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Masquerade Faq

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Posted 21 March 2005 - 05:37 AM

Since I've been fielding a lot of similar questions, I figured it was time to put up a FAQ and supply answers for one and all. Mind you, this is a work in progress and will be constantly updated. If you see something that should be on this FAQ, feel free to PM me with it.

1. What is the difference between walk-ons and skits?

-Walk-ons are just that. They walk out on stage, do 1-2 poses and then leave the stage. On stage time is typically 7-15 seconds.
-Skits are everything else.

2. Why the two minute limit on skits? Can't we get an extension?[UPDATED!!!]

-We are experimenting with a 2 minute 30 second time limit.
-Depending on how things go, it _MAY_ be kept.

3. Why are there two forms now?

-One form is to enter the Masquerade.
-The other form is for Costume Judging and has been requested by the costume judges. Due to the number of entries into the Masquerade, they asked for a way to winnow out those cosplayers who wish to have their own hand produced costumes judged.
-They must be filled out in order.
-Both documents are simple .txt documents. Please copy them from the website to your word processing program, fill them out and then submit them to the email address listed.
-Do not print out, fill out, scan the filled out document to submit. This usually creates a HUGE file that most email prgrams can not handle easily, causing the computer to 'act up'.

4. How stringent are the judges?

-They will ask you a host of questions in regards to your costume. They may get up from their table and do a closer inspection. However, they will NOT break out measuring tapes to measure seams and stuff like that.
-Also, this is the most oppotune time to point out extra work you did on certain aspects of the costume. Yes, sweating the 'small stuff', as it has been called, can be a very good thing.
-Also, we are on the honor system here. All supplied information must be truthful and accurate. Anyone submitting a perjured form will be disciplined.
-Costume Judging is done on an individual basis, not as a group.

5. What is this 'Masquerade Open House' in Main Programming?

-This is the time that all Masquerade Entries can have a chance to get up on stage, get a feel for the stage, without the lights on nor a full house audience.
-However, this is NOT a Masquerade run through.

6. How can someone win two awards?

-This happens because the judging for performance/onstage is seperate from Craftsmanship judging.

7. Where can I make suggestions for changes or gripe about an aspect of the Masquerade?

-One place is here in the forums.
-Another is to email them to
-Yet another is the Masquerade Gripe Session that will be held Sunday morning in the Masquerade Office.
-Also, with any criticism, please also have a possible solution in mind to help fix the problem.

8. Do I have to be in the Masquerade in order to be judged on my costume?


9. Where will the Masquerade Office be? What are the hours?

-Location will be posted in the Forums and listed in the Program Books.
-Hours will vary on Friday and Saturday. Check the Program Guide once you get through registration.

10. What is meant by 'Picture Source' on the Craftsmanship entry form?

-This is not a picture of the costume you are constructing. This refers to the source of your costume idea.
-To use an example: let's say you are constructing the Edward Elric Costume from FMA. I would need an actual picture of Edward Elric dressed precisely as you hope to be.
-Also, when submitting a link to a picture, please be as precise as possible. Just giving me '' or '' is not enough.
-Better still, copy the picture to your personal drive then attach it to your submission email.
-This must be a picture, not where the picture can be taken from. 'Artbook' or 'DVD slip case' do not work. It needs to be the actual picture.
-Also, please, do NOT place the picture in a text document. It is difficult to extract to use as needed.

11. Why is it taking so long to get a response back on my entry?

-The secretary for the entries does have a life outside Anime Central. Sometimes, it invades(work, meetings, computer crashes, ect.).
-Typical response time is 7-14 days. Please be patient.

12. What is this 'Masquerade Entry Number' on the Craftsmanship form?

-That is the number you are given when you fill out and submit your Masquerade Entry.
-You need to supply this number so that your entry can be verified.

13. I want to submit my skit script for approval. Who do I contact?

-Send it to

14. Will there be 'At-Con' registration? Costume Judging registration?

-Yes, to both. However, you will need to look over the Costume Judging information on this website to make sure you hit all criteria.

15. Why can't I have music during my 'Walk-On'?

-With the limited time you are onstage(7-12 seconds), it would too difficult to coordinate cues.

16. Can I enter the Masquerade as an original character?


17. Can we do stage combat?

-Yes, we will allow it this year, however there is a stingent process that must be completed.
-Step 1-The 'combat' sequence will be performed before a small panel during 'skit review'.
-Step 2-The 'combat' sequence will be performed on stage during the Masquerade Open House on Saturday morning.
-If at any time, the panel feels your 'combat' sequence poses a danger to either life or property, we will negate the sequence.

18. This is my first time competing, where do I send my registration?
-Above address should be on the form.
-Above address is in the Registration Guidelines.
Jason "Jazz" Jensen
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ACen Masquerade DH '09

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Posted 23 March 2006 - 04:16 AM

19. I need to make changes to my masquerade/craftsmanship entry/registration. Who do I contact?

-Send an email to with the changes.
-Do _NOT_ send an email to the ACen Attendee Registration Department. They do _NOT_ like it.

20. I've read the rules forwards and backwards and my skit should be allowed to enter since it doesn't break any of them. Why won't you let me enter?

-It all comes down to interpretation of the rules. As the creator and modifier of the rules, I have firmly implanted interpretations on those rules. However, you may have a slightly different interpretation of those same rules.
-An example: Rule #10 the self containment rule. I have the interpretation that eveything(costumes, walk-ons, and skits) must be self contained. However, someone might interpret that since skits were never explicitly mentioned, they don't need to be self contained.
-When in doubt, ask.

21. We want to be in the Masquerade. What do we have to do?

-Option #1. Fill out the pre-reg form listed on the website. Email it in.
-Option #2. Come to the Masquerade Office during the convention, fill out the formwork. This is the only option viable once Masquerade Pre-reg is closed.
Jason "Jazz" Jensen
ACen Main Programming DH '05-'08
ACen Masquerade DH '09

"Just doing the best I can to bring order to disorder and disorder to order."

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Posted 26 April 2006 - 06:23 PM

if me and my friends want to be just in the masquerade parade thingy and not actually be judged or anything do we have to send in that registration before a certain time? or do we just bring it with us?

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