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  1. Can Town 2012

    HUGE SUCCESS, GUYS! The cans (and boxes) are en route to the Palatine Community Center. You did a wonderful job.
  2. Homestuck 2012

    Is that the location of the regular meetups as well?
  3. Homestuck 2012

    Oh wow, so my huge group is coming. I'm glad I found this thread! @u@ I'll be running around as Terezi, God Tier Aradia and Signless at different points. And we should have an extremely fancy Tavros, genderbent Equius and genderbent Eridan at the Crystal Ball. Looking forward to seeing everyone. 4 on Friday, 6:30 on Saturday - got it!
  4. Technical Prop Question

    I understand the "NO LIVE STEEL!" rule, as it applies to the blades of weapons - no metal swords, etc. What if the handles on a weapon are round, thin metal tubes? (Think towel rack). Is it all right, if the rest is foamcore and styrene? Or will I need to replace the handles on my prop with PVC pipes? There are also thin metal appliques on the sides, but the metal is barely thicker than foil. Here's a reference picture: http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g223/Cat.../metalstuff.jpg
  5. Kuroshitsuji (黒執事, Aka Black Butler) 2010!

    I'm also going as Grell. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. :P I have friends coming as Ciel, Finni, Sebastian and William T. Spears, too.
  6. Acen Cosplay 2008 Pictures!

  7. D.gray-man @ Acen08?

  8. FMA cosplay for acen