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  3. To be honest - things have changed - and what you consider good just really depends on your outlook and what you did before. Personally I feel like its less in terms of events/guests/etc. ACen has grown as far as footprint. There is much less nightlife unless your a rave person- Thursday is pretty dead. There are only a few room parties and they get shut down pretty quickly. The video game room has gotten better. International guests including musicians seem to be fewer and fewer and for the last few years they seem to be doing pretty much the same things. It seems like the exhibit hall hasnt grown the last few years- they redid the industry area and there is a lot of space now between their booths and the exhibitors area is tighter because of it. *shrug* The Artist Alley has its own section now vs being part of the exhibit hall. Seems a bit more crowded but there is more variety. I dunno - I go every year because Isamu, Rondo, Sinner and others continue to go but I dunno if I'll be back in 2020.
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  5. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    I started watching Attack on Titan and become a huge fan of it
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  7. 1 person seeking room!

    Hello, I am looking for a room at the Hyatt, Hilton, Embassy, Double Tree, or Crowne Plaza. I am looking to stay Thursday through Sunday. I am 30 years old, a cosplayer, a big D&D nerd, and LGBT (transmasculine). I would prefer rooming with people who are LGBT friendly as I am very tired of being mis-gendered every convention I go to. I am a quiet individual who does not smoke, drink, or party. I would prefer a group who feels similarly, but don't really mind as long as nobody minds me sleeping in the corner while you drink. Due to several ailments, I require a bed or couch to sleep on but don't mind sharing at all. I do not snore. I cosplay and attend the raves and would only really use the room to store my things, change, and sleep. As always, I would be happy to provide sodas, chips, and stuff to make sandwiches. I can stay at the farther hotels if need be, but would be looking for lower prices for them, as my ailments make those walks a little more difficult. Please message me if interested. Thank you so much for your time!
  8. Oh wow... yeah a LOT has changed more than I realized... Back in 2012 when I started attending panel rooms were mostly in the Hyatt, and the dealer's room/AA were split in that same room pretty much half half. Now the DR and AA have separate rooms it seems... Anyone here feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Hey, what's up? Yeah, last time I was there, memory serves, they had partitions inside the exhibit hall that hosted a couple panel rooms. I'm really looking forward to coming back.
  10. Hey all! ACen is slowly encroaching upon us, and many of us are putting aside money for our hotel stays... Also many of us I'm sure might forget that not only does your hotel of choice charge you for your 3+ night stay but also each night includes an incidental insurance charge as well. That's typically $50/night booked. A user who shall remain nameless from the Otakon forums was surprised and frustrated that he couldn't check in (without the help of his dad who loaned him some money) because he didn't have upwards of $150 required at check in, of which is the $50 a night I mentioned a moment ago. Don't put yourself in his situation. Always save / request from your roommates a little bit more to cover this fee that many hotels charge. Also to note, this charge is TEMPORARY given your room isn't trashed beyond simple methods of room cleaning, and will be reversed and refunded within reasonable time after you check out. That'll vary from hotel to hotel, but the $150-200 or so extra charged to your credit/debit card will be temporary. So, I intend this thread to serve as a reminder for everyone to have you / your group budget an additional $150-200 or so for the incidentals, even if the booking site you're using doesn't mention it, even though they should, but if you're an experienced con-goer/hotel booker you should expect/remember and budget for it.... Thanks for reading, Shiggitay
  11. Hey all! Is anyone here planning or planning to plan a Vocaloid Cosplay event for ACen 2019? I cosplay two different versions of Hatsune Miku (genderbent to/in different degrees) and I think it'd be fun to hang out with everyone else from the same fandom.
  12. Curious about ACen's Masquerade

