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    Room leader has sent you a message via FB, check filtered messages. Room leaders FB is Tod.

    Room owner has messaged you. Look in filtered messages. ((Room leader is Tod))
  5. 2-3 looking for room 16-19 MAY

    Three males looking for a room in the hotels adjacent to the convention. We can split ourselves up if needed. We can also take over a room if your plans change.
  6. I might have space yet- still awaiting for-sure confirmation from several others. Check out my post detailing the room!

    I'm interested as well if the spots aren't already taken, I'm 22 and non-binary (biologically female). My fb name is MJ Rapp if you wanna message me some further details and stuff!
  8. Space at O'Hare Inn and Suites

    I am interested dm me https://m.facebook.com/jessica.potter.7902

    I am interested https://m.facebook.com/jessica.potter.7902
  10. Looking for roommates (16th-20th)

    I am interested dm me! https://m.facebook.com/jessica.potter.7902
  11. Last week
  12. Looking for roommates (16th-20th)

    Interested. Will send dm now. Will add Facebook profile link in message.
  13. Looking to join a room (1 person, 26M)

    Bump, still looking for a room.
  14. Looking for roommates (16th-20th)

    Bump as spots have opened up- I have one more spot for Thursday and two spots for Friday through Monday morning!
  15. Looking for 2 Roomates Thu-Sun

    If it’s not too late dm me https://m.facebook.com/jessica.potter.7902
  16. K/DA

    Are there any K/DA cosplayers attending?? Any that are learning the dance/lyrics? I plan to get the dance down and was actually hoping to find some people willing to do a Overwatch x K/DA mash up?? I am putting together the Akali/Tracer cosplay currently :] Mostly I just want to see if there is anyone else rocking out still to Pop Stars! lol
  17. Average Wait For Badge Line

    The fastest thing to do would be to have your friend preregister online and then pick up their membership badge/pass from the Will Call area of registration. Online right now only full weekend memberships are available, but single day passes will be available for purchase/registration online the week of the convention. Will Call is the quickest line we have since everyone just needs to scan their barcode or search their name, show and ID and their badge is printed for them. Peak times for all areas of registration is when we open and at 10am when the Exhibit Hall opens. Onsite registration also usually has another peak on Saturday afternoon. Registration rates go to the at-con rate starting April 2. It's gone that way the last several years at least.
  18. Average Wait For Badge Line

    According to the website the pricing is the same for PreReg and at con this year. I know in the past it was cheaper so apparently that has changed... ? https://www.ACen.org/registrations/registration-info/ I would say preregistration is the way to go. You don't have to wait as long. The convention center normally opens an hour or two early but typically it pays to wait about an hour after reg opening then get in line - or atleast thats what I understand from the friends who do wait in the line. Most of the insanity stops then.
  19. Average Wait For Badge Line

    If your friend can come the night before have them hit the registration line before it closes. That way you two can hit the ground running first thing in the morning. I would also recommend buying the badge online and doing will call. That line moves a bit faster.
  20. Average Wait For Badge Line

    Depends on when you line up. But the lines are typically a very long weight. If you get there just when registration starts be prepared to be in line for at least 2 hours i think?
  21. Hello, I wanted to ask about the average time one typically spends waiting in line to get an attendee badge at the con itself. A friend recently expressed interest in going to ACen with me and said he'd prefer to just get the badge on the day instead of paying extra for the pre-con registration (as the lower early-reg costs have already come and gone). So my question is: Will he have to wait an unreasonable amount of time if he goes that Saturday to get his badge? If so, what is the best alternative I can offer him? If not, when is the earliest someone can get in the badge line at ACen this year? This will be his first anime convention so I want to be able to help as much as possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  22. Looking for roommates (16th-20th)


    Hi! Nonbinary and interested in the details. I do have a female +1
  24. ACen 2020

    I'd guess around the same time of year? Historically ACen has been in either mid-late April or mid-late May...
  25. Looking for 2 Roomates Thu-Sun

    I'm in! DM me at: https://www.facebook.com/dom.hudson.19905
  26. Looking for 2 Roomates Thu-Sun

    DM at https://www.facebook.com/jsrivastava
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