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    Besides video games, i'm a little into anime, though I love the people that watch em (That means you!)<br /><br />I have to admit I like prowrestling. I want a luchador mask. I love detective shows. I like action movies, but have watched a couple artistic movies (Atonement, Amelie). <br /><br />Just talk to me, and you may find more. I'm lonely...wahh.

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  1. Charity Masquerade Ball

    Anyone opposed to a fan-run Ball? hell if I know how to organize, where, when, who, what to do. But I would like to know the "if" part of that. Hell, I'm happy with a boombox playing old music as long as I can dress up classy and dance with a few cute girls (aka hope to god a few cute girls let me dance with em.) haha! I'm sad. Seriously though, the ball was pretty much the only reason for me to go to ACen...that and karaoke...(Oh baby you! You got what I need...but you say he's just a friend...but you say he's just a friend!)
  2. Well...2 months til con. Finished with college...looking for new jobs. Last convention I went to was Youmacon in Michigan. Thatguywiththeglasses was the main reason for going...including the black tie ball dance...I love those. But now that I'm getting older...oh so very old. (dear god I'm 23! aaaahhh! jk) Money's getting tight, spending time making resumes applying for criminal justice jobs (FBI, DEA, seriously! I love my college degree!), I just feel that I'm at that point of growing out of going to cons. I was never a real die hard con-goer. I mostly went to just hang out in a hotel room, try to find some neat characters. However, the past 3 years I've been, I've always had the nagging feeling of "missing out on adventures, blending in in the background, not being noticed". And believe me, I'm an adventurer. being bored while hoping for some type of trouble is really...really...extremely dissapointing. So, I put myself in the mercy of the court, try to get me to realize why I should go to the next ACen. For example, why do you go? What's the best part? Should I shell out the prereg money and hotel cost...or stay home and play Fallout 3, Aion, and Dead Frontier? Should I go spend the saturday night watching and giggling at hentai (Boobies! haha), or should I stay up and watch Psych on my laptop (I can never find the pineapple, but I will someday). Should I try to find an adventure at the con, or attempt an adventure in Waterfall Glen? Any comments? It's late, that's why I'm rambling.
  3. 2 Year Hiatus!

    Hello everyone. I haven't touched this forum in a few years...got bored of Fallout 3, Dead Frontier...and haven't the cash for Aion yet...so here I am. Hi everyone!
  4. Who wants a hookup?? Acen dating service!

    Holy crap. I haven't touched the forums in 2 years...and this post is still going...hot damn.
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