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  1. 2015 Photo Thread!

    Sorry for the late response. Except for the "Action" section, here are the photos taken at ACen 2015. My sincere thanks to those who posed and requested photos. It was fun. http://www.cosplayph...p?/category/108
  2. Anime Midwest 2014

    They're seen as "the enemy" here, so you won't see many posts. Turnout was pretty good last year. This time should be at least as good.
  3. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    Ok. Dupe. Remove if possible.
  4. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Since I don't know most of the characters that people request pictures (actually, no one can know all of them) Here are the photos I took at ACen 2014. http://www.cosplayph...hp?/category/88
  5. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    My sincere thanks to those who posed. Cosplay Photo Collective
  6. This has the potential to become a monster. Hopefully, they'll get more floor space.
  7. Anime Iowa

  8. Anime Midwest 2012 Comes To Wyndham Lisle/Naperville

    I've begun posting photos from the con. It was a blast!!!! http://cosplayphotocollective.com/cosplay/index.php?/category/58
  9. Ladies and Cosplay Question on Posing

    I'm going to let some of the younger photographers weigh in on this before I offer an opinion on the photography end since sensibilities have changed greatly since I first started doing cosplay photography in the 80's. Yes, that long. I'm not about drama in which many like to engage, therefore I and no one else is in a position to impose values on anyone, but I have a question about the subject itself: If everyone is ok with this, then why is this even being brought up? Based on the amount of drama I've seen among many cosplayers, especially at ACen, the "nobility of man" (or woman) motive doesn't hold much water as far as I can see. This thread seems to be little more than a backdoor way of passing judgment on those who have made a choice to do what they want to do. Frankly this is exactly the kind of subject that thrives on 4chan with the only purpose being to either target individuals or to try to suppress those who aren't ashamed of who they are or how they look.
  10. Wizard World 2012 (Chicago Comic Con)

    I go every year. ---------->pictures from 2011.
  11. Panel on Photoshoots

    There was one years ago. Few showed up for it. The ones that I saw at other cons were mainly someone doing a slide show of how awesome their photography was.
  12. Anime Midwest 2012 Comes To Wyndham Lisle/Naperville

    Thanks. Neither alone is really a bad thing. Both together is begging for disaster.
  13. The sith giving out cookiees on saturday

    I bought into an enterprise once, They promised cake and everything.... Now I have 3 arms!!!
  14. Masquerade 2012

    I suppose not wanting to deal with unions is enough of a reason to place patrons at risk. I withdraw my suggestion.
  15. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    And the same suggestions are brought up each time this thread appears..... and they are all dismissed out of hand. No one wants change. The only reason these threads are here is for victims to rant. It will disappear like the rest and the cycle will start again. There ARE plenty of other true anime cons in the Chicago area now, most are held during warm weather so going outdoors is not a problem. They are my choices now. Some will whine about how ACen isn't like it, but I see ACen is now one massive REACTOR. The only difference is that ACen has money, REACTOR didn't.