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  1. Soap Bubble 2014

    I saw Soap Bubble on the Guidebook 2014 app when I last looked at it yesterday.
  2. Soap Bubble 2014

    I'm with you on it being just 18+. Then maybe I could get into Soap Bubble one of these years without spending most of my night standing in line. I haven't gone since 2010. The line's just too long. I'm not willing to stand in line for up to 2-3 hours, especially when it's 2am. I've always hoped that with how big ACen's gotten that maybe they could make there be 2 dances Saturday night or something like. I just feel frustrated because when I last went to Soap Bubble it was a blast, but then the next year the line was insane and all of my friends agreed to not even bother anymore.
  3. Dragonball/Z/GT 2014

    I'd be a little worried about how many will show up to the gathering based on the action here, but there's always plenty of awesome DB/Z/GT cosplayers that show up when the time comes. ^_^ Wanted to bump this, but also wanted to add that while my cosplay has been done for a couple months now, I'm working on finishing up my crocheted dragonball and capsule props. I'm making a full set of dragonballs (contemplating on making a set of black star if I have time) and a bunch of different colored capsules (including Red Ribbon Army capsules) to hold for photos. I'm almost done crocheting everything and then it's just stuffing and finishing. Can't wait for next weekend and seeing everyone there!! ^_^
  4. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    Thank you all! I feel better knowing that it happens to others and that most cosplayers don't take offense. sooljim: I totally agree with that one question sounding rude. I thankfully believe I have never asked a cosplayer that question. Also, I really like the question you use when you encounter that situation! I had an experience at my DB/Z/GT Trivia Panel at AMKE this year that at the time felt so embarrassed about, but laugh at now. I called on a guy in the audience to answer one of my trivia questions and I had never heard of Deadpool at the time so I thought this guy looked like Spiderman to which I happened to say, "You, Spiderman!" Immediately, my best friend who's helping me host the panel and dressed as the Silk Spectre, elbows me in the side (really hard too!) and scolds me saying, "He's Deadpool! NOT Spiderman!" Everyone had a good chuckle so I let it not get to me. I later had to ask her who Deadpool was. Now I know. Lol.
  5. Here's the scenario: I'm walking around the con when I spot an awesome cosplay of a character from a series I like, but unfortunately I can't remember the character's name. I'll try to get the cosplayer's attention so I can ask for a picture, but since I can't remember the character's name it tends to get a little tricky. So finally I stop them and ask for a picture. If I remember what series they're from I'll say something like, "oh yeah, you're from ______" and usually there's no problem. If I think I know the character's name I'll usually ask if they're that character to double check.....I've actually embarrassed myself doing this a good number of times at each con by either not having the correct name or mistaking them for a character from a completely different series! So I'll ask if they're the character I think they are and when I'm wrong I get a puzzled/quizzical look or a simple reply of "no, I'm __________ from _________". I feel like a total heel then and feel like I've insulted that cosplayer. Would you feel upset/insulted if someone mistook your cosplay for a different one? And do you think I should be feeling as bad as I do or is it something that commonly happens and I shouldn't worry too much about it?
  6. First time Cosplayer

    You'll do great!!! The first year I cosplayed, I didn't care about details at all or how my cosplay would compare and it was REALLY bad, but I had a lot of fun anyways. The fact that you took the time to go over all the details will show and take great pride in that! I'll admit I'm scared this year too. I've got a new cosplay that is way more revealing than what I'm used to and I'm not the skinniest thing, but everyone is so supportive!! Someone told me to wear your cosplay with confidence and people notice that. Have confidence in the fact that you made your own cosplay and are willing to show it off! ^_^ If you run into anyone who gives you any crap about your cosplay, just ignore them (I know it can be hard to do, but it's not worth ruining your time at the con!). There are tons of others who will love it and there are tons of others who are probably as nervous if not maybe more so than you. I hang around some of the smoking areas too so if you ever need some advice or someone to talk to, feel free to talk to me! ^_^ I'm going all by myself this year and could use a friend to just chit chat with at the con. Lastly, to quote one of my favorite movies/books 'Dune', "fear is the mind killer". ^_^
  7. Shiny glasses help?

    I'm happy I could help!! Yes, it is permanent. I'd love to see pictures of your cosplay and/or the glasses when you get it done! Let me know if you have any other questions. Here's a few pics of my Inui cosplay. I actually made Inui juice too (Inui's Special Vegetable Juice, Penal Tea, and Aozu); although I've been banned from ever making it again by my husband and best friend. Lol. ^_^ Me as Inui with my friend as Kaidou Me with my green notebook Serving Inui Vegetable Juice to the Seigaku team
  8. Shiny glasses help?

