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Two Best Friends Play /Super Best Friends

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Posted 08 June 2014 - 11:56 AM

The Hypest Video game LP channel on youtube.

Two Best Friends Play is a series of Let's Play videos found on the Machinima YouTube channel, starring Matt and Pat, and occasionally Woolie and Liam. Super Best Friends Play is a spinoff series of Two Best Friends Play in which three or more members of the Best Friends Zaibatsu play a game together.

"What started out as silly idea where a run-of-the-mill gamer...we'll call him, "Matt" decided he wanted to play Kirby's Epic Yarn with a buddy, we'll call him, "Pat" and record themselves taking it waaaay too seriously, has since exploded into a multimedia empire! This of course, is a half truth, as the pervasive online entity Machinima, simply saw said video, and just wanted them to make more of the same. yeah."

The Two Best/Super Best Friends create content on the web for Machinma and their own personal youtube channel TheSw1tcher along with a weekly podcast discussing the latest in the video game world and anime as well. They're big fans of Kill la Kill, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure and many other series and have been to several conventions such as Montreal Comic Con, E3, Anime North and MagFest. They really enjoy people who cosplay love video games and anime a ton and it would be a joy to invite them.

For more info check out their youtube channel and facebook.

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