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  1. Join EMRT this year

    EMRT (Emergency Medical Response Team) is looking for 2 additional staff members this year. EMRT is a group of medical first responders at ACen. We operate at all hours of the day/night of the convention from when the convention starts until the close. Requirements is a commitment to work the full weekend including Thursday on arrival (May 18-21). You also need to have a valid EMT/Paramedic license and a current CPR card. Please email emrt-departmenthead@ACen.org if you wish to apply or have any questions. Be looking forward to hearing from you all. -Dave / Medic 1
  2. EMRT looking for staff

    EMRT (Emergency Medical Response Team) is looking for 2 additional staff members this year. Requirements is a commitment to work the full weekend including Thursday on arrival (May 18-21). You also need to have a valid EMT/Paramedic license and a current CPR card. Please email emrt-departmenthead@ACen.org for details.
  3. Photobombing

    Saw this thread and have to apologize to anyone that I unintentionally photobombed (in any years) when responding to medical calls. I make it my best effort to avoid being in the photo, but when I am responding to a call, in particular unresponsive patients, I take the shortest path possible. Usually in this case, I am at a power walk speed to a run. :)
  4. Gripes Against Individuals

    This goes on that saying of "Cosplay is NOT consent" Don't forget us EMRT who handle all of them once their bodies can no longer handle what was given to them. I'm going to bring this up in the meetings pre-con this year, and I'm sure my sister department ADA will be doing the same thing. The less calls we get the better, and having people light up and causing issues with people who have pre-existing respiratory issues causes my crews to have to take care of them, while at the same time there may be an issue with someone passed out in a bathroom or hallway aspirating on their vomit (which could kill them if not taken care of). True they should have taken better care of themselves and not drank all they did, but that was a choice they made and we have to deal with the bad things that happen if they do.
  5. Game tournament was really disorganized

    From another post, the bounced emails are just an autoreply from one of the previous members of staff. The matter has been noted. Now considering that half of us are still recovering (and at work too for me). It might be a little while before that auto-reply is resolved. But your message has been received by the other people on feedback.
  6. Cosplay Photos in Dealer Hall

    Before I sold my soul to ACen, I used to do photos all the time. That was the reason why I came to ACen was to do photography, which I love. Now I just don't have time for it running from call to call for medical issues. What I always used to do was make sure I was out of the way enough to allow traffic through and always concerned myself with the surroundings. This is something that both the photographer and the cosplayer should take into consideration. They should position themselves as to not block the area as much. For example. Instead of taking the photo across an aisle. Why not take the photo lengthwise. This would create a smaller profile and still allow traffic in both directions. This year I didn't get a chance to take any photos being the Department Head of EMRT, so my time was limited. I had a grand total of about 50 minutes spent in the dealer hall, so that was all my personal time I really had to enjoy con. The rest of it was working and making sure people were safe and/or taken care of.
  7. Lost and Found Items

    Also, it is highly advised to file a police report. And if your DL was in there, you might want to possibly submit a fraud alert to 1 of the 3 credit reporting agencies. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0275-place-fraud-alert
  8. Well, yesterday marked the end to another wonderful event of Anime Central. Were you in an unfortunate event that led to having EMRT respond to take care of you or utilize one of our First Aid stations? You may have just encountered one randomly in the mass crowds of ACen. Please feel free to post here or if you wish to remain private email me, the Department Head of EMRT. Email address is: emrt-departmenthead@ACen.org I am always looking for feedback. -Dave
  9. Thank you for the post Washu Takahashi. It's perfectly fine that you post here since the DH from ADA and myself talk to each other frequently because we are sort of in the same family of departments IRT<->EMRT<->ADA as we deal with both departments quite equally. I will make sure that the DH reads this post. For EMRT, I briefed my crew on the different passes and what they meant and I know some other departments got a briefing from the DH, but not sure how it was passed onto other department personnel from there. -Dave (Medic 1)
  10. Gripes Against Individuals

    Our EMRT staff was there all hours that Registration was open, from morning til it shutdown at night. They were at the first aid booth and have a radio + the number to the Convention Center Public Safety. Same with all the Red Phones around the site, which are "bat-phones" to the Public Safety Office. -Dave (EMRT DH)
  11. Question about some med problems

