zords and Transformers, and cards, anime. I also like listening to music, and alternative punk rock. Mmm...food. Love pretty girls in anime, yuri, etc.

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    kasin131, also have a gaia under kasin
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    no ICQ, but my Gmail is nicholasryan14
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    also don't have, but i do have a Facebook, and it's under Nicholas Pollitt
  1. True Or False

    True, it's my birthday party! TNP misses Teko deeply.
  2. oh snap, we never read kim's origin post. so we posted in her for over 5 additional years for nothing. XD
  3. Convention Rooming PSA

    just had 2 roommates drop 5 days before ACen... i probably cant go now.
  4. Looking for Hotel Room for the weekend

    we do, message lyle lake on fb ?
  5. If you need a roomy, I'm yo guy

    we're looking for 2 roommates, 170 at the crown plaza
  6. Need a hotel space

    we have a room at the crown plaza but its currently $170 a person.
  7. Roommate Hyatt ~~$85

    still available?
  8. Excel's Asylum For The Mentally Disturbed

    who r u people?!?!? get out of my house!!!