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  1. Because HikariS linked this thread to me on my FB wall and you saw it there maybe? Otherwise I probably would have no idea lol
  2. Did someone ask for a Gaston? I would probably bring him back on Saturday because well let's face it everyone loves Gaston.
  3. Kollision Con 2011

    I might go, if I can scrounge up 30 bucks. I really wanted a green laser pointer...but...Doug Walker....heeermmm....
  4. Streaming Anime On Netflix :o

    I miss Netflix >.> Do free trials have streaming? Maybe I'll just create new accounts and just use free trials during certain months when I have more free time such as December or July.
  5. Help! I'm in need of some of the funniest anime around!

    I found this old anime tape from the late 90s at my library called Dragon Half. ADV really hyped up the comedy of this show on the box saying it was like the funniest anime ever. It was so bad I couldn't even watch the second episode, though it probably has to do with the absolutely terrible voice acting then the story or actual script. It's on YouTube if anyone dares to watch it, or can convince me to watch the second half.
  6. PSN Down..Again >_<

    PSN was down? Shows you much I use it.
  7. Stick vs Automatic?

    I drive an automatic. Never drove a stick. I have never really thought about driving stick. I'm not super into cars like some people are. I know what I like and as long as its not a big butt truck/van/or SUV, I'm fine. I hate driving tall cars like that. It feels like i'm driving a bus or something. I'd rather drive something smaller than my current car, but it's good enough for now. Preferably a small blue coupe or something, though my dream car is a DeLorean. But I doubt I will ever have enough money for one.
  8. Steve Jobs is Gone

    The world would have been a much different and IMO a much worse place without Steve Jobs.
  9. iPhone 4S

    I want it. Too poor. >>
  10. This is Halloween, this is Halloween...

    I'll probably do nothing. Maybe watch some TV and hand out candy. Halloween sure lost it's luster in later years. I miss coming up with a costume to wear. I have a costume this year, but no reason to wear it. Or maybe I will dress up like Carl Sagan and ask kids questions to get the candy. Stuff like "What is the nearest star?" or "Which planet is closest to the sun?" But probably not. I'm sure most people wouldn't get know who I am as if I did go to a costume party dressed as Carl Sagan.
  11. Kreayshawn Loves Sailor Moon, apparently

    I remember seeing that Kosuke Fukudome, formerly of the Chicago Cubs was a fan of Dragon Ball. He watched/read it when he was a kid. But then again he was from Japan....
  12. Volunteering!

    I just sent an email to Volunteers@ACen.org, also asking about refunds so if who ever is in charge is strolling through here, I am letting them know so they can go check their emails for it. :)
  13. Ps3/360 Online Id's (merged Topic)

    I guess I never added my PSN name, which is SaturnXmkII
  14. Official Wii Friend's Code List!

    The only game I have is Mario Kart Wii but my friend code is 4298-4502-1415. PM me if you wanna play.
  15. Anyone else have a tumblr?

    I signed up awhile ago, but only now started really using it. thereallybignothing.tumblr.com