    Purplegodess is correct. Visit the "Special Needs" booth to get this all worked out. They have an excellent record of resolving issues such as yours in the past.
  12. Weather Watch 2014

    I don't trust the weather channel webpage. I just usually if I wanted to go forecast myself. Different sites use different model runs to determine their weather. Then again I was a meteorology major. I could give a major plug about using the College of DuPage weather webpage for the future. All our data is ingested via internet feeds and also from NWS Satellite feeds (NOAAPORT). I know since I am the systems/network administrator for the servers and the network it uses.
  13. I heard the Soap Bubble was 18+ while listening in on my overnight medical shift over in the panels area. I was surprised as this was to my knowledge not previously an issue. From what I remember if the attendee was 18+ or was staying at the motel (but that is as long as the line is inside, soon as it hits outside you are subject to curfew laws as a general public person.). As a note to all of you who did not bring your ID: being an EMT PLEASE DO BRING YOUR IDs with you. Us medics on staff can use your badge information, but if something happens to you and you are carted off by Rosemont (or mutual aid) EMS, then they would like to know who you are instead of John/Jane Doe. Especially if you are unconscious. Just for your own safety. You bring a room key, you can easily slip your ID in the same pocket or something, or your badge depending on the style of badge you have. Personally, I am neither for nor against the 18+ policy, as long as the attendee is an overnight guest at the hotel and can prove it.
  14. Dishonesty

    There is a lost and found at both the convention center and the hotel. This would be the "Customer Service" booths in both locations. The items in the Convention Center at the end of the day are supposed to be moved to the hotel as that is the central and more secure location for the overnight hours. So for the future note, please bring the lost/forgotten items there. Badges that are left behind/lost are to be returned to the Registration "Service Desk" or to a staff member who can return it there, as the service desk handles all those issues. As to the situation at hand. I would highly suggest as mentioned to write the Expoteria/DESCC management and I'm sure there are cameras on those cash registers as most fast food places do and they can review it to see the interactions involved. That is just how I would pursue this.
  15. Feel free to post compliments, complaints, comments in this thread. For those who were taken care of us, please do comment on how things were run. Let us know the day/time/location and if you remember who tended to you, also.
  16. Please post any feedback (positive and negative) you have with the Anime Central EMRT (Emergency Medical Response Team) for the 2013 Convention Year. Thank you for a great Convention Year from the ACen EMRT Management Team.
  17. EMRT Feedback for ACen 2013

    Locking topic as we are heading into 2014
  18. 2013 Gripes

    Yup dealer hall if I remember has always been the same and I tend to watch that, as that was the time I had to worry about less calls and I could just monitor the registration line for medical issues.
  19. 2013 Gripes

    Since I really haven't done any of the photoshoots except take photos for 1 many years ago. Why not start staging your group say like 30 minutes ahead of time nearby the photo location (this works better outside as there is more room to stage) and sort of preplan the placement of people. If you get say like 80-90% of the cosplayers there ahead of time, they can plan where they will post and how they will pose. When the time comes for the actual shoot, they can do the minor tweaks for those specific situations where a few extra people show up. This could shave off probably 10-15 minutes of prep time of the actual shoot
  20. 2013 Gripes

    Personally I rather work with the Rosemont EMS and Rosemont PD than work with Chicago EMS and Chicago PD. No offense against Chicago, just have a very good standing relationship and understanding with Rosemont and how the operations within the department and their cooperation with IRT and EMRT would be.
  21. EMRT at con 2013

