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  1. Kawa kon

    Last year the guests were easy to find out in the open. I'm not there this year sadly because I simply haven't had the time this month.
  2. After a nasty case of Con Burn...

    Yeah, you have to remember to take a break when you're not feeling it - and make sure you somehow have fun at every con, otherwise... you notice all the work that attending takes! Packing, hotel rooms, walking, cosplaying. And then cons don't get to be quite so fun sometimes.
  3. Awww, com'n don't make this a competition. Wait, actually, if that were true that would mean ACen-senpai would probably get someone equally cool... win for everyone! No comment on who, if any, such guests would be coming to Anime Midwest. At ACen, my girlfriend would be SUPER excited for Angelic Pretty or Innocent World. ファイト! ãŒã‚“ã°ã£ã¦ï¼ Cons are not a competition. Cons are not a competition. Cons are not a competition.
  4. Top Anime of 2013

    I fully support this list, even though I still need to watch most of them. I saw an episode of AKB0048 while in Japan.
  5. Does cosplay.com ban ip addresses?

    For reference, any website can easily do this. They can make the website not appear at all, based on your IP address, if they wanted. It's very simple to implement, even. It is however bad user experience to do so without giving the user an explanation.
  6. Cherami Leigh

    Seconded here. XD
  7. I should note here, the hotel changed their name, but it's still the same place. The Wyndham was bought by Sheraton to be the Sheraton Lisle, Illinois. Also there've been quite a few more guests, and the schedule is on the website. XD
  8. The website currently shows about 1,800 tickets left, and there were 4,000 left just two weeks ago. Nice.
  9. Suggestions for 2014

    Anime Midwest might not sell single day badges in advance forever... single day badges don't support the convention the same way weekend badges do.
  10. PSA: Bring your own Cell Phone Charges to ACen

    This would be a perfect addition to the "Con Personal Care" booth - a cellphone charging booth too. Maybe you pay $2 to check-in your phone for a few hours, and come back when it's charged. XD
  11. Con personal care

    A booth with: * Deodorant * Soap * Perfume * Hairspray (maybe even the leave-in powder stuff) * Hairbrushes Would make a ton of money. XD
  12. Countdown From A Million!

  13. Con Withdrawal

    Going to more cons is usually the best cure - and there's something cool about smaller cons: you usually get more of a chance to interact with *NEW* people, as there's a better chance of seeing the same person more than once than at a huge con. XD
  14. It was announced today that tickets *might* sell out prior to the convention, so you may need to pre-register! There are a few thousand left still, but it looks very likely they will sell out in advance! http://animemidwest.com/register