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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Just of mine. My friend's Red Eyes will be debuting this year
  2. Pokemon!

    I'll be at the Saturday shoot as gijinka Houndour!
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Coming back as gijinka Blue Eyes and my friend will be gijinka Red Eyes!
  4. The "damn" Thread

    It's been a damn while since I've been here.
  5. FMA 2017

    I don't recall one being there last year (there probably was, but I wasn't there), so I managed to get us a shoot for this year! It's going to be on Saturday morning, 10 am at the garden location near the Expoteria. Can't wait to see everyone!
  6. Excel's Asylum For The Mentally Disturbed

    *plays with her cuttlefish*
  7. The "damn" Thread

    So damn close to the con!
  8. Pokemon 2016

    All mt Pokemon cosplays keep failing on me :(/> the only one that I do have though is James from the banned episode where he wears a bikini, but idk how I would feel about wearing that one. I also have Ash, so I could do that one instead.
  9. The "damn" Thread

    Damn right it is!
  10. The "damn" Thread

    *walks in the damn room* hello?
  11. Undertale Gathering!

    You can count me in as Frisk! :D
  12. FNAF Gathering?

    I know the fandom is probably not as big as used to be (or maybe it still is and I'm just not paying attention anymore), but would anybody else be interested in doing this? Edit: We have a time and place! Friday, 8:30 pm at the garden outside the Expoteria.
  13. Star Wars 2016

    I know I can't be the only one hoping for this gathering, right? It will be held at Loading Docks A1 at 1:00 on Friday. Hope to see others show up! :D There's also another shoot on Saturday at the same location but at 11 am. I won't be at that one and don't know who's running that one.
  14. Sailor Moon 2016

    Going to be doing Queen Beryl instead of Usagi.
  15. Yu-Gi-Oh! 2016

    I should have gijinka Blue Eyes White Dragon done by then!