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Signs and Solicitation (as of 10/8/2004)

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Posted 08 October 2004 - 09:12 AM

After much discussion, Anime Central issues the following policy regarding "signs" and solicitation for Anime Central 2005:

-Any and all signs, or forms of signage, are banned, regardless of content (unless under Exceptions). Any signs that are carried that do not fall under the exceptions will be confiscated by convention staff.
-Any attempt to duplicate/substitute the form or intent of carrying a sign will be considered the same as carrying a sign and is prohibited.
-Please note that loopholing the policy or exploiting the exceptions to circumvent the sign policy (such as, for example, cosplaying a panhandling fanboy) is not allowed and will be dealt with appropriately.
Exceptions to the sign policy include the following:
1. Signs that are considered to be part of a costume or cosplay that are relevant to or enhance the character being portrayed. An example might be a sign worn by a Menchi (from Excel Saga) cosplayer saying "Emergency Food Supply".

Panhandling and Solicitation
-Any form of solicitation or panhandling is strictly prohibited. Begging, asking, or harassing others for services such as (but not limited to) food, money, or sexual acts is a violation of convention policy (not to mention State of Illinois policies) and will be dealt with appropriately.
-Unapproved sales of services or items on convention grounds is not allowed.

While we may make revisions or slight changes to the policy for clarification or other reasons, this policy will generally stay as-is for this year. We want everyone at Anime Central to have fun, and understand the appeal of carrying signs. However, numerous complaints about signs, different viewpoints on sign confiscation, as well as instances of solicitation, drive the convention to state this policy. There are many more reasons why we have created this policy, and most have been explained on these forums. If you wish to discuss this policy, please start an appropriate thread in this forum.

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