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  1. Average Wait For Badge Line

    Welcome to ACen! That's awesome that this is your first year. ACen is an excellent con and has certainly grown over the years. Like Maze, I've been attending ACen since 2004. There have been some rough patches for ACen when it comes to the badge line. There was a Saturday one year my friend spent FOUR HOURS in line. I am proud to say though that those days seem to have come and gone. ACen's staff has really invested in their registration process and seems to have increased their efficiency over the years. If you're super concerned about missing out on any of the days events, anytime after 4 pm on Friday, you can purchase your one day badge for Saturday. Otherwise registration opens at 8 am on Saturday. ACen isn't like most con's and has event's around the clock (and I mean 24 hours). If you can spare the cash and the time, stopping in on Thursday evening and grabbing a full weekend pass is worth it! Enjoy the con.
  2. Registration question

    Greetings! I emailed this to the registration team a moment ago but figured I'd post it here as well due to the high volume of emails they must be getting at this time. Today my 15 year old sister informed me that she would like to join us at Anime Central (eee I'm so excited!). My first ACen was when I was 14 so I'm stoked to be sharing this with her. My wife and I have both pre-registered so we already have our badges in hand. My sister would only be coming for Saturday during the day. My question is - can I purchase a badge for her Friday night after 4 pm? I keep seeing that if your 16+ you have to be present with a photo ID. Given that she is 15, would it be possible to purchase a badge for her Friday night to avoid the long line on Saturday? Last year my friend came on a Saturday to buy his badge and spent several hours in line. I'd like to avoid having her spend a chunk of her day in line for a badge and actually out on the con floor! I appreciate anyone's assistance on the best process here! Thanks in advance.
  3. Question regarding the concerts....

    I'm a little concerned with the concert being in the middle of MB Park. It's really open to the general public and I worry about how it's going to be controlled? Is this event open to the public? It may sound silly but I also worry about people being bullied, given that you're intermixing with the MB park crowd. At least it's in the afternoon and not later on in the evening when the crowd shifts. I enjoy eating in that area but I would avoid those bars at night.
  4. Guidebook 2017

    annnnnnd it's gone lol
  5. Guidebook 2017

    Yeah, I was going to point out the same thing. While the link says anime central 2017, the link takes you to anime central 2016. I tried changing the link but there doesn't seem to be one for 2017 yet
  6. Anime Central 2016 Photo Album!

    AHA! That's me in the dead center. I was also the Kakashi that walked out and stole Rin muahahah Thank you for these photos!
  7. Naruto 2016

    Yes! Can't wait to see photos. Please tell me someone got phots of Rin, Obito and Kakashi cause I was Kakashi!
  8. The "damn" Thread

    Damn it, it's Monday but it's CON WEEK!
  9. Special needs passes?

    Thank you for your assistance everyone!
  10. Special needs passes?

    I emailed the staff in regards to getting a pass for my fiance. I was curious in regards to 1 - Is proof, such as a doctors note required. I know when we go to Disney per their policy 'Disney Parks takes Guests at their word and there are legal restrictions around asking for proof' 2 - Given that my fiance is the one who is requiring the ADA pass, am I eligible to get a pass as well so that doesn't separate us during events?
  11. Did someone say Babymetal? !

    Ermagred! I freaking love them! I'm trying to find tickets for their Chicago show but all the resale tickets are like $180+ !!
  12. ETA on 2016 Panel Schedule?

    Will if be published to the guidebook app again this year?
  13. Psycho Pass 2016?

    Do we have a location / time for the shoot yet?
  14. Psycho Pass 2016?

    We will totally be there! There was a group of us there last year (Photos are HERE and HERE, and since I cosplayed as YayoiI had to run around with Ernie ball strings ) I'll be cosplay as Yayoi again and my friend will be there as Kogami
  15. Psycho-Pass?

    I will be cosplaying as Yayoi Kunizuka and my friend will be Shinya Kogami. Where are we all meeting!?