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  1. Fullmetal alchemist

    Wow, I'm late to this party! (School will do that to you.) I'll be there as Ed Elric, and signed up a photoshoot for 3 pm Friday (where I will be dressed as this version: http://www.renders-graphics.com/image/upload/normal/fma_9-2.png )
  2. Do you want your photo shoot listed in the program?

    Is there any way to know which ones have been submitted, but not given a time yet in the linked spreadsheet? I'd only want to submit for my preferred fandom(s) if I know no one else has put in a request.
  3. Adult Responsibilities vs Anime Cons

    This is honestly how it is for me with "being an adult" and conventions, as well. We keep a reasonable number of people in the room (most of the time, anyway), we get good food and make sure there's enough for the weekend, we take time to relax, we don't overspend. It's an enjoyable way to spend the con, honestly, and in a different way from when I was younger and did do the "as many people as the room will hold let's all eat ramen all weekend" trips. I don't attend as many cons anymore, either, but to be fair, part of the reason I attended so many when I was younger was because I was doing Artist Alleys as a part-time revenue stream, and burned out after a couple of years of all the travel. Now, my two cons every year are my vacation time. Other people can go off skiing or head to Vegas or whatever it is grownups are supposed to do on vacation, I'll stick with my conventions.
  4. Binding under a spandex top?

    Oh, please, please, don't use an Ace wrap. You can cause some pretty major physical damage using them (I'm talking cracked and bruised ribs), suffer breathing problems, all kinds of terrible things. The best option is to buy a purpose-made binder, designed for FtM transvestites to wear. I have one from T-Kingdom, which is quite comfortable and fits well (I'm not a tiny Asian-size thing, much as I would love to be, but the larger sizes do fit larger bodies well). I have a couple purchased from eBay as well, but if you go that route, be sure to check your sizing well, as one of the two I have won't fit at all, and the other is difficult to impossible. Check around for other FtM resources as well; there's definitely some much better options that are definitely affordable, and won't do the damage to your body that an ace wrap can do. If you're just concerned about nipples peeking through, though, and not about getting flattened out, a sports bra or sports bra + pasties (or even two sports bras) would certainly do the trick, and again without threat of injury.
  5. 2014 Burlesque Extravaganza!

    Attended this show, and it was quite fun! However, for next year, if you can, please please add some male dancers to the act (and I don't mean just the mimes, though they were great)! There's plenty of characters this would work with (stripper Roy Mustang was the one I suggested to my room later), and it would give some terrific eye candy to your straight female and gay male attendees as well.
  6. 2014 IRT compliments

    Props to those running the long, snaking lines outside the upper-floor panel rooms (particularly Panel 8 Saturday night for the burlesque show), for keeping things organized and getting that many people lined up without blocking traffic. It's unfortunate that loading up the room took so long, but you all did what you could to keep things under control during that process, and the whole experience, though long, was orderly and calm. I was in a similar well-organized line Sunday afternoon, and it was a nice change from some of the hectic mobs I've waited in for past panels, where no one knew where to go or what was going on.
  7. Ball and joint meet and greet take too...bad time

    Over at Den of Angels and DairyLand we've got several other unofficial meets arranged: Thursday, 5:30 pm: Hyatt Lobby by the couches Friday, 12pm (noon): DES Foodcourt/Corridor just past DES ballrooms* Friday, 6 pm: Hyatt Lower Dome Saturday, 12pm (noon): Embassy Lobby Saturday, 7 pm: Embassy Lobby Sunday, 12pm (noon): DES Foodcourt/Corridor just past DES ballrooms*
  8. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    I'll be honest, it does bug me a bit when I get ID'ed as the wrong character when I'm dressed as Edward Elric, though in defense of those who keep screwing it up, I'm one of a very rare set of Ed cosplayers who don't necessarily do the default iconic red coat-black jacket-braid look, and any time you deviate from looking exactly like that iconic vision (like the Pokemon gijinkas mentioned earlier), you risk someone not being able to make the connection to your character. (It actually makes me really happy when I'm wearing a non-iconic version of the character and someone does recognize it!) On the other hand, I also occasionally cosplay as Ryner Lute, a character hardly anyone knows, so I'd be happy with even a misidentification in that one once in a while. (Again, it's exciting when someone gets it, but it's really rare.) And I do feel bad if I guess wrong on a character, but I don't know every series that's out there, and I have a hard time remembering all the character names for ones I am familiar with; a lot of times, I'll just ask for the photo and not embarrass myself with getting the name wrong.
  9. The Cta Trip Planner!

    If you buy it online, it's free. I had to pay $5 to have it sent to me, but that was for an initial $5 of value loaded on the card, that I'll be able to use to pay for rides while there.
  10. The Cta Trip Planner!

    You can also ask within Union Station for directions on how to get to the nearest Blue Line station; that's how I found it the last time I arrived at that location. Possibly too late now, but you can also order the transit cards online ahead of time. It took a few days for mine to arrive, so ordering today might get it in time, but now I won't have to mess with buying one at the station. I believe all stations do take credit cards now, based on what I've read about the change-over to the new transit system.
  11. Guidebook App?

    It works just fine for me, just clicked through to it now in fact.
  12. Guidebook App?

    The Guidebook app contains ALL of the programming for the weekend, so yes.
  13. What are you looking for this year at ACen?

    I'm always on the lookout for any official Fullmetal Alchemist stuff I don't already have. I actually don't buy much more than that; I had way too much stuff when I was buying everything, so I now limit myself to one series to keep the clutter down. In a way, it helps that fewer vendors have stuff every year, actually.
  14. Contacts?

    I've used Walmart in the past, and had a roommate who used Target. I'm using a place local to me now, but with my insurance I don't pay too much for the exam + lenses that I get there. If it's a more natural-looking orange/amber/gold you're after, I personally have been wearing FreshLook Colorblends in "Honey" for years, and they have a very nice, natural amber tone to them. Colorblends is the line for dark eyes; there's also a "colors" line for lighter colors (that can look kind of interesting in dark ones!), but I'm not sure they have an equivalent color. When you get your exam, ask the doctor to try some different colors. The ones they'll have are "plano" (0 power) and often have part of the design cut out for a logo, but are otherwise the same coloring so will give you an accurate look at how they'll look in your eyes. Additionally, be sure to get information on how to properly handle them so you can keep them clean and well-cared for! It's really important to take care of your lenses (and always get that prescription, as others said before).
  15. A Weird Wish

    I hit mine a solid week early, the day before the con I was at this month. Not fun! Thankfully, there's six weeks between that con and this one, so I should be fine, but fingers crossed anyway! (Maybe this con I'll get to wear the costume with white pants.)