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  1. Skastumes!

    Hi ACen friends! I just wanted to tell you all I just started my very own cosplay commission site, www.skastumes.com! I'm currently a Fashion Design student at the Art Institute of Indianapolis (but I'm from Illinois!) and I would love to make a costume for you! Please check out my site and like my Facebook page too! It would make me soo happy! :D www.skastumes.com www.facebook.com/skastumes
  2. Skastumes!

    Ditto is the shiz. XD I know ACen's pretty much upon us, but I KNOW you all are going to other cons this summer and need something to wear, right? Let me make you pretty!!! Or look like a bamf, whichever you prefer. :D
  3. Need ideas on names for a Chicago Bronycon

    Chicabro Con? lol
  4. Doctor Who 2012

    Rose Tyler, reporting for duty, sir! :)
  5. Announcing the Crystal Ball!

    Well, as somebody that didn't have a date to prom, this could be a good way to make up for it? lol
  6. Announcing the Crystal Ball!

    Awww, I want to go to the ball! Eff, I need a date. :(
  7. A real-life Weekend at Bernie's

  8. Sailor Moon Costume @ Hot Topic...

    No costume that you buy that comes in a plastic bag around Halloween time is going to be good. They're cheaply done because, let's face it, most people are going to wear that costume once and toss it. We're cosplayers, so our brains work a little different when it comes to costumes. :D
  9. College.

    I WAS an Animation major....then one day I decided I liked making the characters' clothes more than I liked making the characters. So I switched to Fashion Design. :) I blame cosplay. lol
  10. [C] Control - The Money of Soul and Possibility

    I'm really loving this show. Glad to know there's a few people out there enjoying it too, and know what I'm talking about. :)
  11. Convention crush? :3

    There was a pretty cute 10th Doctor. I'm sure he knows who he is. :wub:
  12. Miss Frizzle

    Here's one of you i took!
  13. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    Rose Tyler Anybody spot me?
  14. ACEN 2011 Looking for someone?

    Hahah, yeah, I will take a facebook page! XD
  15. Doctor Who 2011

    Okay, thanks! I added you though, and it let me tag pictures, so I guess I just had to be your friend to do it. :P lol
  16. ACEN 2011 Looking for someone?

    Okay, people I am looking for because I'm too much of a dong to get facebook links from people, lol. 1. Justin from Friday night's rave. Umm, you were tall, cute, 20 years old (ahem, 21 in 2 weeks), I think you said you were going to school to be an EMT? 2. A 10th Doctor that I saw on Friday who did a super good impression of the Doctor, and waved like a madman at me at the Friday photoshoot. Here's a picture: click here 3. The girl who did that awesome Marceline the Vampire Queen cosplay. YOU ARE TOTALLY RHOMBUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Marceline Picture Awwwww.....now I just feel creepy. :unsure:
  17. Doctor Who 2011

    Raven_rising, is it okay if I upload those to my Facebook album? It doesn't give me the option to tag myself in those. :/
  18. Suggestions for ACen 2012

    C2E2 had an app for their con, it was really helpful. Also, put the photoshoot times into the program books. That's all from me for now. :)
  19. Doctor Who 2011

    Those look fantastic!
  20. Rude Cosplay Fans

    To the girl that wanted a hug from me while I was in my Blair cosplay: I'm sorry I didn't seem too into your hug, my hat was just kind of obnoxious and it's hard to get it to sit just right on my head. I didn't want to bump the brim of it on you and have it fall off or something. It seems to take forever to get it to sit just right on my head with the wig and stuff. I know that seems lame, but true story. :/
  21. Doctor Who 2011

    My Pictures I enjoyed the heck out of the Friday and Saturday photoshoots. I don't have many pictures, but feel free to tag yourself.

    Thanks for the link!!! And I'm not saying that everybody wants to hear mainstream stuff, I just think that there needs to be variety to appeal to everybody there. I guess for me, I just want to hear something with some words instead of beats the whole time, lol.
  23. H. Naoto @ ACen!

    *hugs ACen* THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! This is so exciting for me---I'm a fashion design major and H. Naoto is my favorite Japanese designer!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel like the biggest issue is the line to get in. I don't know what would have to happen in order to do it, but I feel as though the only way to remedy this problem is to have 2 raves happening simultaneously in different hotels. The Soap Bubble is a lot of people's favorite event at ACen, and it's really disappointing when you can't get in. I remember my first year going was 2007, and I maybe waited an hour in line, but the last few years, I didn't even bother getting in line because it was so long. Also, it's ridiculous to have everybody waiting outside so long, since some years, it's been very cold out. I think the DJs this year haven't been as good as previous years. I don't really know the names for the different genres, but it's really annoying to hear the same repetitive "thump" the entire time. Switch it up! I was happy as heck when I heard one DJ start to play some Martin Solveig, but only for a minute, then it was back to "thump thump" again. I went to take a break after a little while there, and while I was sitting off to the side, I noticed how little the crowd seemed to move. People were dancing, but they weren't terrifically into it. A few others that were standing off to the side commented on it too, the music needs more variety.
  25. H. Naoto @ ACen!

    Is anybody else going crazy waiting to hear a response? I sure am. O_O