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  1. Gripes Against Individuals

    Reading all of these comments makes me so glad I didn't go to ACen this year... I'm not asthmatic, but I do have sensitivities to smoke, the scent of weed, and most scents that the e-cigs tend to use. So the fact that there were a lot of people doing such things would've really dampened my con experience, and sad to say I have a feeling in future years it'll get worse. Unless ACen really steps up the rules and have the staff to really enforce it. I also agree with the complaints about bodypaint. Like many others, I also work very hard on my cosplays and would hate to see them ruined because someone can't properly seal their bodypaint. I also have sensitive skin, so I'm even more cautious of bodypaint on me as I'm not sure how I'll react to it, and the last thing I want from a con is an eczema breakout.
  2. What are your plans for ACen 2015?

    If I go to ACen 2015, I'll definitely be doing my two cosplays I have now. The first is Maya Kitajima from Glass Mask, specifically her Bianca the Pirate mask. I've been doing this cosplay for going on three years now. It's very simple and no one seems to know what Glass Mask is, but I love it so much. My second cosplay, which I'll be debuting at Anime Midwest this year, is my version of a Castle of Hearts outfit for Alice Liddell from the Alice in the Country of... series. :) My husband and I are trying to work on our first couple cosplay. Since I'm cosplaying as Maya, he plans to dress as Masumi Hayami, Maya's love interest. We're also working on a Fairy Tail couple cosplay, him being Loke and myself being Lucy Heartfilia. I'm still trying to figure out if I should do an original outfit for Lucy, or if I should try to recreate her main outfit but modify it for my own comfort (namely lengthening the skirt). I'm semi-leaning towards an original outfit. :P
  3. Anyone ever buy from.....?

    Too Cool also sells bootleg items, so you need to be careful on what you purchase. I've gotten burned by one such bootleg. Call it an excited impulse, but I bought a pin set of Lucy's keys from Fairy Tail. It wasn't until later on that evening did I really examine it and saw it was bootleg. Got a pair of the same keys, one being gold like it should be and the other silver. Plus the images on the box were rather pixelated and not quite accurate. I knew I should've paid attention more, and had I been allowed to touch it and examine it properly, I probably wouldn't have bought it. I've been to the ones in Gurnee and Vernon Hills. I've seen bootlegs at both locations. However, at the Vernon Hills store, at least I was actually allowed to TOUCH the merchandise and the people in there were rather friendly to talk to. In Gurnee, I always felt like the employees were staring and judging me, which creeps me out. Plus the fact they never let you touch the merchandise on the walls and shelves. I did once, trying to see what Fairy Tail pins they had (these were legit; these were the ones packages and distributed by Great Eastern) and looking for a certain one. I was yelled at not to touch and that they were all the same. They definitely were NOT, as I saw Erza and Lucy both on the same hook. I would personally avoid Too Cool unless you were buying small things like pins and Ramune, maybe even their wall scrolls as well. But I would avoid the other things like the plushies and collectibles. More than likely you'll just be getting a bootleg.
  4. I make this same topic every year, but it always needs repeating every year as well... :P Please bring HOME MADE Kazoku to ACen 2015! For those that aren't familiar with HMKU, they are a J-Hip-Hop band that creates fun, upbeat, and inspirational music. They've done the themes for anime like Naruto Shippuden (Ending 1: Naragareboshi ~Shooting Star~; Ending 17: Freedom; Ending for Movie 2: No Rain No Rainbow), Eureka Seven (Opening 1: Shounen Heart), and Bleach (Ending 2: Thank You!!). Other popular songs by them include Easy Walk, Oboeteru, Night Parade (their collab with FLOW), and Everybody Needs Music. Their upbeat style is perfect for the fun and crazy ACen weekend, and I think it's a concert that anyone can go to, whether they know who HMKU is or not, and leave in a great mood. So let's please bring them over for 2015!
  5. MOTHERS DAY MAY 11.. What will you do?

