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  1. Gripes Against Individuals

    Oh man, my wife and I were on our way to the Hyatt from the con center on Saturday, and we had some guy stop us and ask us to take a picture of him and the cosplayers he had stopped. I did not honor his request and was basically like, "Dude, traffic jam from hell" and kept walking. The skyway is what, four feet wide? Not a place to take pictures.
  2. Those were by The Three Pegases! https://www.facebook.com/wepegasesthree :)
  3. Cash or Card ?

    There is a way to do offline processing with most card readers, but I'm really wary about it. It requires taking the payment "on faith" more or less, as the card can later be declined. Square will not provide any buyer information to the vendor, either (due to privacy--the vendor is expected to obtain that information directly from their customer), so on a decline you've got a huge chance of just being out of luck. I'm quite sure that 98% of the time, everything would go through fine! But it's that 2% that worries me. Thankfully I've never had an issue with my signal inside the con center! :)
  4. Cash or Card ?

    Hi! Definitely bring cash as a backup, though the shift to both vendors and artists taking cards has been pretty significant over the past few years. I would say probably about 90% of the vendors at this point take cards, and that percentage is definitely smaller when it comes to the artist alley. I know I take cards at my booth and I know quite a few other artists do too, but it's definitely not as widespread. Of course, the ability to take cards is also impacted by the vendor/artist's wireless signal inside the convention hall. No signal = no cards on a general basis. So yes, bring cash! But also be on the lookout for Visa/Mastercard signs, or ask the vendor/artist if they take cards! :)/>
  5. Power Drop + Internet?

    They do, but you have to rent both internet access and a wireless router, to the tune of 700-900 bucks. So, effectively no. They do not offer a cheaper, rentable Wi-Fi password like some con centers do. Your mileage may vary with your phone, but I generally keep a pretty good wireless signal with my S5 and use my 4g connection to accept credit cards.
  6. Power Drop + Internet?

    I know forums activity in general (on the whole, not just for ACen) has really declined as the popularity of other social networking sites have increased. It's a shame, really, because having a central location specifically for a certain topic has its advantages over something as general as Tumblr. Also, I do hope we get the layout soon! I'm excited to be able to put my sticker on the map and tell people where I'm going to be.
  7. Power Drop + Internet?

    To be honest, with the table layouts not out yet (I heard something about this last weekend, but maybe next weekend?) and forums activity so low compared to even 2-3 years ago, I'm not sure how easy it would even be to find artists willing to split a power drop.
  8. Glass bottle prop?

    My wife was Gilgamesh last year from Fate, and she carried around a screwtop wine bottle filled with cranberry juice (and a wine glass to drink it from). We had no issues, we just had to be careful with the glass. :)
  9. Convention Crashers

    Er, IDs would be checked regardless, since I'm pretty sure it's not legal to sell porn to minors.
  10. Good Smile Company

    I'd be surprised if they weren't back! :) We went on Saturday and Sunday, and by Sunday the vast majority of their figures were sold out. They seem to do very well at ACen.
  11. Waitlisted.

    Don't give up hope yet! The waitlist does move. Typically you'll see it move first about a month after the letters went out as that's the deadline to pay. :)
  12. Error message with purchasing a table

    You should still get an email either way, if they're doing it similar to how they did last year! :) I remember last year I did get an email saying I was waitlisted, and my status on the webpage did change from "pending" to "waitlist". I think JujuFox is right about them rolling out the emails.
  13. Error message with purchasing a table

    I got in! Yay! What's the deadline for paying for our table?
  14. ACen AA 2015

    I missed being there last year! I still stopped by the Alley, but it was so crowded due to the con center's layout mixup that I wasn't really able to stay and check a lot of it out. :( Oh gosh, I really hope so. I really, really hope so.
  15. ACen AA 2015

    I'm super excited! I was super bummed to miss out on last year. This year I got smart and already requested the time off. If I get in, it'll be one of four cons I'm showing at in 2015 so I'm psyched to have an awesome, awesome year.