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  1. Mythology Ideas, Myths After Dark

    That actually sounds pretty neat. I know I would check it out, at least!
  2. Yoshitaka Amano

    Amano's art is incredible. Every time I see a piece, I notice further small details that escaped me the first time or ten around; the intricacies in his art amaze me. I'd love to have him come & just listen to him talk method, technique, art, heck anything, really. (*personal opinion, not speaking as staff*)
  3. Dog at con

    Guys? It's been established this was a service animal. I can confirm this as I was right there when we gave them one of our passes. It was taken care of at con; no need to wag digital fingers no pun intended. (And at any rate there's nothing wrong with finding out the hotel & convention policy in general on animals, esp. since Westins & some other hotels in our region are notably & well-known to be pet-friendly.) I can bring up perhaps bolding, emphasizing, or adding to notation in our policies on service animals & pets at con for future reference, but I'm not sure what else there really is to say...
  4. Supernatural 2013

    I normally dress like a Winchester anyway, so I was gonna be short!Moose!Sam through con in general (I HAVE LIGHTUP BLINKING ANTLERS GUYS), and plan to switch to Dean (aka "take off the antlers, unbutton flannel, drop voice 3 octaves") if-or-when Bullwinkle starts to feel a bit stale. I do have a viable (closetplay) Meg 2.0 ready just by doing some laundry (also my hair woohoo), so I'll come as that to the gathering if I'm not on shift during the meet. We need a sassy semi-psuedo villian/hellraiser at this unicorn party, so I'm more than willing to step to the plate.~ If I can't make it to the gathering (** do we have a time set already, actually? **), come say hi in the Hyatt or DESCC (schedule in my sig) & I'll pose Supernatural(ly) sassy for a pic or two! c:
  5. TRANSform!: Gender Identity in Anime

    If I can swing it with my schedule, I'll make sure to check this out.
  6. First ACen

    Hey there, welcome to the forums, and congrats on your first ACen! If you have ANY questions at all --before ACen on here, or at the convention itself-- don't be nervous (it's okay, we don't bite!) - we Staff are here to help! You can find us here on the forums by the blue Staff/Department or red Admin/Title text by our names, or at con by our vertical badges, ACen vests (*some staff like IRT), &/or at location posts shown in the program book. If you need any help, come find one of us! We'll do our best to answer whatever you need, or find out from someone who knows and get back to you as quickly as possible, pinky swear. I hope your first ACen experience is AWESOME, and thanks for joining us! *confetti* :D
  7. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    Two words: JILLIAN MICHAELS. "America's toughest trainer" is kind of an understatement, but damn, she works. I'm currently rotating my way through 3 DVDs (Killer Buns & Thighs; Ripped in 30; 30 Day Shred), aiming for ideally 2 separate dvd workouts a day. I'm barely 2 weeks into Jillian and I already have a noticeable difference in tone (I'm doing wall sits & squats like it's no big deal - I've NEVER been able to do those more than maybe 10s!) on and am down about a half inch on my love handles (& people are noticing a difference! ). Granted, not everyone is inclined to suffer see her on their screen morning noon and night; even once a day or every couple days, however, will make a big difference if you follow the tapes as best you can (you just might need a little more time or a few more days or work outs in the end). I want to say it was maybe a month ago on Amazon I saw all her DVDs in one big bundle, for those of you who DO ALL THE DVDS owo)%. If you're on a budget, Target has a wide selection of her DVDs for under $10, and Jillian is much more intense and evil & cheaper than a (basic*) gym membership (and/or a weight loss program like WeightWatchers or NutriSystem), is FAST (20-30 min workouts of Jillian burn you like hours in a gym, with same or perhaps better results), AND for those of us with intense social anxiety &/or low confidence, there's the benefit of doing it at home/your location of choice and still seeing real results. If you're more a cheap as free kinda person, there's a Jillian channel on youtube with selections of her workouts, & my sister said she saw her on iTunes (great if you have a gift card or just want individual things). In other news, I'm still trying to teach myself eating is not an "every other day or when you pass out because you forgot for 3 days" kind of thing. (Hoping to have a handle on that by Halloween or sooner so my metabolism will stabilize, 'cause eating almost literally nothing in a week but gaining some 5 lbs just kinda really sucks.)
  8. Best Summer Movies 2012

