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  1. The term "weeaboo"

  2. Annual (All Ages) Forum Meet and Greet 2016

    Make a Facebook event and share it with all the groups, fam.
  3. Countdown From A Million!

  4. Thursday meetup in the lobby (ground floor behind elevators) then to the MB Financial Park.
  5. help getting to ACen

    Please move this thread to "Ride Zone"
  6. Selling Hyatt Room

    No scalping, please. Just turn over the reservation to someone in need. Let's try to help our fellow otakus in the community, not exploit them.
  7. Rooms for 2016

    It's coming!!!!
  8. Rooms for 2016

    Please give us forum users a head-start over those Facebook heathens.
  9. Rooms for 2016

    Will the announcement precede the actual opening of the block?
  10. Rooms for 2016

    c'mon 9/1!
  11. John Cena

    John Cena IS anime.
  12. Party?

    my party was fun, were you there?
  13. Countdown From A Million!

  14. Forum M&G after party - a discussion.

    Red Bar closes at 12am The bars at restaurants at MB close at 2am-4am.
  15. Instead of the all ages after party, can't the meet & greet just go on indefinitely and the 21+ people can go somewhere else?