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Anime Central Forum Rules - Last Updated: 4/27/2003

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Posted 08 April 2003 - 10:39 AM

These Rules and Regulations are subject to change at any time for any reason without notice.

-By registering for membership on the board (in essence, clicking "Agree" in the Registration dialogue) you have acknowleged that you have read and that you will abide/respect these rules in this in this format and any changes that may be made at a later date. While it is a lot to read, please read through the rules, as they are in place in order to keep order in the forums.

-Everyone has the right to their opinion, we DO NOT tolerate attacks on people’s character, or attacks on people because they have a particular option. We respect everyone for who they are, regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, education levels, religious or ethnic background, mental capacity, and disabilities. Everyone also has the right to be respected as an individual. Everyone has their comfort levels about what is acceptable to them, and those should not be crossed. Anything that could be deemed as harassment of any kind is not tolerated.

-At the same time, Administrators and Moderators of this board have the right to remove, with or without notice, anything they feel is inappropriate to the boards' content. Just because you have the right to say WHATever you want (freedom of speech argument) does not necessarily mean you have the right to say it WHEREever you want to. If you have a qualm or concern about a post or content that was edited or deleted, and you did not receive notice, please click on the "User CP" button in the upper right, then "Private Messaging", then "New Message", and send a PM to Frank.

-NO FLAMING is allowed, and will result in severe action including but not limited to post count resetting, moderation of future posts, and temporary/permanent bans from the board. Everyone is entitled to their own option, and everyone should respect that right. By "flaming" we generally mean:

"An anger-filled/condescending and negative post directed towards a person or persons."

It's not just a disagreement, but rather is more of a personal attack towards the target. We do tolerate all opinions here, but they have to be expressed in a way such that they respect others' opinions. Disregard for this will definitely get you banned from the board, so remember to count to 10, think about what you post before you post it, and use the "Report to Moderator" link for any posts you see that are in violation of the rules.

-Like the convention itself, we consider the Anime Central Convention Forums to be a "family-friendly" place - in order words, rated PG-13. Keep this in mind when you post. Any age-inappropriate items will be deleted without notice.

-SPAM advertising or "post spamming/flooding" is not allowed. Threads considered to be SPAM advertising or post spamming will be immediately removed on sight. Any SPAM to increase posting count or other obvious attempts to do so will result in your count being reset. Repeated problems with this can result in being banned from the board. Please do not cross-post or post messages in a forum that is not dedicated to what you are posting about.

-Note on off-topic-ness - Please attempt to stay on the topic that a thread or a category is made for. We will allow a little digression, but excessive off-topicness in a thread will result in deletion of the posts in question or the moving of the thread.

-Absolutely NO links, ads, or pointers to warez, Hong Kong or other bootlegs, licensed anime episodes, or fansubs or fansubbers with licensed anime content. Both the staff and you want to keep these forums running, and the last thing that should shut us down is a legality issue. Anyone in violation of this rule is subject to immediate temporary or permanent ban from these forums.

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