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  1. Gripes Against Individuals

    Oh man, my wife and I were on our way to the Hyatt from the con center on Saturday, and we had some guy stop us and ask us to take a picture of him and the cosplayers he had stopped. I did not honor his request and was basically like, "Dude, traffic jam from hell" and kept walking. The skyway is what, four feet wide? Not a place to take pictures.
  2. Cash or Card ?

    There is a way to do offline processing with most card readers, but I'm really wary about it. It requires taking the payment "on faith" more or less, as the card can later be declined. Square will not provide any buyer information to the vendor, either (due to privacy--the vendor is expected to obtain that information directly from their customer), so on a decline you've got a huge chance of just being out of luck. I'm quite sure that 98% of the time, everything would go through fine! But it's that 2% that worries me. Thankfully I've never had an issue with my signal inside the con center! :)
  3. Cash or Card ?

    Hi! Definitely bring cash as a backup, though the shift to both vendors and artists taking cards has been pretty significant over the past few years. I would say probably about 90% of the vendors at this point take cards, and that percentage is definitely smaller when it comes to the artist alley. I know I take cards at my booth and I know quite a few other artists do too, but it's definitely not as widespread. Of course, the ability to take cards is also impacted by the vendor/artist's wireless signal inside the convention hall. No signal = no cards on a general basis. So yes, bring cash! But also be on the lookout for Visa/Mastercard signs, or ask the vendor/artist if they take cards! :)/>
  4. Glass bottle prop?

    My wife was Gilgamesh last year from Fate, and she carried around a screwtop wine bottle filled with cranberry juice (and a wine glass to drink it from). We had no issues, we just had to be careful with the glass. :)
  5. Convention Crashers

    Er, IDs would be checked regardless, since I'm pretty sure it's not legal to sell porn to minors.
  6. 2014 Praises

    Pssssh, we all know you guys aren't real people.
  7. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    All day Saturday, my wife was Gilgamesh: and I was Saber: I'd love to see more pics!
  8. Type Moon 2014

    I'm so excited! I'm sort of going ino panic mode just a little though, I've still got to put the finishing touches on my sword, hem my pants, and finish up the little bracelet thingies. TWO DAYS!
  9. Chest Binder Help?

    It's already been said but I want to reiterate for anyone else reading this thread: Never use ACE bandages to bind. It's incredibly dangerous! You never want to do anything that will impair your ability to breath comfortably. Even in a corset you should be able to breath properly (in the case of corsets, if you can't, then the fit is wrong). If you decide to get a binder from Underworks, please still be aware that it is not recommended to wear a binder for more than 8 hours. Do not ever sleep in your binder, either. If you start to experience discomfort, you should change out of it immediately. An alternative to binders is layering two sports bras over another. It'll flatten some and should still be comfortable (just warm due to layers). Be aware that if you're large-chested, even a binder will not give you a perfectly flat chest. Your mileage may vary.
  10. Contacts?

    I can't stress this enough. If you buy contacts without getting a proper size/prescription from a doctor first, you can do serious, permanent damage to your eyes just by wearing them. It can even cause blindness!
  11. Touhou Project for 2014

    It looks like neither of our Tohou costumes will be ready for the convention. :( My workload's gotten kind of crazy.
  12. Type Moon 2014

    I'll be bringing Excalibur for Saber, and Gilgamesh is bringing a half-finished bottle of wine (with cranberry juice inside) as well as a wine glass.
  13. Art show also full?

    Ooh! If we bring work to the convention in hopes of getting a spot in the art show, would we be required to bring enough to fill a whole panel on the show wall, or can we just bring one or two pieces?
  14. Touhou Project for 2014

    Assuming I can get our costumes finished in time, my wife and I will be Fujiwara no Mokou and Nazrin, respectively. I have like.... 99% of the work still to do on both costumes. I am panicking.
  15. Type Moon 2014

    We're almost good to go here with my Saber (suit version) and my wife's Gilgamesh (wine-drinking feminine hygiene product version)! All I need to do is style our wigs and finish making Saber's sword. Yay! Our Gilgamesh might have to pass on this one, she's a bit iffy when it comes to dirt/shoes/etc.