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    Jrock, Kpop, Ball-Jointed Dolls, art, computer technology, manga, anime. Basically Japan and most everything that goes with it.

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  1. Does anyone know if you can cancel a Hyatt reservation up to a certain date? And if so, anyone know what that date is?
  2. Jrock/pop 2011

    GUH! O_O Mind if I may so bold as to say you look really good cosplaying as Teru. o_o Really good job!
  3. Jrock/pop 2011

    It's basically my favorite place to be at a con. Haha!
  4. Jrock/pop 2011

    There are SO many of his outfits that I consider my favorites, and it was difficult to choose which one I wanted to be my first. And I will definitely look for you. I'm sure I'll be the only one in the Burst outfit, and I hang out a LOT in the dealers' room, so you'll be sure to find me in there. :D
  5. Jrock/pop 2011

    I definitely agree that there wasn't many Jrock cosplayers last year. I did find a really good Kyo though, and got a picture of her. And woohoo! Another Reita! I have a feeling he's going to be the popular one this year~ XD
  6. Jrock/pop 2011

    Haha!! So does that mean you'll pick something easier? XP And that's REALLY planning ahead. Which is always a good idea for cons. Haha! I'm already saving some new cosplays and possibly an artist alley table for ACen 2012. 8D And yes. Three cosplays. It was going to be four, but...I decided to save that fourth one for next year. This next ACen is really creeping up, and it will only creep faster and faster in the new year. >_< Last year, as I said, had that ONE cosplay and we were all working on ours until 4 hours before we had to leave for the hotel, not to mention we were finishing the coats IN our hotel room on Friday night! But this year, definitely less of a doozy, even though I have three since...I started work on Riku right after last ACen. XD
  7. Vocaloid 2011

    I'll be going as Mikuo. 8D His outfit is just so cool, even though he's not a REAL Vocaloid character. XD
  8. Jrock/pop 2011

    I did a cosplay at the last ACen as Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts. I was with a group of my friends who were also cosplaying as Organization XIII members. It truly IS an addicting hobby! Last ACen was my first time actually cosplaying, and as soon as it was over I started planning a ton of other cosplays that I'd like to do. :3
  9. Jrock/pop 2011

    I'll be going as Reita. My first Jrock cosplay! 8D I'll be looking like this: Reita Burst Into A Blaze
  10. Kingdom Hearts '10

    I guess I'm the person, then! I've already got the handle part near-complete. Now I have to get the cross/blade part done. Wish me luck, everyone! XD
  11. Cosplay Progress

    *jumping in on the bandwagon here* This is my first time officially cosplaying to a convention (not to mention this will be only my second ACen). I'm going as Marluxia, and if I can get the rest of it done in time...I'll have his scythe with me. The wig is all done, the coat is in the making, and the scythe is a victim of procrastination. >_>
  12. Cosplay In 08!