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  2. Owari no Seraph

    The gathering has been approved! I will update with time and location when I find out.
  3. Last week
  4. Hi there! I have extra space in my room and I'm looking to fill it. The room is booked from Thursday through Sunday morning, and we'd prefer to be checked out as early as possible. I'm waiting to hear back if my panels are accepted, but because of that I would prefer to have someone that's respectful when they come in at night. I have no problems with you partying, just be quiet when you come back since I don't know if I'll be asleep or not. I'm also a big stickler about keeping the room mostly clean. BUT! I'm a Hilton member so free wifi. I'd also prefer someone over the age of 21 and LGBT friendly, but beggars can't be choosers. If interested please reply below and I'll contact you from there. If you wanna make sure I'm not a total creep my Facebook fan page is "Dokuhan Cosplays Sometimes" and you can find almost all of my social media by Googling "Dokuhan".
  5. Parking at ACen

    If you have a hotel room, the hotel should have a parking lot or a garage. If not, then try your luck by the Blue Line
  6. Countdown From A Million!

  7. First time panelist advice?

    I'm signed up to run a panel for the very first time at this year's ACen. I've never run a panel before, ever, so I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice to help me out? I found this post and a lot of the things covered there seem pretty evergreen, but it is from 2015. Are there any new wrinkles that have come up in the last three years? I think in 2015 panels were just starting to be in the convention center proper instead of in the hotels, are there any quirks of the convention center that a first-timer should be aware of?
  8. Countdown From A Million!

  9. So nothing concrete at the moment but I was curious to see if there was a 'market', so to speak, for a group cosplay of overwatch characters in a high school setting(some as students and maybe the older characters as teachers), I've already got a good idea for how to do Genji in this style and am interested if other people would like to join in. if people want to do this then we can discuss what the uniform would be and stuff like that
  10. Last Letter Game!

  11. Hello I'm looking for 1 more person to share room with we have currently 3 people all males 20+ good hygiene ,friendly looking for one more to make cost less it's the doubletree hotel right infront of the center you might have to sleep on floor male or females welcome we are rave goers so we drink and head over there please be rave goer to not kill our nights and be able to provide drinks and of age to drink hygien has to be A+ please might be able to take 2 more roommates instead of one not sure yet message me if interested
  12. Looking for roommate

    Hello I'm looking for 1 more person to share room with we have currently 3 people all males 20+ good hygiene ,friendly looking for one more to make cost less it's the doubletree hotel right infront of the center you might have to sleep on floor male or females welcome
  13. Looking for a room

    Hello! If anyone has space in their room for two more roommates, me and my friend are looking to stay for the whole weekend. Willing to pay for our space early. Only one of us will Cosplay, Cosplay is pretty light. Some facts as well: Both female, age 25+ Can provide food and drinks to share Pack light, usually need a small space of our stuff If you have any questions, please contact via PM or email:santarosa3to@gmail.com, Facebook profile attached to my profile as well.
  14. looking for a room

    Imlooking for a room for ACen hoping for thr-sunday(Leave on monday) but will take any room i can find as long as it's within walking of the con hotel (because i dont drive
  15. Looking to maybe share Embassy room

    are you still looking for a roommate?
  16. Hey everyone!

    Hi Sara! Welcome back to ACen!
  17. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    When you're packing up to move to a new place and realize over half of your stuff is anime or cosplay related.
  18. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes. Sometimes work has conferences at the Hyatt. Ever walked barefoot in the snow?
  19. True Or False

    True. Why do I stay in a state that provides massive snowfalls again? Oh right. It kills bugs. TNP has ADD.
  20. Last Letter Game!

    Kick-@$$ (lol)
  21. Team ACen is traveling out to Anime Milwaukee this weekend for our last roadshow before Anime Central! We’ll be running games, contests, recruiting staff, and answering your questions. Also, we’ll be offering the Road Show registration rate of $43 (full weekend), if you pre-register at Anime Milwaukee. This is the lowest rate you’ll be able to register at for the whole weekend. So be sure to stop by! To qualify for the special rate you must be in attendance at the convention we are roadshowing at and must have a badge to that event.
  22. me and my brothers were planning to do civilian cosplays of Emu, Hiro, and Taiga so we'd be down for joining in.
  23. Looking for a 2 bed balcony room at the Hyatt. Name your price. Also willing to consider other hotels near by. If this post is still up in still looking.
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  25. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the forums. Here...have a cookie *hands you a cookie*
  26. Hey everyone!

    Hi, I'm Sara! I'm 24, and this year marks 10 years since my first time attending ACen (and first time cosplaying). Since then I've attended and volunteered at a bunch of different conventions, but I haven't been to ACen since 2014 and I'm super excited to be going back! I'm hoping to make a few friends this year...I'll be going alone since my usual ACen crew is now scattered across the country. I'm a fan of a pretty wide range of anime and manga, but some of my all time favorites (like, re-watched too many times to count) are Clannad, Elfen Lied, Death Note, Code Geass, Yu Yu Hakusho, Charlotte, and Ouran High School Host Club. Currently I am rewatching/finishing watching Naruto Shippuden, which I stopped following years ago, because I started watching Boruto and surprisingly enjoyed it a lot, so I thought I should actually give the original (well, sequel) series another shot. Nice to meet you all!
  27. Hey, was wondering if anyone cosplaying Kamen Rider wanted to do a civilian Rider group of the team from the Heisei Generations Final Kamen Rider movie? I already have my own cosplays for Gentaro, Emu, Kouta, and Eiji, so I could fill any of those roles that we're missing depending on who wants to cosplay who.
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