    You are in luck! A few years back I wanted to cosplay as Inui from 'Prince of Tennis', but his thing is that you NEVER see his eyes. His glasses were completely reflective. This is how I did it: I bought a cheap pair of frames that looked like my character's. Sadly for me, the frames I found were reading glasses at Walmart that made it a little hard to see, but they were the weakest so it wasn't too bad. To make the reflectiveness I went to Menards and bought reflective tint window film. Then you follow the instructions to apply the window film except you pop out the lenses and cut the film to size (you can trim it after the film dries). How the film works is when people look at you, it's completely reflective, but if it's dark out it doesn't work. Due to the lenses being slightly curved, the film tends to want to pull away slightly (like bubbling), but I just smooth it out to make it look nice and I've never had it completely come off. When you look through the lenses, it's like wearing sunglasses. I hope this helps!! It took me awhile to figure out how to do this and it really completes the cosplay. Plus, it can creep people out since they can't see where you're looking. ^_^/>/> (My best friend hated my cosplay for that reason. She kept telling me to take off my glasses while talking with her. Lol!)
  9. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    Thank you so much for the advice! I'm hoping to rock my cosplay proud! ^_^/> The only thing I'm worried about now is how warm it will be. Congratulations on getting under the 200 lb mark!! It's my goal at the moment and I'm getting really close.
  10. Rude Cosplay Fans

    I've never had someone complain about it yet, but I'm always worried someone is going to give me grief over the color of my Bulma wig. In the manga her hair's purple/lavender, in the show it's more of a turquoise/teal/aqua and with action figures it's more of a blue/light blue. I've seen all of them done in cosplays and they all look great. I love the turquoise/teal/aqua one the best (it's my favorite color actually) and so I go with that color for her wig (it's a darker shade) and feel that it's pretty accurate. Last year at the gathering I was happy to have another Bulma cosplayer lean over to me and say, "I love your wig! I thought I was the only one who liked and thought Bulma's hair should be the darker teal." Made me really smile since I do worry about it. This year I've got a different Bulma cosplay (her bunny outfit from Dragonball instead of my usual Namek Saga version), but I'm sticking with the same color/shade wig. At this point, the wig color's the last thing I'm worried about since I'm not the skinniest thing and I'm wearing a fairly revealing outfit, but it does cross my mind and I don't feel like having to defend my choice in wig color/shade.
  11. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    Since last ACen I'm happy to say that I lost about 20-30lbs, which I feel great and I've actually developed a really nice workout routine that I'm able to keep up with and I've been eating a lot healthier. I wanted to try a more revealing outfit this year to celebrate my newly lost weight and healthier lifestyle (plus due to my weight I never felt comfortable doing a more "sexy" cosplay). I'm still not near where I want to finally be for my weight so I'm kinda worried about people criticizing/judging me for not being "skinny enough" for my cosplay. I wore my new cosplay (which is Bulma's bunny outfit from Dragonball) at AMKE this year and got a lot of compliments, but I'm still really self-conscious (especially when I'm standing next to another awesome Bulma cosplayer who's much thinner than me). I talk to my husband about this, but he just says I look great. I was hoping someone would maybe have some advice or inspiration that I could use to help with the self-consciousness. The only thing I kept telling myself at AMKE is "at least I got the major boobage" and thinking about how much time I spent on all the details of my cosplay, but that doesn't exactly help much when I'm wearing tights and high heels and I'm worried about my stupid thighs. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm ranting/whining over nothing.
  12. I found one of those clear plastic/PVC backpacks online, which works great and I know a lot of cons have the no-bag policy for the vendors room, but with this backpack I have no problems getting in with it. The clear plastic is really nice if you have some props you want to show off, but don't want to hold all day too(I do this with my crocheted Dragonballs/capsules and my Eternal Dragon plushie). Plus the side pockets are nice to keep your cell and camera in with easy access.
  13. Poses

    Thank you everyone for the helpful sites and advice!! I've been cosplaying for years and never really thought about coming up with poses. This year I've got a much more revealing cosplay (something I've wanted to do for awhile and finally lost enough weight to feel comfortable doing so) and want to look the best I can.
  14. Dragonball/Z/GT 2014

    Wow, only an hour? Was that hour during the DB/Z/GT gathering at least? Lol. ^_^ My fiance's favorite character is Piccolo so he'll be psyched if I can get your picture at the con. I'll be on the lookout! ^_^
  15. Dragonball/Z/GT 2014

    I'll definitely be on the lookout for you both! ^_^ I totally agree that we need more DBZ girls!! Hope to see you there. I submitted a gathering request for Saturday in the afternoon by the loading docks.