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The "meat and potatoes" of every convention, including Anime Central. Want to find out about neat events and happenings at the convention? Need to prepare to plan out what you're going to do and see? Come on in and find out what we're cooking up.


  1. Event Suggestions

    If you've got an idea or a question about programs, panels, and events being held at Anime Central, this is the place for you.

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  2. Panel Programming

    Looking to run a panel at Anime Central or just want to check out what panels are going to be showing up? Check here for all the info on all the fan and industry-run panels you can get your hands on.

  3. Gaming

    Video Gaming, Table Top Gaming, RPG, miniature, and card gaming events at the convention.

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  4. Video Programming/AMV

    Got a request, a question, or a thought about what we'll be showing in our video rooms this year? Questions about the AMV submission, awards or anything else? Check out this forum for updates and discussion.