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Change in Posting Items, Ranks and Avatars

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Posted 25 November 2004 - 12:08 AM

After much discussion with the other administrators on the issue of post counts as well as those regarding the ranks and stock avatar system, we have decided to revamp the system for acquisition of ranks and stock avatars. Obviously, we have had a few instances where people have stated or have posted with the intention to up their post counts to get to the next rank or for various other reasons. Not only is this against the rules, but it also has been taxing on our forums database, as people have seen some errors in some of the more heavily trafficked parts of the forums.

A most recent incident involving the persons with the most posts on the forum (which has resulted in the involved individuals having their post counts reset to 0) is a good part of why we are revising the system, but we have seen this occurring over the past couple months and wish to address it. The forums' intention is not to pump post counts, be the "leader", or to treat it as a substitute for IM conversations and chatroom-type exchanges. The intention of the forums is to provide a productive, informative, and fun communication medium between people who like anime/manga and who may or may not be attending Anime Central.

Therefore, the following changes have been made:
-Assignment of user titles is now based on TIME REGISTERED on the forums, NOT on post count. The longer you have been a registered member on the forums, the higher your "rank" is. In order to prevent inactive users from becoming higher ranks, a modest post count requirement (which I will NOT reveal here, but which I will say is not difficult to attain) is required as well.
-Forum members who have been members for a period of 2 years will be assigned custom avatar privileges.
-Stock avatar limitations have been removed. All stock avatars currently in the system are now available to any user regardless of rank

Post counts will be decreasing over the next few days due to a software update that I have to perform on the forums. Pruning old threads will reduce the post count number. Due to the new system, this should not affect rank. PM Frank if you are having problems with a rank attainment or accidental demotion.

In short, post counts will essentially not matter - beyond a statistic and an interesting item to see regarding a board member. This is how it was intended to be - however, we realized the enabling natuure of some of the things such as higher ranks and avatars through more posts and decided to address it.

Demotions in rank can be given as punishment for breaking the rules. Please remember this as you post.

The rules will be updated to reflect the change.

While this may seem like a drastic measure, we do think that this was necessary in order to curb certain behaviors on the forums and to discourage "post wars". If there is a problem or issue with this, please post thoughts in the thread in Tech Support.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation regarding this issue in advance. Now, back to your regularly scheduled forum. :)

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