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  3. 2019 Guest Request Survey

    Our Guest Relations is currently collecting Guest requests for the 2019 convention! If you’ve been dying to see a guest come out to ACen, now is a great time to let them know! We may not be able to invite every request submitted, but thanks for your feedback! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QT95T6T
  4. Has anyone else see this super freaking adorable anime called How To Keep A Mummy? It's only twelve episodes and there's an ongoing manga in Japanese and its honestly so goddamn cute.
  5. Hey all, I haven't been able to find any photos from the Sailor Moon photoshoot from Friday. I was punk sailor moon and I really want to see some stupid photos of me dabbing. Please help! ~thanks
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  7. Final Fantasy XIV cosplayers

    Someone looking for us? I was the Tonberry with the Bard.
  8. True Or False

    False. I don't really cosplay anymore TNP is going to another con this year
  9. True Or False

    True, I did not stay there this year. TNP is already thinking about a cosplay for next year!!!
  10. Hotel Blocks 2019

    Check back around August. They opened in September last year
  11. I was just wondering if anybody has an idea when 2019 hotel blocks will be opened up? I'm so bad at staying organized and wanna plan as far in advance as possible lololol
  12. Pictures ACen 2018

    Hey Guys, Check out some photos I took on Saturday of the con. Feel free to download any of them with Watermarks and if you want prints or digital downloads without watermarks, I can send you a link. Digital Downloads are $5. I hope you had an amazing time and I enjoyed seeing all the work put into these cosplays https://www.facebook.com/pg/NicoleGutkoskaPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=783707038505971
  13. ACen 2018 Cosplayers - photos from 5/19

    Hi All, This was my first ACen I attended and I loved it! Thank you to all the amazing cosplayers who I met and allowed me to capture their freaking awesome designs~ Please feel free to download your images from my *New* ACen 2018 Album for free If you'd like to work with me on capturing your cosplays, you can reach me at hello@peacockeyephotography.com
  14. Favorite Anime Quotes

    “We are all like fireworks. We climb, shine, and always go our separate ways and become further apart. But even if that time comes, let’s not disappear like a firework, and continue to shine forever.” Hitsugaya Toushiro (Bleach) This one is my favorite, ones or twice, I put it when I write my assignment, as for me, it's really full of deep meaning. I think, there're lots of useful and powerful quotes in anime\mangs, even my teacher at college has the same opinion as I!
  15. Hi all, I've uploaded my shots of cosplayers from ACen this year! Check it out on my Facebook page and tag away!
  16. Do you have our soap?

    My boyfriend and I were in the game room playing Smash Bros with a large group of people in the last few hours of the con on Sunday. A lot of the people we were playing with left at the same time and we think someone accidentally grabbed one of our bags as they were gathering their stuff. The bag had a D20 soap and a colorful bath fizz that we had just bought in Artist Alley before heading to the game room. It's not a huge loss but they were the only things we had bought for ourselves all weekend (besides food) and we were really looking forward to them. We'd really like to get them back if we can so if you grabbed that bag or know who did please contact us.
  17. In 2013, the ball was fantastic. As big as it needed to be, the music was kept for the most part, tight and formal, being mostly ballroom and latin with occasional deviation. Quite rapidly, it shifted away from that. Ballroom became less and less commin to the point where in 2017, I think a single ballroom song was played. This year started out looking like 2013 but became 2017 by the end. To me, this shows a mistargeting. I understand not everyone wants a fully formal ball. That's fine, the ball doesnt need to be a huge event with snacks and elaborate lights. It could keep formal for those who do want formal, with a fancier playlist. The decreased size could also mean a removed cost, as ACen is the only anime convention I know of that charges for a seperate ticket to its ball, and I go to many local cons. And I understand that people requested many if not all of the informal songs played at the ball. That's why the title is what it is, I think that a dance with music catering to that crowd could exist, possibly with the cost and luxury and size the ball shrinking and going free as of my strategy would leave. I understand the demand for that exists. The waltz was taught at the ball. It was taught well, as it is every year. The point of these lessons should be to get everyone a baseline of knowledge so you can play more songs that fit in confidence that people will know how to dance to it. Instead, it seemed to be just to waste everyone's time, as post-lessons was when the excellent start ended. I predict the official staff response will be "It's not a ball, it's a prom" as the staffer i emailed about the tracklist said. Once I got that information, they said there would be a balance of music, which there was not. I argue to the prom rebuttal: the schedule calls it the Formal Ball. My ticket calls it a Formal Ball. The site calls it a Formal Ball. The email to contact is Crystalball@ACen.org. If it's a prom instead, this is false advertizing and that should be righted. Instead of assuming that, though, I'm suggesting a change that will satisfy everyone. Gencon runs it similarly, having a small formal run by Dancing and Dragons (though I believe a different company is running it this year) and a much larger casual dance run by Geek and Sundry, and it works fantastically.
  18. Lost Art Print and Keychains

    So I dropped a Bakugo art print (the flower symbolism one) in the arcade. In the bag there were three charms. There was Gyro Zeppeli on a horse, Prince Sidon, and Bakugo in his fantasy outfit. I dropped them around 2 pm on Sunday. If anyone found them I’d really like to know.
  19. In search of furry info!

    Hey! I'm sure it's a long shot but if anyone has info and or photos on the fursuiters that showed up for Saturdays photo shoot that would be great! It was my first convention and the furries were amazing and by far my favorite. I would love to at least know the names of the characters. I made the mistake of not sticking around for individual photos. Again probably a long shot but hey why not? Thanks for any info or photos. Ta! ♡
  20. Disney 2018 Gathering photos!

    Uploaded the photos from the Disney photoshoot from Friday onto facebook! Hope you all like! Disney 2018 Gathering Photos!
  21. Lost Dvd Case

    I have lost a black dvd case that has multiple sleeves and a skull girls manual. The dvd case can fit 2 discs, and contains the following sleeves: Clannad Complete Series Dragon ball FighterZ Dragon ball raging blast 2 Dragon ball budokai hd collection The first sleeve you will see on the front cover is the dragon ball fighterz for the ps4. If anyone finds it, please contact me at pmantan1411@gmail.com. Thank you.
  22. Did anyone manage to see them? I only got to talk to them briefly. >.<
  23. Lost phone

    I lost a phone zte if u find [please message me] It won’t let me post photo bye it’s a small phone
  24. Hey you - I didn't realize how big this place was. I thought I would run into you again. I was really fascinated by our chat. Your book idea and psychology insight made me think. Anyway, by the off chance you come across this, you got me curious - watch the movie and find me. :)
  25. Urgent:Looking for Room

    I'm looking for a room available for the whole weekend. I've got a sleeping bag with me and I'm at the con already, please message me at gavin.rae1@gmail.com Willing to pay as well, name your price as long as its reasonable Thanks in advance
  26. Milwaukee-Racine-Kenosha area ride

    Heya, just asking around if any of you are leaving down directly from Milwaukee, Racine, or Kenosha area to Rosemont, and are willing to give a ride. I don't have much and will help with gas. If you got any offers, PM me. I'm a night person, so I be sleeping from nowish to 2-3PM.
  27. I don't, but I my friends have a suite that has free space
  28. Any chance you have space friday or saturday night as well? literally just found out im going
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