    I would like to remind followers of the forums here that EMRT will again have two locations to help take care of your medical needs. 1) Primary EMRT HQ is in the Hyatt in the Dulles room on the check in level of the hotel. This room is accessible 24 hours a day through the whole convention. 2) Auxiliary (ConCenter) EMRT / First Aid booth will be in the main hall just inside the entrance to the main exhibit hall, between the Artists Alley and the Dealers room. This booth will be open all hours that the convention hall is open, including during registration hours. If you cannot access because of IRT watching the doors here, please have IRT or another staffer make contact with us via radio. Both sites will have first aid and EMT's on location. A reminder for what to pack in your bags before con. ANY AND ALL MEDS that you are required to take. EMRT is not authorized to distribute medications to con attendees and staff members alike. So please be sure to have your prescription medications and any additional medications you may require including pain killers like aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol), and antacids like Tums, etc. There is a convenience store within the hotel property and may have a few OTC drugs available, depending on the stock and how many other attendees forget. There are also local grocery and drug stores within a quick drive away that sell these meds, and a gas stations nearby. Please check and double check that you have your required meds. Also for our female attendees. It is probably a good idea to pack up on feminine products if you are near your cycle. You never know. Remember to drink lots of water, eat food when you should and be careful on the energy drinks. The ACen 2013 guidebook available via your smartphone has a schedule on it and they even include reminders to eat in your schedule. Remember to sleep, also. Yes, this is the primary purpose of your hotel room. Not for room parties but for sleeping, get your daily requirement of rest and you will have an awesome con. WASH YOUR HANDS. You will be seeing a lot of people and its one of the easiest and simple ways of preventing "Con Plague". It may not totally prevent it, but it will significantly reduce your chances of getting sick post con. Adults (and I know underagers do this too), watch your alcohol consumption. This along with extracurricular drugs greatly increase your chances of being tended to by us. We do care about our attendees and enjoy seeing you guys have a good time, but will not hesitate to have the expensive cab (ambulance) ride to the hospital because your OD'd yourself into unconsciousness. Enjoy the con, don't ruin it for yourself. Us medics do appreciate doing business with you, but I personally wouldn't want to pay for a trip to the hospital for something I simply could have prevented by being careful with what I drink and not taking any drugs. Ok, stepping off my soap box. I hope everyone has an enjoyable convention this year, and take care of yourself, you'll enjoy it even more. Remember we are in both locations to help you.
  22. Hello everyone who attended ACen 2012 and thank you for coming. I am starting up this new thread for feedback about any experiences you had with EMRT in the concenter or the hotel. This includes dealing with either just a First Aid provider or the actual EMTs who respond to the emergencies through the convention center and hotel. This is important to us in determining what changes are needed for ACen in 2013. We appreciate any critical feedback and especially appreciate any positive feedback. Thank you for your time in responding to this thread. -David Bukowski - Medic 6 - Convention Center EMRT Supervisor
  23. 2012 ACen feedback -- EMRT (Medical)

    Closing this thread off in preparation for the 2013 feedback.
  24. Fainting at Cons?

    Getting in on this late myself. I would like to add that as being on EMRT we do love to cut things when they are not accessible and the patient's life could be in danger. If you have a cosplay that is designed to be binding in any fashion, you should have some sort of pull cord in easy enough location for you and or friends you are with to be able to access easily. We will not hesitate to cut if there is a possibility of a life threatening injury. I personally try to avoid damaging cosplays when dealing with patients and will work with the patient in this aspect, if they are conscious. Dulles is the main EMRT HQ, but we also have a First Aid booth and a secondary EMRT post in the ConCenter, located just as you enter the exhibit/AA hall. I will be in charge of the ConCenter side of the operations. -Dave / Medic 6
  25. Fire Alarm Comments

    Attendees and staff. I am making a general inquiry as to the fire alarm event. Now this isn't a thread to gripe about the masquerade or the events that happened AFTER the alarm and the convention resumed. What I want is feedback on the effectiveness of the evacuation, how smoothly things went, and were there any problems with certain areas of getting people out. Issues with physically handicapped attendees in the evacuation is also good feedback as we want ALL of our attendees to be safe. Also the crowd outside, how well was it managed. Post alarm as the attendees were allowed back in, I've read of miscommunication on how this was happening. If you can give me examples and descriptions of locations this would be helpful. I am in the process of writing up a general guidelines for staff (above the individual department guidelines) and had some written up, but never had a drill or an actual alarm to get feedback. Also with a full scale event of having all attendees on site it helps to get as much feedback as possible as you were in those areas while some staff only could see from where they were at at the time. Any feedback is acceptable, good and bad. Again THIS IS NOT A GRIPE line, and I'll be sure to have gripes edited or struck from the thread. I just want observations and thoughts on how things went while the alarm was going off and your evacuation, the waiting outside, and then when you were allowed back in, and how smoothly that went. I may PM individuals if you have something interesting for me to inquire about or want additional detail. Thank you for your time and personally I am sorry about the inconvenience it caused all of you, but with this feedback we can hopefully streamline effectiveness for both the egress and ingress of the crowd and get things back on schedule faster.