    - The Avengers (OMG. Absolute hands down favorite of 2012. I've lost track of how many times I've seen this now. Honestly, the best I've seen in a long time (Whedon always delivers! True story). *flailing with lack of real words to explain all these feels*) - Prometheus (Rather thought-provoking if you look deeper than "prequel to Alien" & look at meanings and moral implications. In a way, we kinda brought it on ourselves, and you can kinda see why they might've wanted us gone. Also, David as a metaphor is kinda badass.) - Bourne Legacy (If you watch the first 3 & notice/pause to read the pictures & text details, you will notice all these interconnected, in some cases, seemingly throwaway, little things hinted at, easily expanded on later, and/or now being somewhat brought to light (see the headache comment, & freeze-frame all pages of the reporter's notes). I found the change in style, action & doing things to suit the new character/personality, as the frenzied fight-centric jarring camera style suited Jason Bourne's amnesia. He's more than just a science project, and the film is more than just a "badass fighting/action film". Just wish other reviewers would look past the action surfaces and see all the wonderfulness that lies beneath. :/) I have yet to see The Dark Knight Rises, or Total Recall. Otherwise, it seems so far to have been a summer of the movies (especially considering I rarely see summer blockbusters outside Harry Potters!).
  9. What are you listening to?

    I'm listening to Yoshida Brothers'
  10. Musical Guess Suggestions -- the Yoshida Brothers

    This would actually be incredible! I freaking love these guys. Shamisen, as I witnessed in college, is a hard thing to master, and to take it and make it contemporary without sounding cliche or exploitative requires great talent and skill. It would honestly be an immense honour to have them. ; w; Anyone looking to give them a listen: Their official Youtube Channel has a lot of their stuff up to get a sense of sound and style. Alternately, you can listen to their official playlist . They're also on iTunes if you want quick previews of albums and/or are on the go.
  11. Suggested Musical Guests

    Adding/seconding OtakuAngelD's idea from this thread: Yoshida Brothers! Their official Youtube Channel has a lot of their stuff up to get a sense of sound and style (no searching needed, woohoo!). Alternately, you can listen to their official playlist . AND AND THEY'RE ACTUALLY ON ITUNES TOO GUYS. 8D
  12. Suggested Musical Guests

    BUCK-TICK would be pretty awesome, not gonna lie. or D'erlanger. Schwarz Stein isn't reforming anytime soon or I'd squeal mercilessly for that instead. :< or we could ask Yoshiki to bring his X JAPAN crew; he /was/ saying on facebook he misses Chicago and all.... Non-band musical guests more on the line of composers would be along the lines of - Koji Kondo / (Legend of Zelda) - Junichi_Masuda (Yoshi; Pokemon/Game Freak, Inc.; Smash Bros. Brawl) - Hitoshi Sakimoto & Masaharu Iwata (& Hayato Matsuo @XII!) / (Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII, basically most of anything Ivalice-related) ...or, my preferred favorite as a half-decade resident in Vana'diel (if you couldn't guess by the number of links): - Naoshi Mizuta & Kumi Tanioka (aka "The Star Onions") / Final Fantasy XI listen why: / ] / / 4 [Altepa Desert] / ) / --> 6 [Awakening aka SHADOW LORD/Dynamis Xarcabard LISTEN TO THIS ONE KYAAAAAA ] A bajillion ideas are running aboot my head over this, so for now I'll keep it short and simple.~ :3
  13. Eric Vale

    CONTRACT THE HERO! ;D Alfred: *GOOD-MPHMPH-GUYS OMNOMBURGER BADGUYS SLUUUUUUUUURP ALLIES NOMNOMBURGER SLUUUURP HERO* Matt: *'Merica.... wh-why d-don't you stop being a b-big meany jerk a moment a-and l-listen! ;;* Alfred: *HUH SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF ALL MY FREEDOM *EAGLE SCREECH* ...This would just be awesome. Please. ; w;
  14. Height when cosplaying.

    As long as you scale things (up or down) to your size, you're fine. (And by things, I mean your costume and props you will be using.) Gandalf was not really 2 feet taller than Frodo, nor was the Hulk really multiple feet taller than Thor in The Avengers (fun note, Mark Ruffalo -the Hulk- is actually ~4" shorter than Chris Hemsworth/Thor's ~6', but he managed all Hulk's motion capture action and Thor-fighting fine!). The "canon" height is irrelevant so long as the props and costume are on scale with your body proportions. Photographs can be staged, manipulated, Photoshopped, edited, et cetera, ad nauseum. So long as the things on YOU are right for your own height, no problem on the post-production creativity. The simplest, oldest trick is to simply stage the shorter character closer to the lens, the taller further back, and to find an angle for shooting that does this justice -- a little fiddly, but tried and true for generations. I'm only ~4'10"/11", but I made a very awesome Link (Ocarina of Time) costume, and have scaled both the Mirror Shield and Master Sword to my height (with \math/). Put me next to a tree or in a field and you would never know I am not Link's canonical 6' tall. Put me next to another character, and in an action pose, and you also would never know my true height. Photographic magic, mates; photographic magic. ~ SCALING: PUTTING YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GEOMETRY AND MATH TO USE SINCE #FANDOM = GO. ~
  15. Veronica Taylor