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    hmm.. I wonder if I said " I hate anime" that I would get shot...
    anyways, I am a big comic book fan, grew up on batman and superman. grew up on the classic anime of voltron and robotech. love to play video games, mostly rpg's.. not afraid to look like a fool in public. I have an addiction to technology and electonics.. spell checker sold separately.

    should I go for it next year?

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  1. Cell Reception

    in order 1. Verizon 2. ATT 3. Sprint 4. Clear 5. Virgin of those, if you have a sprint phone, you can probably turn your phone into a hotspot and have unlimited data. Virgin mobile if you need to go the hotspot route, has unlimited data and no contracts.
  2. Can I sell these in artist alley?

    Good Afternoon, You can contact me two ways, you can send me a PM or email me at artistalley@ACen.org
  3. Facebook!

  4. Facebook!

    *adds both*
  5. Facebook!

  6. Facebook!

    This thread is alive?
  7. Why does the Exhibit Hall open so late and close so early?

    Everything said has it's interesting points. I'll have to keep tabs on this thread.
  8. Acen is my birthday weekend!

    Happy Early Birthday to you all! Chi- throw a room party?
  9. Who wants a hookup?? Acen dating service!

    I thought this thread got locked...
  10. Roadshows are done for the season!

    Next year you guys should add Katsucon to the roadshow list.
  11. Tiny Chat :3

    sure. when and where?
  12. Tiny Chat :3

    Is there going to be one tonight?
  13. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v2

    how far away is this from the con?
  14. Yearly forum Meet and Greet thread

    I'll probably make it to this, I'll probably bring a few people with me.
  15. Tiny Chat :3

    I'll probably stop in later.