    Hey all! I'm a very experienced con-goer, and at each con I go to I try and attend its masquerade... I've been going to ACen since 2012, and not once have I attended its masquerade. How does it compare to others cons' masquerades? I really wanna try and attend this year, and I'm looking forward to it.
  13. If you like meeting people that share the same interests with you (comics/manga, anime, video games, cosplay etc) then a convention like Anime Central is the place to be! I've been going since 2012 and I don't see myself stopping to attend for as long as I can see in the near future. If you're in the Chicago area or if you don't mind traveling (like I do from Boston, MA area) then I'd say give it a shot!
  14. Aresef, are you following me? Ahahaha And yeah ACen has been growing like crazy since you last attended... I started going in 2012, and in my eye starting in 2014 when the actual con center started being used for panels and whatnot it started to feel like a real con like Anime Boston and Otakon. If you're planning on coming in 2019 I think you should. I've been going from 2012 to now nonstop and sure I had my down/off years, but I always found things to keep me going. 2018's Video Gaming Hall for example was freakin' ENORMOUS! It used the room that I'm sure you remember being unused at the top of the escalators coming up from where the main part of the con center is to where you'd make that left to go on the skybridge towards all the hotels... hard to explain.... but yeah a lot has changed, and I'm super excited to attend again this year.
  15. A lot has changed since 2008. Attendance has doubled since then, and while I can’t remember the exact number of exhibitors that were there in 2008, Hall A is entirely filled with Industry booths and Exhibitors. In 2008 the hall was still being shared by many things, some panels, the Artist Alley, etc. If you’re looking for a specific Exhibitor, there is a listing of who is coming on our website (http://www.acen.org/exhibitors-industry/participant-listing/). Registration has been really streamlined since 2008. Last year, I don’t remember seeing the at-con registration being longer than an hour during peak times. This can be avoided too by having your badge mailed to you. ACen also expanded into other areas of the convention center, a lot. We have a separate hall for the Artist Alley, taken many of the ballrooms for panel programming, and last year moved video gaming into another hall.
  16. Hey chums, I wasn't expecting to be back at ACen this year, but I came into a badge and cashed in some United miles, so here I am. I'm a Baltimore native who frequents Otakon, MAGFest and Power Morphicon, with other events occasionally sprinkled in like Regeneration Who. I've been going to conventions since 2004 and was last at ACen in 2008. In high school, I started a Power Rangers podcast--the first, it turns out--called Rangercast. I did that from 2005 to 2012 and it kinda faded. I keep meaning to get it going again. But in that time, I did con coverage from ACen, but also from Baltimore, Richmond, DC, a couple other events and the first couple PMC's.
  17. Last time I was at ACen, there were several Power Rangers guests, Peelander Yellow unintentionally stomped on my iPod and a cyberattack led to a bunch of people waiting forever for their badge. Those are the things that stick out, but I did have fun. I know the con's grown a bunch since then, but I was wondering, since I'm returning, how that size is reflected in what's been added in terms of events and exhibitors since then?
  18. Space at O'Hare Inn and Suites

    thanks for letting me know bout the error
  19. Space at O'Hare Inn and Suites

    You got a room for Thursday to Friday, but you'll be at the con for most of the weekend?
  20. One Piece 2019 Gathering

    @Moogle_21 thank you for the information (as I was too blind to see that myself) :)
  21. Space at O'Hare Inn and Suites

    got a room at the ohare inn and suites from thursday to sunday, its about 10 min away from the con site, i can find out if the shuttle drops off near the con site or we can split Uber since i will be there almost all day for most fo the three days
  22. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I only play online games now. This is Pubg, WOT and others. Although recently the system began to slow down strongly. What do you think. are these viruses? If to choose between avast vs bitdefender what to give preference. I wonder what antivirus you use on gaming computers. Thank!
  23. Count yourself in!  When I get confirmation that the panel's been approved, I'll let you know, okay?



  24. One seeking room

    I may be able to attend ACen for the first time since 2008. I need a room and all the hotels are out of con rate rooms, all the Airbnb's have suspiciously high "cleaning fees." So I need a room that's cheaper Thursday (or could make do with Friday) through Sunday than the $350-ish Airbnb would charge me. I'm a 30-year-old man from Baltimore, not a hard-partier, not a drinker or anything like that. Edit: Found a place along the blue line, I'm good
  25. Call for Fanfiction Panelists

    I'd be interested if you still need people: 1. Bionic Slime 2. Rob 3. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12282413/1/Snow-Angel, https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4597585/1/One-Last-Dance, https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3923066/1/A-Very-Bubblegum-Christmas, https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10996195/1/Strange-Yet-Wonderful 4. https://www.fanfiction.net/u/10215/ 5. Hosted other panels but never been on a fanfiction panel. 6. I'm a passionate writer, speaker, adore writing fanfiction, talking about fiction, doing panels and getting a chance to share my knowledge, passion and interests to others through writing.
  26. Anyone ever buy from.....?

    I'm also like amazon
  27. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    As I somehow don`t like the new arrivals, I started to rewatch old series like One Piece and Naruto.
  28. Offline Open World RPG suggestions

    I’ve played Ravensword 2, free netflix The Shadow Sun, Aralon, 9th Dawn, The Quest etc netflix free trial And I’m looking for a game where you can customise your character, has Armor and weapons to loot and generally pretty fun to play. upcoming movies Any suggestions? I’m finding it pretty hard to find something I haven’t played that fits the qualities I’m looking for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  29. One Piece 2019 Gathering

    Information on policies and hosting gatherings can be found at the link below. http://www.acen.org/programming/costume-events/cosplay-meet-ups/
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