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  1. Help needed badly

    you dont think i dont already know that? lili told me herself that she cant sleep in a room with others if i'm not next to her, we are not being picky, we are doing what we can so our mental and physical health are not messed up anymore then what they are.
  2. Help needed badly

    already looked into that, same as the others, and even if they could take us in, no cash to get out there, ran out of cash and havent had anything to eat for 2 days now.
  3. Help needed badly

    AZ is a right to work state, like illinois, so they dont have to tell me why i am no longer employed, dont know if i was let go, or just fired. skills, a few, but its too late, we have to leave the hostel at 11 and have no money left in my account, spent the very last of it staying here and eating last night. Hope is gone, fear and despair is all i feel now, dont know what to do, panic is taking hold of my heart again and its killing me knowing i dragged her into this mess.
  4. Help needed badly

    1st: no, no shelter will allow us to stay together once we get in their doors, and spliting us up would damn near kill her, i wont let that happen. 2nd: i had a job in az, but only for 2 weeks, not long enough to get unemployment, as for food stamps, we need to set them back up. 3rd: no way in hell, they know what they were doign when they shipped us back here, my mom has a cold heart and doesnt even care for her only son. 4th, i havent yet, if i had given up, i would not be here typing this up right now.
  5. Help needed badly

    Sis told me that jobs were plenty down in her part of Az. she got me and lili train tickets and we moved, after 6 months of searching every day, no jobs were to be found, her husband, my brother-in-law, asked us to leave the house, we did, after a few days on the street, my mom got us tickets back to chicago and we are here, with no home and no hope.
  6. Help needed badly

    Back in chicago now, and no shelters will take us together, havent found a place and no longer stressed, now filled with dread and hopelessness. may be my last post on the forums.
  7. Help needed badly

    My family pretty much abandoned me, as for lili, her family hates me and most likely wont help just because of me. dont like the idea of a shelter but might be the only thing that we can do. I hate this so much that we cant get help and no one can help.
  8. Help needed badly

    had to leave Az in such a hurry because my mom doesnt care what happens to her only son, told us she will get us back to chicago less then 24 hours before we left, no time to make arraignments for when we got up there. Don't know what to do, hostel is out of the question thanks to blowing through my last paycheck for food for the trip.
  9. Help needed badly

    Just found out from my mom that she is getting us one way train tickets back to chicago leaving tomorrow morning, dont know how long the train will take to get there and dont know what we will do when we do get to chicago, my hope is all but gone and having panic attacks every other minute.
  10. Help needed badly

    Some of you might remember me, most probably wont. been a very long time since i was active on the forums since me and my wife (met at ACen) moved to arizona. To make a long story very short, we might be moving back to illinois, but have no where to go! This is a call for help for any ACen member that is willing to help is NOT be on the streets when we get back, we will most likely be leaving in 48 hours by car back to the chicago area, and only have 3 hours of net time left, as we are at a library and using their net. PLEASE, anyone that can help reply as soon as you can, we dont want to be homeless and are in need of great help. Yor9790 and visualkei_star
  11. RIP Leslie Nielsen

    * bows his head and sheds a single tear* :(
  12. help needed

    rofl, i totaly forgot about that! wow my mind is failing lately, that would make the frame lighter and much easier to repair if something happens. thanks knives
  13. help needed

    what i need is someone that either knows how to weld aluminum or some type of strong styrene into the framework for the tail. and no, i dont have the plans for the tail, i'm gonna have to build it in a wireframe program so whoever helps knows what its gonna look like and where the doors/flaps go. Think of the tail as a backpack/storage system as well.
  14. help needed

    ty ty, its been way too long since i posted anything, my bookmark is set to the insanity topics :P
  15. help needed

    First off, don't kill me for posting this here, nor for its content. Those of you that know me, you know i'm a retired fursuiter. I'm planning on coming out of retirement again, but need help with one thing. I build my own suit, and need someone that knows about or has done wireframing, its for the tail of my squirrel suit. After looking around for mats, patterns, and builders, I've found nothing for it, not even on any cosplay/fursuit sites, squirrel suits are kinda rare. If any of you know someone, or has any leads on this, please let me know. P.S. I really don't care what you think when you read "I'm a suiter," we of the furry community are not all "R or X rated" ppl, if you understand that (keeping it "PG" for the mods). So keep your hate and anti-furry posts where it belongs, the trash. I'm just sick of non-furries bashing us and not even knowing what or who is really behind the fur.