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Ohayō gozaimasu! I only know elementary Japanese so don't expect much despite the t

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Posted 20 May 2014 - 09:12 AM


Born October of '88, attendee since '12, first year staffed into IRT '14. Never cosplayed before, but I'm hoping to change that on top of staffing again next year as IRT. Posted Image I live in Montgomery which is between Oswego and Aurora.
Never really got into mangas (can't afford to), but my friend lent me Rosario + Vampire and I LOVED it! As far as anime my favorites will be FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, Speed Grapher, Darker Than Black, and S-Cry-Ed; other anime that I enjoyed were Chobits (needed something nice to wash the dark taste of what I'd been watching lately at that time), Love Hina (which was my second anime I've ever watched since the beginning with FLCL), Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne (which was one of those dark ones and I still have to watch the last episode while it's still on Netflix) currently seeking a list of must-see animes preferably from oldest to newest and preferably in line with the small amount of taste I have displayed.
I am indeed a gamer and part of a gaming clan called Tactical Strike Corps. I dig FPS and RTS; Battlefield 4 is my pride and joy. I respect both PS & MS, but I own 360 and want PS4 & X-1. :shuriken:/>
Unfortunately, aside from gaming I don't have many other hobbies. I have a good amount of technical skills where I can work on the component level of equipment if it is salvageable.
I enjoy helping others (which is one of the reasons I joined IRT) and if asked I will provide advice to the best of my knowledge and aptitude.
Don't be hesitant in approaching me or befriending me; I am very friendly, but can be witty (a.k.a. not so nice) if the moment proves to be more comedic than mean. Posted Image
Oh yeah, I perform stand-up from time to time, hopefully more so now that the Spring semester is over and Summer will begin. Posted Image

If you've read that bit of a novel I thank you for your patience & time and would appreciate questions, comments, and anime to watch! Posted Image

- Mjolnir

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ACen Attendee - '12, '13
ACen IRT - '14 (ADVENT)

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