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  1. 2015 compliments

    Please tell us about your good experiences about Irt.
  2. 2014 IRT compliments

    With less than two weeks till con so I figured I would start this early.So here are a few tips if at some point during con you see an Irt member do something that you would like to say something nice to be sure to get there call sign and post there call sign with the compliment.thank you and have a great con.
  3. i will talk to my department head and see what we can come up with.
  4. 2013 IRT Compliments

    If you have something good to say about an IRT memeber Or IRT in general
  5. 2012 IRT compliments

    thanks to all the attendee's for making our job run smoother
  6. IRT, you guys were AWESOME this year!

    here is the irt compliments page http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/42364-2012-irt-compliments/ and thank you all for the compliments we appreciate hearing good things from the attendees
  7. 2012 IRT compliments

    Okay i know its a little early for this and with ACen being just around the corner I'd figure i would start this thread early OK if you run across on op that you would like to thank during the course of the convention please get a call-sign its written in orange and will be above there left hand pocket and with that i would like to thank you all for attending ACen and hope you have a wonderful convention and for the ones reading this after con i hope you had a wonderful time
  8. 2011 compliments

    anything good you wanna say about irt and ops you wanna say thanks to this is the place to do it
  9. The Protomen

    i agree with Thanatos
  10. Irt Compliments 2010

    thanks sweetbeanpaste and crimson we really appreciate the compliments from the people that attend the convention
  11. 2010 Irt Complaints

    I'm sorry that the hookah people bothered you but there is nothing that we the people on irt can do about it the hotel has that space specifically designated a smoking area as there are signs saying smoking area if you have a complaint about it please contact the hotel and if they approve of the move we will enforce it
  12. 2010 Irt Complaints

    i like god hand joined irt for the same reason to keep the con fun and enjoyable for all involved i hope that next year we have some of the complaints handled so please for next year as i know many other irt op had mentioned before please please please get a callsign from the op in question so we can get to the bottom of the situation and take care of it for ACen's to come
  13. Irt Compliments

    please post any complements on the 2010 irt complements page
  14. Gripes

    OK it saddens me that so many of you had a hard time with irt i don't know if any of you had a problem with me i was on special events i was wearing a olive green bandanna if it was me I'm sorry please pm me if you like and if you have a valid argument i will apologize but for next year if you have a problem with any i mean any irt member please get a call sign we all have a name on are vest mine said shade is was displayed on the left chest we cannot do anything about your complaints unless you get a call sign if they dont have the tape look at there badge
  15. Irt Compliments 2010

    thank you im sure anyone who was on the convention center will be happy to hear that they did a good job