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  1. Skastumes!

    Ditto is the shiz. XD I know ACen's pretty much upon us, but I KNOW you all are going to other cons this summer and need something to wear, right? Let me make you pretty!!! Or look like a bamf, whichever you prefer. :D
  2. Skastumes!

    Hi ACen friends! I just wanted to tell you all I just started my very own cosplay commission site, www.skastumes.com! I'm currently a Fashion Design student at the Art Institute of Indianapolis (but I'm from Illinois!) and I would love to make a costume for you! Please check out my site and like my Facebook page too! It would make me soo happy! :D www.skastumes.com www.facebook.com/skastumes
  3. Need ideas on names for a Chicago Bronycon

    Chicabro Con? lol
  4. Doctor Who 2012

    Rose Tyler, reporting for duty, sir! :)
  5. Announcing the Crystal Ball!

    Well, as somebody that didn't have a date to prom, this could be a good way to make up for it? lol
  6. Announcing the Crystal Ball!

    Awww, I want to go to the ball! Eff, I need a date. :(
  7. A real-life Weekend at Bernie's

  8. Sailor Moon Costume @ Hot Topic...

    No costume that you buy that comes in a plastic bag around Halloween time is going to be good. They're cheaply done because, let's face it, most people are going to wear that costume once and toss it. We're cosplayers, so our brains work a little different when it comes to costumes. :D
  9. College.

    I WAS an Animation major....then one day I decided I liked making the characters' clothes more than I liked making the characters. So I switched to Fashion Design. :) I blame cosplay. lol
  10. [C] Control - The Money of Soul and Possibility

    I'm really loving this show. Glad to know there's a few people out there enjoying it too, and know what I'm talking about. :)
  11. Convention crush? :3

    There was a pretty cute 10th Doctor. I'm sure he knows who he is. :wub:
  12. Miss Frizzle

    Here's one of you i took!
  13. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    Rose Tyler Anybody spot me?
  14. ACEN 2011 Looking for someone?

    Hahah, yeah, I will take a facebook page! XD
  15. Doctor Who 2011

    Okay, thanks! I added you though, and it let me tag pictures, so I guess I just had to be your friend to do it. :P lol