    My newlywed husband and I took our mothers out for a nice lunch, and then took my mom to Goodwill. His mother would've liked to come, but she wanted to try and get some yard work done before the rain settled in. :P We got to the restaurant just in time too, since less than a half-hour after we sat down and started eating, the place was crowded. When we arrived, there wasn't that many people there. As a gift to my mother, I got her a Thomas Kinkade candle holder, two Despicable Me Minions finger puppets, and a Minion button. Although at Goodwill we also found her a couple of knick-knacks and a tank top.
  6. Does cosplay.com ban ip addresses?

    I'd like to think no website has the ability to ban your IP from viewing the site. I understand banning your IP from signing up on a site and whatever, but not viewing...
  7. Do you like cooking?

    I prefer baking over cooking, but I do like it. :) Especially now since my boyfriend loves everything and anything I make. I used to have my cooking put down often by my family when I was living at home, but I still felt confident that my food was fine and that they were just overly picky. :P
  8. To have that would make whatever year that A-Cen happened the con of my life. XD It'd be the coolest thing EVER!
  9. Updating the status on this... I've submitted the outline for this panel, along with two other panels I want to host (more coming on those later), and is currently listed as pending. So fingers crossed that it is approved for 2014! :)
  10. Time-line for panel approval?

    Can't wait to see the first big rollout of approved panels for 2014. I submitted three panel ideas for next year's con, still all listed as pending, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that any of them will be approved. :)
  11. Just saying that it's not too late to try and get HOME MADE Kazoku here for A-Cen 2014~ ;)
  12. Classic Anime

    I'd say you can't go wrong with two classics: The Rose of Versailles and Revolutionary Girl Utena. :)
  13. Cosplay To-do 2014

    The cosplay I'm definitely doing is Maya Kitajima from Glass Mask, more specifically her Bianca mask. I'm trying to get a few things to add to it: her long blue cape and her red/white tricorn hat with a large white feather. I have a pattern to make the cape, but not having too much luck yet with the hat. I'm also working on a "Castle of Hearts" Alice Liddell cosplay from Heart no Kuni no Alice. I have the dress (it's white with red spaghetti straps, hearts, and trim around the top and bottom of the dress), but I'm planning on adding a red cape to the back, and I need red and white striped socks, red or white dress shoes, and create a headband like hers but in red and white. I have a sheer red fabric I'm thinking of using as a shawl as well. And if my boyfriend and I have the budget to work on it, we were thinking of going as Lucy and Loke from Fairy Tail. He has almost everything he needs for Loke, but I have almost nothing for Lucy. XP Otherwise, he'll likely go as his "dog of the military" persona or as Masumi Hayami from Glass Mask. :)
  14. Two years ago, I tossed around the idea of running a fan panel all about the series Garasu no Kamen, or Glass Mask. While I pushed it to the backburner to focus on a different panel of mine, it hasn't left my mind. So I've decided to try and run this panel for ACen 2014. Glass Mask is a shoujo series written by Suzue Miuchi that started in January 1976, and hence spread 50 volumes and counting, two animated series and one OVA, two seasons of live-action drama, and a very interesting gag series and movie, and is also one of Japan's best-selling shoujo manga. I fell in love with this series a little more than three years ago, and it quickly became my favorite. I invite everyone to come to this panel, whether you're new to the series or just haven't even heard of it yet or are also avid fans like myself and want to share your fandom in this amazing series. At this panel, we'll be discussing the series' story and characters, providing facts and information about the different anime, manga, live-action, and gag anime forms, showing clips from the series (if permitted by staff), the series' status in the US, and also have an open forum for fans to discuss the series, their love and complaints, and even ask a few questions. Now since I'm still working out the details, not everything is set in stone, but there's also still plenty of time to get things right. What I'd like is to know if anyone is actually interested in this panel and actually want to attend, and what I could do to make sure this panel runs smoothly and fantastic. :)
  15. Hyatt room blocks for 2014 already open?

    Just reserved a room for my boyfriend and I. :) Our first A-Cen as a couple, since we got together shortly after A-Cen 2012. And it's the weekend after our anniversary, so it's the perfect getaway weekend.