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  1. Dog at con

    Thank you for your reply, and I apologize if I seemed testy as well. For the most part everyone was very welcoming to the little guy at the con, though we did get a few strange looks until people saw the support dog tag. On another note, this chihuahua is actually a former show dog, and so was already used to being around crowds, making his transition into a support dog very easy. He's used to walking close to his owner and being petted and prodded by strangers, too. Unlike some service dogs, he's okay to be petted as well... but people should always ask!
  2. Dog at con

    I can answer for the owner on this one, as I roomed with her this weekend. The "little dog" you speak of is a white chihuahua, yes, and is a registered support animal. He is also used to such "stressful and potentially dangerous situations" as you say. He is accustomed to crowds, knows how to behave himself, and is calm and collected around strangers... which is what he's *trained* to do. When and if the area became too crowded, the owner *did* pick him up and carry him, but there was never a situation in which the dog was in danger of being trampled, nor did he bother anyone at the con. (I don't know how you judge "being good" but not once did this little dog bark at *anyone* at the convention, costume or no.) On the contrary, he was often the center of attention due to his costumes (Ren from DMMd, Boba Fett, etc), and performed his duties as a *support dog* in the convention. We had been working on getting him registered as a service animal before the con, and his clearance had just gone through, which is why I had asked the questions up above... once he was registered, the problems became moot. :) He was also cleared with IRT and the support services at the con, FYI. He also did wear his support dog tag at all times, though it may not have always been visible. (It is not required that support dogs wear a "vest" or whatever "proper service attire" that you think is necessary, that's just for convenience.) The owner had a registered service dog badge that she wore as well, plus an extra clearance badge from the con. Moral of the story: don't judge unless you know the situation, and don't go saying things are "not right" unless you know every aspect of what's going on. Cool? Awesome.
  3. Need a Room for 2, thursday-sunday

    I have room for 2 at the Embassy if you're interested!
  4. Anyone willing to give 2 spots for cheap?

    I have 2 spots that would not be on the floor.
  5. Room for 1 or 2 at the Embassy

    Bump! We're still looking! Room for 1 or 2 more. Everyone will have bed space, no packing in on the floor (which is against the rules anyway!) Embassy suites is awesome, free breakfast and free manager's reception with booze and snacks every night!
  6. Dog at con

    wow r00d Did I ever say I wasn't going to call? I said I was going to email the convention for *their* policies. Thank you to everyone else who has answered my questions efficiently and *politely*.
  7. Room for 1 or 2 at the Embassy

    We have space for 1 or possibly 2 people in the Embassy suites. Please be over 21 and responsible. We have 2 rooms booked and a couple of people have backed out on us. Costs will vary based on how many people will actually be there, but will probably be close to $50 per night, per person. PM me if interested. Spaces have been filled, thank you everyone!
  8. Dog at con

    Thank you! I appreciate your clarification. For future conventions it might be good to have this in the rules on the website too! :)
  9. Dog at con

    The hotel I'm staying at (Embassy) has a clear pet policy posted on their website ($25 pet deposit.) Everyone else, thank you for your suggestions, I will probably email. I was just surprised because the last convention I went to (Naka-kon) had the pet policy clearly stated on their website. We were able to bring the doge to the hotel (since the hotel allowed him for a deposit, again), but he was not allowed at the convention. So we just kept him in hotel general areas but not panel rooms, which I suspect will be the case here. He'll probably go along to outdoor photoshoots and wander around the Embassy but that's about it. He's a very chill dog and doesn't mind hanging in the room all day, but it would be nice to get him out and about occasionally.
  10. Dog at con

    Yes, but my point is that I can't find the official policy anywhere. One would think something important like this would be easy to locate on the website. Which is why I'm asking here. And again, we wouldn't be bringing him into small panel rooms where dog allergies would be an issue. I should have included that earlier when I mentioned we wouldn't be taking him to the dealers room or to other events.
  11. Dog at con

    We are planning to bring our dog along to the hotel, as we've found out that the Embassy does allow pets for a meager $25 fee. (Much cheaper than boarding him for 5 days!) I'm curious to know, however, if he would be allowed in any of the con areas. I couldn't find it on the general rules page, or perhaps it was somewhere that I missed. I found rules on children and props but not pets! He's obviously small enough to be carried, so being underfoot at the con is not going to be a problem. I'm fairly certain that we wouldn't be taking him somewhere like the dealer's room or any large events. But perhaps just while wandering around and going to photoshoots, it might be nice to be able to get him out of the room and have some time around people. Just wanting to know the convention's official policy!
  12. What day and time can we pick up our Badges?

    This is a really dumb thing, but one of my co-panelists just told me that she "forgot" to pay for her badge. *sigh* Is there anything I can do now? Can she get her badge for half price at-con?
  13. Approved and Denied Panels for 2013

    My panel is still listed as "pending". I'd kind of like to know if I'm going to have to stand in that ridiculous reg line this year. I've been running that panel for 5+ years now so if there's some reason it's getting denied NOW it would be nice to know.
  14. Panel Programming Feedback Forms

    Just pointing out in the 5 years I've been running a panel at ACen I have never received feedback of any kind. Ever.
  15. NEW 2012 Panelist Policy is now posted!

    Now according to the instructions sent out, I've done all of this wrong in already ordering my badge. It's still showing the full amount of $43 for when I registered. Maybe someone needs to cancel that order? Or something?